1. Re: Were you surprised by any changes to your story?

      For the vast majority of those who are reading this, you probably don’t know me or have ever heard of Dark Lands. Recently, I was able to publish the “epilogue” to what I hope is the first of many stories (...)

    2. Re: I wanna ask..

      I don't see why a CYOA wouldn't be allowed on here, so I would say go for it. As for copyright concerns, there's no need to worry since RR doesn't try and force you to sign anything that would hand over (...)

    3. Re: Repercussions for killing off characters

      If the person didn't leave a review to go along with the .5 star rating than I think its best to ignore it as it's most likely just some kind of troll. It's quite possible that the character's death had (...)

    4. Re: Would there be an interest this premise?

      It sounds interesting enough and could definitely work as an urban fantasy story. Though if you are looking for maximum readership then I'm not entirely sure that RR would be the best fit to publish it (...)

    5. Re: What are your reading habits?

      Mine are extremely weird admittedly. I tend to read whenever I feel like picking up a book and reading through its pages and I have this weird thing where I'll read around a total of 6 or so books within (...)

    6. Re: Advise on how to write a story without it being a copy/too similar to another

      >Is there something specific that should be focus on like; character, plot, setting, etc?  This all depends on what kind of story you're looking to write. Are you wanting a more character focused story? (...)

    7. Re: Do you perform Post Mortem's on your completed stories?

      I plan on writing up a post mortem for Dark Lands once I eventually claw my way to the finish line. The initial concept for both the overall story, its direction, how it got from point A to B, other thoughts, (...)

    8. Re: Should I give up on realism?

      >is adding semi-plausible explanations a hindrance? They don't tend to be so long as you keep the explanations to a short, but sweet passage (or the explanation is relevant to the current plot at hand). (...)

    9. Re: What makes characters memorable?

      For me, the type of characters that I tend to find more memorable in a story are the side characters that have no real depth to them and tend to be written as being present but have no say in any particular (...)

    10. Re: Other authors, what would you consider slow/fast growth for a new project posted here?

       How come you don't respond to your comments? I noticed some of the more popular stories on here, the authors respond to every single comment. I do and don't respond to the comments., it just depends (...)

    11. Re: New and I have a question about tags

      In your Dashboard you would select the Edit option and scroll down just past the Content Warning section. Below that is a separate category called "Content Ownership" that will allow you to indicate that (...)

    12. Re: Other authors, what would you consider slow/fast growth for a new project posted here?

      I don't think there's an "average" amount of readership that you can really look at and go "Yup, by this point in my story's life I should have around X amount of total views, Y number of followers, and (...)

    13. Re: A Good Synopsis

      Personal opinion, but I think a "good" synopsis is one that describes that basic idea of what the story is about and how the MC relates to the overall plot. The books that I read tend to have their synopsis's (...)

    14. Re: CK2 is a good game!

      It's pretty great, especially once you learn how to properly run your lands. Though some of the updates for the game were infuriating and did more disservice to the games fun factor (looking at you cancer (...)

    15. Re: New Author here inviting anyone to share tips on how to grow on Royal Road.

      I think Endless Paving got the exposure aspect down pat I think so I think I will cover some of the ways to get better grammar and punctuation. 1) If you're like me, then you've probably forgotten (...)

    16. Re: Cup Size in Character Descriptions

      Is there ANY case where it is warranted to list the precise height, weight, and sizes for a character in a story? Any case I can think of, it would be overexplaining and make the prose look bad, at best. (...)

    17. Re: In a Classic Harem Is a Male MC

      Just a question.  Why not write, say a harem story with a FEMALE MC and male members?  Why would that be a bad idea? I'd like some in-depth answers to this question.  What I'm about to say is from (...)

    18. Re: Help With a Sci-Fi Story on a Frozen World

      Finding a decent source of continuous power would also be a good technology to have the denizens of the world worry about and could be a constant source of conflict.

    19. Re: 5k words vs 10k words?

      Chapters should be as long as you feel they need to be. Whether that would be with counts of about 1k or even past 10k, you should decide for yourself what kind of word count your chapters need. On occassion (...)

    20. Re: Town Building Stories

      If I were to do a town building story than I would have the town progress in way that shows the successes and failures of the main cast. Did your characters successfully find/capture an iron mine? Then (...)