1. Re: Am I too dumb and shallow for RoyalRoad?

      I don't know what you're talking about. I don't get any comments from any genies (that's the plural for genius, for your information). If I did, I'm sure they would have already used their spectacular (...)

    2. Any advice on creating PDFs?

      I've been trying to PDFs of my text documents that have both a light background and a dark background, but both Word and my Google-fu have unfortunately failed me when it comes to finding an efficient (...)

    3. Re: Anyone know the source for this rough* quote

      I don't think this is a 'quote' per se, but rather just an idiom. It's common in some online Chinese and Korean literature. Of course, it's possible that it had its origin in some old work or some such, (...)

    4. Re: Do you have a specific song that you think of when you think of your story?

      I simply cannot write without music to listen to, though the songs I listen to vary considerably depending on the mood I'm in/looking for. But there's always one or two songs that I associate more with (...)

    5. Re: Is there an optimal time to post a new chapter?

      Adjusting yourself to the Americans' timeframe probably won't work against you, at the very least. From what I've seen around 40-45% (very general estimates) of the site's users are from the US. (Funnily (...)

    6. Re: Free Author Premium Giveaway! 5+ Winners!!!

      I've only got this crap great joke to offer: The old man looked at his grandson. "Son, you have to appreciate your youth more." "Why's that?" the boy asked. "Well," the old man said. "Because (...)

    7. Anyone know how often writathons happen?

      What it says up there. I'm a bit curious about it since I remember quite a lot of them having happened over the years, but I can't really remember when and how many. They're a good opportunity to find (...)