Impressive albeit being a little saturated on the detail.

The amount of detail in this novel is just wow. The intricate world-building, colorful and expansive vocabulary is what makes this story stand out from the rest. There are, however, way too many cons as opposed to the pros.

What it lacks is the power of choice. Being an immortal being who merely functions as an observer, helpless and unable to change the outcome as it weaves itself doesn't exactly scream entertaining. It was difficult for me to get into the story due to this very fact. There are no clear cut goals, set objectives, no suspense, no interesting characters, etc... To put it nicely, it's like reading a story about a log drifting in a calm river with no idea how and where it's going to end up in the future. Due to the lack of any development, my brain loses it's focus and drifts elsewhere while reading.

That being said, the story actually flows well even with it's over the top details and descriptions. It's easy enough to understand and follow. 

As for me, even if it was a game, it would be an ultimately boring one. It has potential but as of now, it's a tree with too many branches but without a trunk and barks.

A Draconic Odyssey

Well written tale albeit being a little slow

The story flows well and the writing is consistent, polished and well thought out as far as I've read it. Although the build-up is a little slow, it is apparent that the author has put a lot of thought into crafting his story which (I think) will lead up to a major reveal later. 

The surroundings could perhaps use more detail to increase the reader's immersiveness overall. Otherwise, the conversations are believable, emotions are well portrayed and there was no issue with grammar as far as I can tell.

Characters might seem bland at the beginning but these will definitely change in the future. 

Trickster's Luck

Good read for fans of the genre

 The world for one is well thought out with unique classes and abilities. It starts off a bit slowly and nothing much happens early on in the story which makes it a little difficult to get into especially for someone who is not a fan of litrpg's (hopefully im using the terms correctly). Despite saying that, I do understand that a lot of work has been put into constructing such a story with it's various magical abilities, move list's and skill points not to mention the hard work put into creating those good looking tables. 

The story's primary focus is the MC and there isnt much character development (personality wise) in the beginning. Perhaps a little more elaboration on the MC's background would make it much easier for readers to relate to her and her endevours. All in all, the author needs to emphasize on fleshing out the characters more. 

Grammar is fine as far as i can see. Just a few minor mistakes and typo's here and there nothing that a quick edit cant fix.

In conclusion, this story is a recommended read for fans of the genre. As for someone like me (someone who has never gotten past level 50 in any online RPG that I've played) reading something like this is a chore. 


Binary Progression

It's a short, heavily dialogue based story with a lot of comedy and mmorpg interactions which mmo gamers can relate to. It is a fun read for anyone who is into this genre but it isn't exactly up to my tastes at least not in this format. It would probably be better if it was in a comic format as of now it looks more like a script than anything else. 


Grammar is ok, just a few typos here and there and a few missing words nothing that an easy edit couldn't fix.


The characters are well written with funny interactions. All in all, it is very good for a light read or if anyone is a fan of this genre. There is good chemistry between John and his friends and as of chapter 10 his friend list seems to be growing. It is still too early to judge this novel as it is still in its early phase but adding real life ( not just in game) conflicts could make the characters more relatable and add more drama thus increasing the immersiveness. 

Best of luck to you and if you need any help/suggestions, feel free to PM me.


I like how deep and detailed the descriptions are in this story to make you feel like you are really inside the characters head and able to see what he sees and feels with great ease. The technicality is good and it is easy to immerse oneself in the world that the author has built because of the detail in how objects, surroundings and people are described and it makes me want to write better.

The main character has been through a lot and his objectives are pretty clear from the start. Rarely do you see stories where the protagonists are well established with clear motives so that is a huge plus. The other characters could maybe use a little more love overall.

The beginning could use some editing as there are no proper paragraphs which could make reading a little tiring, but that could be edited easily. I didnt have any issues with grammar and sentence structures.

All the story needs is a bit of polishing and the red text on the cover needs to go.

Beyond The Primordials

I dont know much about the various genre's and their names but I guess this is an eastern style fantasy that has a lot of spiritual elements which is very different from most western writing and that is a huge plus from me. Good pacing, the story flows smoothly like a a cool breeze in a scorching summer afternoon. There are no huge jumps or complicated explanations for the abilities and every chapter ends in a good length without being overly long.

The characters names are little confusing to me because they sound too similar which was a little frustrating at times but well, that's just me. Grammar wasnt an issue, just a few typos here and there and missing punctuations.

The cultivation thing is new to me, but im guessing it's the abilities that the characters build and their stages. All in all this wasnt bad at all. Fight scenes are brief and easy to follow, abilities make sense and are well explained. Perhaps the dialogue could use a little tweaking and surroundings better described for the readers immersion.

Elemental Knights

A simple and well written tale about elemental warriors

I like how this is neat and simply written without any massive descriptions and with believable dialogues but it could still use better descriptions for the world that he gets transported into and maybe develop on the MC's thoughts and feelings for the readers to better relate to him. Getting thrown into an unknown world (which is a pretty overused thing here in RoyalRoad) would probably make someone feel uneasy and I think that the characters feeling should be better described.

The writing style is ok and dialogues seem realistic enough. What it needs is a dash of suspense and conflict or perhaps some much needed action thrown into it to make it less dull. However it is still too early to tell as there arent many chapters available.

Characters need to be fleshed out more. Since the MC has read a book about the characters that he's meeting, maybe he could elaborate about what he thinks about them and how to deal with them. It would give an insight to the readers about the MC's character as a whole.

Grammar is ok, nothing to worry about there.

Overall the story is pretty easy to pick up and read as it is quite clearly written and has a clean plotline and a straightforward goal but there arent many chapters out yet to properly review it as a whole. It does need more action and suspense to keep readers interested, as of now I'd give it a solid 4.


Exalted Warlock

I like the idea and how well described everything is in this novel. The dialogues and characters are fun, lively and expressive which makes for an enjoyable read throughout. I really liked the idea of the tree and all the different worlds that stem from it.

Characters are well described and it's done in a very simple and easy to understand way which most stories lack. They are full of emotion and the way the dialogues are written arent dull and boring which is a huge plus in my book. Conversations can get a little absurd/cringy at times though. Yeah..  it could be toned down a little.

The author does seem to struggle with grammar and sometimes it gets a little hard to follow but I guess that can be easily fixed. The narration does tend to be somewhat all over the place but it's still readable.

This story has a lot of potential to become something great in the future, just needs some polishing here and there.

The Cassidia Saga

Well written, good flow but a little flat as a whole


The story moves at a good pace although it does become a little bland throughout. A typical storyline where the MC undergoes some unforgettable trauma and tries to prevent further occurrence of said happenings in the future. It shows how mature the MC is when, instead of seeking vengeance, he just tries to protect others from the same fate. Perhaps the story has a slow build up and the characters get more interesting in the future but as of chapter 7, nothing memorable has been established yet. 



The story lacks suspense and surprises because it often spells out everything for the reader. It needs a better writing style to keep people invested in the story. It could also use more descriptions of the surroundings and maybe elaborate more on emotions for a more immersive experience.



No issues here, just some punctuation errors and typos that can be easily edited. Perhaps a more vibrant vocabulary and depth of detail of the surroundings and environments will make it less forgettable.



The MC comes off more as a background character. In my opinion, he needs to stand out more. Everything that I have read up until chapter 7 isnt quite enough to keep me invested in the story but then again, as someone who doesn't get much time to read, I would prefer something quick paced. 


It isn’t fair to judge without reading the whole book but this is my honest review as of chapter 7.


Canaan: My World To Live

A slow progressing but beautifully described world

The setting is beautifully described and makes you want to be there in person but nothing much seems to happen in the story thus far. The lack of conflicts in this novel makes it somewhat difficult to get into and it gets boring due to that very fact. The style and execution is very good and it’s easy to follow action sequences and finer technical details. The surroundings and environment are well thought out and flawlessly described which makes it easy for the reader to teleport themself into the author’s magical dreamlike fantasy world but the descriptions could be toned down a little so that the readers don’t lose interest in the story.

Another thing the story lacks is character development. I am unable to comment much about the story since it’s still not finished but it is somewhat difficult to relate to the MC due to the lack of development and back story. Progression is a little slow and introductions seem to span multiple chapters which made me lose interest pretty quick. Akari was probably the most interesting character out of the whole lot and her relationship with Essairyn seems to be developing really well.

The MC’s fighting sequences are videogame oriented and she seems to get through most of the difficulties that she comes across without much effort and thought which makes me think that she’s probably in a coma and is most likely creating a perfect world for herself subconsciously.

There were no issues with grammar, just some minor typos here and there. Big and fancy words were used efficiently and it further polishes the already gorgeous descriptions.

Overall, the story could use better direction and find some way to keep the reader interested in its progression. More conflicts, deeper dialogues and communication between the characters and profound villains could make this novel more engaging for readers. The story is still in its early parts and it’s difficult to give a proper score based on the current events.