How To Be Human

Good job Kevin! Congratulations on your first novel and nice job on it so far. I hope to see more soon!

Ultimate World Online
Spoiler: Spoiler

Restart (Level Up - 1) by Dan Sugralinov

Like the level system, but I find that there isn’t eniguh action. It might just be me though.

Ghost World Academia (Discontinued)

I love settings where there is an academy’s of some sort. It’s one of my favourite settings!

Magik Online

Nice job of a novel. Recommend checking this one out.

Danny Styles

Review as of Chapter 3.

Everything is good, the genre isn’t my ideal thing though.

The style of writing is very good. Lots of descriptive language allowing me to imagine the scene vividly. The amount of dialogue is perfect, contrasting the narration of the novel. The intro, straight into the action is a nice way of starting a noble as well!

Plot wise, I don’t think this is my type of novel, but I guarantee whoever is into this genre would love this novel. I may not like the plot, but the way is structured makes me want to write positive reviews about it.

Grammar is perfect. I can’t find any faults.

Characer development was quick and accurate. I already have a pretty good idea of their personality’s already in only 3 chapters!

keep up the good work man!

Eating Gods, Becoming Beasts

Awesome novel overall!


I am liking it so far! One of my pet peeves, but I don’t like asian character names. XD

For the style, it’s a classic story telling style. Narrator speaks in third person, while characters talk to each other. It’s a nice style that can’t go wrong.

For story, he plotnisnt unique, but I’d rather common. BUT, I love this kind of plot, I can’t get enough of it, so I gotta give it a good rating!

Next, grammar is perfect. I couldn’t spot any mistakes and your use of language is better than average. Word choice especially.

Lastly, character. It’s your usual character archetypes, but if you do it right, it’s awesome. And that’s exactly what you did!

Loving the story! I advise everyone to at least give this novel a try! Keep on writing!

My Next Life's Choices Are To Be The Next Demon Queen Or Holy Saint

 First off, congratuulations on starting a story. Don't feel offended by what I am going to say next.


The style, some chapters I just dislike a lot. Only dialogue and the way you format it makes it seem like I am reading a script. It just doesn't appeal to my eyes, so I can barely force myself to read it. The other parts are good though

The grammar is superb, but some parts could be worked on. That's all I need to say for that..

The story though, it's a bit overdone. I know I am at fault for this too, but the isekai/fantasy genre is really starting to bore me. Maybe a new spin or a unique way to write about it could be a good choice.

Lastly, I just can't relate to the MC. I know I am being bias, because I don't particularly like female MCs, but this is my opinion after all. Sometimes, the way she acts confuses me.

Don't let this review put you down. It's just constructive criticism that you don't have to read after all. Good luck on your novel!


I loved the book so far! The descriptive language and adjective use is amazing! The plot and narration is done well. I see potential in this novel, and I hope you continue writing it! The style is in my liking, which is good. Grammar is basically perfect, but there might be a few if I was a profeesional editor. Character development has been great so far, maybe a tiny bit more dialogue. the plot is going great!

Continue writing and do not stop! It will feel so good finishing a novel all by yourself!