How to get lost: a wanderers guide

I actually found this through the random story generator, what luck!

It's an amazing, hilarious story, a few.typos and grammatical errors here and there, but they don't get in the way of the story, aren't too many anyway.

It's about a guy who's perpetually lost, story and world building is done in an offhanded way, usually mentioned only in passing. The mc is an amnesiac, so he can speak the language but he lacks alot of common sense, can't really properly relate alot of words.

The entire story is done from the perspective of his journal, so it can be a little jarring sometimes, like when something happens to him it can actually change how the chapter is written

Anyway thats it for my review, you should read it, it's awesome

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[RETIRED] Gamer's Guide to Waking up as a Dinosaur
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I saw this when it was maybe 5 chapters or so long, and liked the concept, so I marked it to read later. Was not disappointed, as there is a strange wonderful world being built, with interesting characters and blizzard happenings. 

The few problems I had with it are, maybe I'm dumb or missed it, but it's never really clear toe what king of dinosaur he is. If it's anything like the sauropods I know, then there are a couple times where the author makes him do stuff that I find, frankly impossible, like a dinosaur ROLLING to dodge an attack, hilarious image, but unrealistic.

To be fair, stuff like this doesn't come up often and it's a great story regardless.

Reincarnation Giver (Editing in Process)

I like the story, and I like the idea, but the English and the characters emotions and depth are basically non-existent

The Father of All (Old Version, partially rewritten)
  1. i really like it, and it's well written, flows well and has very few grammar mistakes, right up until chapter 12 when the story stops making any kind of sense whatsoever

Circle of Shards

I like the story, and I like th characters, I recommend you give it a try.

 If this story has one major flaw, it's the action scenes. The main character is just ignored for large parts of these, and it gives the idea that he's just standing there doing nothing for large parts of it. Even when he does act it's kind of hard to follow, other than that it's a nice story tho.

Cutest in the Omniverse

I guess the reason I don't really like this is because of it's kind of clinical and emotionless way of approaching "cuteness." I don't like how the story discusses in depth about the different kinds of cuteness, like "behavioral cuteness" and such, the main character also strikes me as kinda a creep, tho thats might just be me... It's a major put-off in this story how he tries to manipulate his parents, seeming not to care about anything except how his abilities are developing. I doubt thats the feeling the author was going for but It's what I got from reading it.