#Call Cthulhu

One of the most original eldritch comedies

There was uptick in eldritch comedies recently. With everything coming up, you'd think there would be enough of good stuff to read. Well, you're wrong. This story is everything a good eldritch horror/comedy is supposed to be. It has a great premise, our protagonists see apocalypse unravel with their own eyes. After this, they get to survive in a new world, where Cthulhu is trending! I can only say that the story feels very fast paced overall, but it may be my first impression, since only 9 chapters are up as of time of this review (it's unclear what goal protagonists have, so far seems like a simple survival). Overall I like this novel, and I wish author to continue writing it. It's crazy how this novel that is supposed to be in trending, is so unpopular. Weird. Also, I think author should work more on refining two characters-brothers so it would show more difference in their pows, or just make one main character all together (it certainly easier and author won't need to tear himself apart trying to write two povs into the story)

Scenario 66

I expected a male lead in this story, however it seems author made a grammatical mistake in description, and is too lazy to fix it... So Silven somehow became Sylvia in the story... Unless she will receive transition later, which doesn't change anything really in terms of me not interested in that kind of a novel. No offense, but this novel is relatively old, and for author to make mistake so big and important just shows how little he care about his work. 



Serenity of Reprisal

This novel is a typical revenge type of story, but in a traditional sense.  It has a big potential, and I believe author will achieve their goals, he just in a need of some polishing done to his story. Maybe even rewrite after it's finished?




The style of that novel is mostly in third person, and we see through the interactions of characters, how diverse this new world is. My only complaint is that sometimes, there's too much unique elements shown, without any real explanation or dwelling on them. Besides this, style is good.




Well at first it sounds cliche, but if you read it, it's pretty logical in its execution. More or less the story consists of a simple plot, delivered with quality and unique worldbuilding - a boy is seeking to enact revenge on popular thief, famous for his robbery of wealthy. It's not everywhere you see the object of revenge being local robin hood or anything of the sorts. Whoever is reading this, I suggest to give it a go, and try. 




Not the best, and not the worst. I've seen grammar worse in a novels, but here is nothing impossible for author to fix. It doesn't even need to be done by author himself. Anyway, those grammar mistakes are not a big issue; I'm not a native speaker myself, and I had a hard time finding mistakes in text.




I think I might consider characters as somewhat a weak point of this novel. First of all, I want to say that author surely knows what they are doing with their characters. However from what I understand, we had two characters, both boys. One was and is a very good written character, I like him, he's a believable Character. Honestly, all of authors characters are believable, or CAN BE believable if they have more screen time. Sadly, this is what those characters need. Example: we had a second main character, a boy who heroically fought on a war and his plotline was going in a parallel to the MC's ark, and this went on and on, until from what I understand, it ended. I don't see any real tie in into the main plotline. I don't see real purpose of it, and how it benefitted me as a reader. What changed for me after this arc? It showed this general and some other minor characters from another arc? But they weren't properly developed in another, they didn't have anything besides obscure role in the action of the second plotline. What was it supposed to do? Maybe it needed more chapters, more screen time to bloom into the perfectly allined mini-story? I don't know. I'm not an author. But I would call it as a not very successful throwaway character in my opinion. It very well may be that it's because the story is only on chapter 12, and I lack information to draw those conclusions. Somehow it feels like a slow burn, even though author was able to setup basic carcass of a story in 10-12 chapters. I'm not sure if this is  bad or a good thing. 





Final judgement: this novel is worth reading. For those who love to read perfect grammar and super-engaging story, I will be quick to frustrate you. It's not a "hidden gem" quality. However, it certainly has all potential to become one in the future, should author finish his work. 

Mr. Montgomery

A big potential in a developing story

So far, what I'm seeing is a light superpowers/superheroes -esque world with some Cyberpunk/Ancap juice (giant alien corporations and superpowers) seeping through the slowly growing plot's structure. I also love story's MC, author really got that weak and fragile MC with big ambitions, great lust for power somewhere deeply behind his morale curtains, and not without principles too. I believe if continued, this work will have a great spin on typical superpowers tropes, and will show us progression from a weak to strong character. Only time will tell, but I cheer for Montgomery on this one. I'm also leaving space for fifth star until it's being finished. So if you're not a fan of superpowers, aliens and mysterious corporations - suggest you pass on this novel. 


Why I like Pith? What is there, that can't be found in most popular novels on RR? Here I will write my points, regarding this question.


The World of Pith is a very well thought one, with attention to details and complexity that isn't quite complicated as our reality, but very close. This simplicity allows reader to be immersed and enjoy every bit of information, at the same time not feeling overwhelmed by data. Every chapter somehow managing to contribute to the overall lore of the world. This ever expanding conglomerate of stories, facts and ideas is what breezes life into the characters, and their past. 


No one likes edgyness - because the way we usually perceive edgyness is in a literature where it's used overextensively. Here, however, it's different. For at least 90% of suffering, personal issues and misery in this series, it's indeed substantial. I have my own complaints regarding some character development, but overall, the issues most readers have or will have with characters, are exclusively ideological in my opinion. 


The next thing that is incorporated into this novel, is a thin weil of allusion, to our own world. It's still unique, yet it crafted in resemblance. Politics here not just a loud words and events, happening in the background of main plot. It's a main part of the plot, it's what influences our protagonists, it's what influences our antagonists too. Not only author managed to introduce and integrate politics to this world, he also showed how neither side of conflict in this story is right - because violence only breeds violence. Many ideas explored in this novel are as old as our world, and still very relevant, yet presented in a brilliant way, so that reader can make judgement himself. I think, this is what distinguishes a true literature, from a simple popular literature made with intention of entertainment. 


Not once I felt that characters are not real here. Always, even at their lowest moments when I haven't seen any of their POWs in a long time, I still recognized them. Sometimes because of rapid POW transitions, it's easy to lose a gist of who is who, but those moments are few: for entire volume, it's very rare to encounter such problem. Even if it happened, I personally never lose understanding of what's happening in the story itself. 


The Style used here is great, and contributes to a story's flow in a simple and working ways. It's not something made by genius, but well crafted to the point when it becomes perfect tool for it's purposes. 


A word about inspiration and value 

Many more people in reviews before me mentioned a similar Web-Serial called "Worm", created by Canadian author "Wildbow". I myself didn't read his work fully yet, but familiar with some concepts and plot points. This is why, it seemed to me that author found inspiration in "Wildbow"'s work. Some characters, and parts of the plot might remind "Wildbow"'s readers those from his work, in a good way. However, besides conceptual comparison, there is also one of value. When reader finishes book, he might ask himself, "what did I learn from it? did learn anything at all?"... I believe, this book can teach you something. It's a great take on superpowers genre, just like Wilbow's work. With time, I hope it will match it's quality with quantity. 

Torture, depression and values

Nothing can be more depressive than death of your best friend; Nothing can be more depressive than Ousting;

Nothing can be more depressive, than Ousting because of your own ignorance. Those are main themes of this story. They strike reader with their brutality, yet as all problems and grief, they go away with time, leaving place to a bright future. Unlike Worm, Pith is more simple, more straight; Yes, it's still does not shy to talk about same issues, but it also gives us honest answer: every problem we can overcome by our own effort. And while our main heroes live in a deeply flawed system which they started to understand it only now, by the end of first volume. They still vulnerable to the old barbaric traditions of their society; To the interests of the wealthy; To the pleasures of the guilty; To the abuse of powerful many. Still, they endure all those influences, and go forward. Because "Pith" is not about ideals, it's about achieving them. 












Diary Of A Lost Soldier In Another World

This is a very good story, for a first or one of the first written works here. Very good start, interesting premise and plot that will grow only more complicated with time. I also like world building here: it's obvious that author is not holding out in terms of his imagination, many ideas introduced by author were new to me. Now, the only real downsides to a great world building and plot, is main character of this series. Author certainly knew how to make him interesting, but it showed only in later chapters... But not in first. Like, if I wasn't patient, I'd skip this novel right away. If you have MC that is literally acting as if he's a walking cliche, first few chapters, it's very apparent that probability of increase in quality with time is very low. 


To be fair, MC isn't that bad. He has a little twisted mentality, but it's something that is natural in environment where he grew up. The problem is, "dramatic past", "loneliness" and "edgyness" doesn't make him any better. At first , he looks like a waking cliche from those stupid revenge stories. Then, after few chapters into the plot, is when he becomes really a dimensional character. Suddenly, his dramatic past not only exists just for character to be edgy and cool, it's now influences his current actions and choices. The only thing I regret, is that there was so little of characters development before he died and was transported into another world. I think if author wants his work to be popular, I advice him to do rewrite of at least all first few chapters of this story. Amounts of edgyness sometimes is unbearable to the point of cringed, which in combination with unstable flow of the story is resulting into ultra cringe. Not always though. The overall potential of this work outshines all problems by a very large margin. 


The Gilded Hero

New perspective on old stuff

I saw people complaining here about MC, that he is too useless, powerless and abused by pretty much every local. 

I saw people complaining about lack of story progression. And about how system is useless for a plot. Let me explain something.From a point of my view, how I see this, everything this novel is criticized about is not a weakness, but an author's idea from a start. It was intended for system to be little and useless for mc, because if there would be more system in a story, then:

  1. it will be too easy for main hero to achieve what he want.
  2. the intrigue around system will disappear
  3. main idea of locals as antagonists opposed to summoned humans, an alien world with alien laws will not work
  4. it will make survival of mc impossible, since if summoned humans can achieve more progress a lot faster, it's easier to kill half of them from the start. Author intentionally shows us that progress with system is hard no matter for who, be it summoned heroes or just locals, but: There is a certain recourses and methodics for making progress in system ranks and abilities but mc will never get them. Overall I feel like with time MC going to have more power at noticeable speed especially in magick, because of a combination of his determination and heroes bonuses which will make him absolutely superior to any hostile locals. 

 Also this book is a good example of a story utilizing numbers, not backwards. I would even go to say that it's too extreme with utilizing this litrpg genre, that sometimes you forget that it is even here. Can't say this is a bad trait for a story nor good, it really doesn't break all experience and atmosphere, instead of that it just creates unique one. 

Super Minion

One of the best novels about super heroes and super villains

This novel is great.No, not just great.It's beautiful.Let me explain.At first, it feels like a parody on actual cape/superpowers genre.But later, author just shows his creativity!This world is wast and rich for interesting information and has many secrets, that i believe will be revealed later as story progresses.Story and overall pace are a very balanced, in my opinion strongest trait of this story - it can be liked by a both type of readears - those who prefer fast paced novels, and those who like story without rush. I mean, from 18 chapters available at the moment, none of them feels completely wasted possibility.Everywhere mc is gaining something, be it experience or interesting information about the lore of the world. Another thing i love so much in this novel - main character is in the same position, as a reader.

Spoiler: Spoiler


So everything he sees, everything he thinks about is new to some degree to him. And new to a reader! And mc is not dumb, or ignorant... He is just mc.It is learning on it's own mistakes, and tries to adapt. That is another major feat for an author: writing about inhumane creature is hard. Not just because you need to think about reactions of a said creature on outside world, but also to paint someone inhumane it is hard because you need to add something human to it. Like make main hero of the story if not relatable, then at least not disgusting, and for that i give a big "thank you" to author. This is a really fresh take on all genre and it contains a lot of interesting concepts, such as

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Truly a great story.