Grimoire Knights

Grimoire Knights
468 pages

A world of  magic, where the system seems to no longer be present.

Follow along as Cara who has a cursed bloodline and is fed up with having the world, her peers and even her own bloodline get in her way. When attempting to go through the motions to return back to her regular life, she is soon thrown in over her head.

The pillars of knowledge that her world operates on are fundamentally flawed.

When performing a ritual to summon either an item of power or a familiar, she summons and binds...him...
Part familiar, part mentor, a world's underlying system of knowledge is about to be upturned and the source, a small girl in a back water town.

Knowledge is dangerous and dangerous people desperately desire dangerous knowledge.

Follow Cara, her best friend Jessica and their familiars and some friends on some adventures that will surely get out of hand, and possibly how the underlying fabric of the system will shift for the universe(*) as a whole.


Please note, I will be jumping between multiple different POVs to initially build the universe before I settle into something more stable.

Thank you if you take the time to read my fever dreams of the past decade that I've finally decided to put down for everyone else to maybe enjoy or at least ensure I do not repeat the beginning as much in my dreams.

 *Cover is a mash up of a few pics, if there is an issue, I'll remove.

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