1. Re: Tips or help with finding alternatives to 'however'

      Thank you, everyone, for the assistance, I think I understand it a bit better now and hopefully be able to apply some healthy changes going forward.

    2. Re: Tips or help with finding alternatives to 'however'

      Hi all, I've been writing my first book and I find that use the word "however" frequently. I was hoping to see some ways or know some examples that people might try to get around it. Any ideas or (...)

    3. Re: September Thread - Promote your Story

      Grimoire Knights LINK A world of  magic, where the system seems to no longer be present. Follow along as Cara who has a cursed bloodline and is fed up with having the world, her peers and even her own (...)

    4. Re: Written myself into a corner

      I've got a couple things that I do to try and help with this. First is preventative. I've just got a bullet list of all major plot points that I want to hit and tie together. I can get new entries that (...)

    5. Re: Fantasy/Magic 200-400 page Review swap

      I am looking to do a review swap with someone that has a book also in the 200-400 page range. (Max of 3 at this time) This would be a review of the entire work to date. Preference would be given to someone (...)

    6. Re: Accessible Writing

      Sounds good, I'll try to put something together and PM you with it. That way you can provide to the admins you are talking with or we can figure out how to put it together for a pilot.

    7. Re: Accessible Writing

      Hahaha, no offense taken. First rule of programing: Strangle the scope. (Well not the first, but it is always a good starting point) A lot could be done. A first implementation of it to Royal Road, (...)

    8. Re: Accessible Writing

      The if there being the key word. I haven't come across a screen reader or TTS app that won't read out the text in a table. After all, it's still text, even if it is formatted for a more concise display. (...)

    9. Re: Male to Female member ratio

      Male star child byproduct here

    10. Re: Is my foreshadowing bad or are readers just dense?

      A lot of good points in here. I believe you are looking at while your chapters are spaced 2-3 days apart, some chapters were possibly taken down and redone? Your 11-13 are like 14-19 days old while everything (...)

    11. Re: Someone is currently trying to sell my book on Amazon, I've reported it to Amazon but now what?

      Sadly, there is nothing you can do. Amazon is on the side of making money, and if they can publish and sell your book taking most of the royalties they will. Your only hope is really marketing. To get (...)

    12. Re: Is there a way to make a block of text appear like a newspaper?

      Should be feasible to do something with html that could look a little like this. Choice of Fonts I think is the only real limiting factor. https://cdn.changelog.com/uploads/news_items/Zzje/large.png?v=63759031310 (...)

    13. Re: Concept art from my new book: Error's game

      That Gorefield sent goosebumps across my arms. Error is cute and I found the flaws and strengths to be endearing.

    14. Re: Accessible Writing

      I suppose that for those LitRPGs that are quite common, if we could assign the Alt Text to the table and thus instead of the TTS reading HP,100,MP,100,Dex,125... (ad nauseum) It would then hopefully (...)

    15. Re: August Thread - Promote your Story

      Grimoire Knights https://i.imgur.com/YeulJc5.png https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/32645/grimoire-knights Pages: 350 - just shy of 100k words Chapters: Weekly on Mondays approx 6k words in length (...)

    16. Re: Do you cry while you write?

      Not sure if I've actually cried but I've come pretty close. I find writing emotional heavy scenes is more draining for me than reading them. I tend to dive into the minds of my characters a lot so I (...)

    17. Re: Do you cry sometimes while you write?

      Do people end up stuck in giggle loops at their own jokes, where someone walks in and then slowly backs out of the room? Do you cry possibly while in the process of writing something and trying to be (...)

    18. Re: What Writing Exercises Have Helped You The Most?

      That's an awesome exercise. I grew up hating the language classes. I was disallowed from speaking or reading english while stuck in a french school in an english locality. Then when I finally got to english (...)

    19. Re: Making a list of all "I am a Dungeon" type novels.

      Harvest Dungeon is amazing. Unfortunately it was dropped due to the author getting demoralized because someone decided to steal their work and do that through Amazon. Very sad but the 54 chapters are amazingly (...)

    20. Re: Reincarnation into another world is a poorly done and over used cliche.

      At some point, all original ideas will already be had. Especially when we get to Jupetron brains. Your premise is that isekai is a beaten horse and you do not like it. However, a trope, while good or (...)