Empire of Salt

A work of art that leaves us wanting for more

This is one of the best cultivation stories I have read. I really love your explanations for your qi system and how your character explores it.  

The Dungeon that should not be

A nice, well-written space dungeon story with what seems like an OP MC... What is there not to like ? 

I look forward to following the MC's adventures.

Leaving Earth

I've just finished chapter 14 and I have to say that your story is very promising. While it may seem slow moving, what with wanting to see more of what will happen during the colonization, this story is in fact quite realistic in some ways and doesn't seem rushed. I feel as if you have put a lot of thought into this and I hope to be able to read your work until such a time as it is deemed completed. Good work ! :)

Adventures of an Old Dreamer

It is really nice to have a story like yours so you better continue as you are. I would say that your story is truly a dream come true ! *wink wink*

G.E.A.R - The Study Of Nanomana

Your story has a lot of potential, it is original (unless I didn't read what you got the idea from) and I'm dying to read the next chapters ! So don't drop it you're good. ;)

Heaven's Awakening

Why did I wait before beginning to read this story ?

One the most handsome and well written story I've ever read. 


I can't find any faults to the grammar, the style is well written and the story and the character is just as I like.

Continue like that,  you're doing great ! :)

naruto reborn (dropped)

It has been a while since I read a naruto reincarnation story (brings back old memories)

Anyway it has great potential so don't drop it

P.S.: isn't it Hinata instead of Hinada ? 

They came by the dozen (Dropped)

A handsome story full of OPness... That's my favorite ! 

The only downsides to this are your grammar and some plotholes :(

BUT because of the OPness of the characters we can easily overlook it. ;)

Please keep up the good workand don't drop it :)

The Progenitor

You got your hands on something good I hope you will post your chapter soon. :)

Anyway, keep up the good work. ;)

Eir - The Immortal

Well done keep up the good work ! :) Pay attention to the person you use in your POV and ... don't keep us waiting for too long for the next chapter ! :P