Sage Drunk Kitty

Sage Drunk Kitty

Necromancer and Co.

The story is interesting, there's good characters that actually feel alive. The text has minor mistakes and contradictions sometimes, but it was wonderful. Hope to see them again someday. Cliffhangers are evil. Though it has been 4 years so... yeah. Thanks for the journey!

Word count limit won't let me end it like that so I'll point out one of the contradictions. Major spoiler.

Roland and Lyn split from Alen in Sandsea in book 2, go "we believed you were dead". Then in book 4 when the group lost Roland. They claim he's alive cause his name hasn't been erased from their party chat. Alen was still in their party chat in book 2.


Super Minion

A really enjoyable story.

A somewhat but not really simple, light hearted story about a shapeshifting biomech's journey as a minion and lover of food. Particularly his namesake, Tofu. His adventures, and the way he slowly grows and develops is certainly entertaining.

The first few chapters might seem a bit confusing, since we're seeing things from the POV of a machine, like how he refers to the researchers as "drones" because of the similarity to bees he notices, since he doesn't have any info on humans. But the way Tofu looks at the world slowly changes as he grows.

This story is inspired by Worm, with how it refers to people with powers as Capes and some other workings, but it's not as dark as Worm is.

It is a unique concept that is carried out well, the world and characters are well developed and intriguing, and there's almost no typos anywhere. Give it a try and see if you like the story!

Keep up the great work, author!

I'm willing to wait for updates, but it has been half a year. I do wish to know if the author is doing well and if there's anything we readers could do to support them.

My Psychotic Ghost Girlfriend an Isekai Experiment Gone Wrong

Salt has power. But sometimes even salt can’t save you from ghosts

An unique story that's quite different from others. Characters are well made. They feel alive. Only the occasional grammar mistake every few chapters or so.

It's an interesting story about a man, some crazy ex-girlfriends, and a VCR tape.

Spoiler: Spoiler


Experimental Wuxia Novel

Here’s a story where poking the author actually gets you a response!

An interesting story about an alien and a girl with a pokey stick. Quality is good, word flow is nice, the occasional typo every chapter or two. Just poke the author in the comments to get them to fix it. Poking the author for replies and more chapters also works. Tested and proven by me! So come join me in poking the author!

They Who Hunt the Forest

I declare myself the first follower, favoriter, commenter, and reviewer!

Welcome to RoyalRoad, Lumo! 🎉

The story in the beginning is basically about a nice doggo's attempts to re-educate a suicidal cat.

Long chapters, can take around a hour to read. Quality is great, and no grammar mistakes! Characters are pretty fleshed out, no flat ones! A story with potential! Due to how long each chapter is, I recommend you settle down in a nice comfy spot to read it when you have lots of free time! Maybe with a nice drink and some snacks!

God complex


On April 14th I made this review as a response to another reader's negative review. Their review is gone, so I'm editing this review. Just an explanation for those of you who've read the original version of this review and is confused.

As of chapter 3. The story has an interesting start with the situation the MC has been placed in. The characters can't be compared to the extremely detailed ones from some great novels, but they're not robots that just exist either. They have their own thoughts and opinions on matters, and are driven by different things. Character dialogue and interaction seems natural instead of something forced. The grammar is great, chapter 1 had no typos. Chapter 2 and 3 have 2-4 typos each.

Vainqueur the Dragon

A wonderful story about what happens when a dragon is introduced to the System and the concept of being paid to kill and loot things. A few minor typos here and there. A fun, lighthearted read.

Bonus points for having a non-reincarnated dragon main character.

A Beginner's Guide to Napping, Sunbathing, and Slaughtering Your Prey

Story is told mainly from a cat's perspective. Lighthearted and funny read. The way the cat thinks and acts is realistic as well. No particular grammar issues. A few typos here and there. Not overly focused on the System aspect, as blue boxes make Fang's head hurt so he dismisses them. The character development is good.


Praise the fluffy bears!

An absolutely wonderful story about a teddy bear's journey with his companions. Minor System elements, but after the foundation building, it doesn't take up more than half the chapter like other novels, occupies less than a sixth of the chapters generally. Instead of characters obsessed with constantly powering up through the system, this story focuses on the development of the world, characters, and their relationships to each other. A fun, heartwarming read. Enjoy their adventures throughout the world!