Michael Adams

Michael Adams


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Charles Monroe survived the disappearance of his parents, did his best to hold things together for himself and his sister. He survived when she, too, vanished, leaving behind nothing but a cryptic note. He was devastated, but he kept moving forward as best he could. 

Cancer didn’t put him down, and after suffering through several rounds of chemotherapy, Charles Monroe thought that things might finally be looking up. That is, until a virulent strain of ebola swept through the city. With his immune system strained as it is, the odds don’t look good for Charles.

Now, on the bridge between life and death, he hears a voice claiming to know where his family went. It claims that it needs his help and that it can give him a second life, one far away from all the pain he’s ever known. So, Charles answers as any reasonable person would.

He says no. Charles isn't ready or willing to die yet. 

But, as with everything else to this point, even his choice to keep fighting is taken from him all too soon. With no other option but the dark oblivion of death, Charles chooses to make a deal with the spirit of a distant world that's seeking a wild card in its battle against the gods, monsters, and mortals that threaten its existence. 

Someday, he’ll find where his family went. Someday, he’ll uphold his end of the bargain and hunt beings powerful beyond anything he’s ever known. Someday, he might even – hatch?


Things to Know:

-Cheep!? Will release on a minimum weekly schedule. 

-After a backlog of chapters, posting will slow, but in the interim you can expect a chapter a day up until roughly 25 chapters.

-This story at times will potentially carry some heavy moments, but the tone is intended to be lighter overall. 

-There are invisible game-like elements in this story, but nothing so concrete as a dedicated gamelit novel.

-I personally have some issues with anxiety, so I may or may not interact with the community a lot. I'll try if anyone has questions, but I can't guarantee that it'll be consistent.

-MC is a non-human lead, and will never actually become human. Romance will potentially happen between side-characters, but not with the MC.

-MC IS NOT THE ONLY VIEW POINT. I have to put that out there because people sometimes hate alternate PoV's in a story. None of them will be filler, and they'll be there only to give a little bit more nuance and meaning to the world that the MC has stepped in, or is about to be imminently important. I'll try to keep them down, but this also helps to prevent me from burning out getting trapped in one view.

-Most of all, I hope that this story is enjoyable to you, and that you have a great time reading it!

-Written by Michael Adams, Cowritten/Edited by Summer Kent

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The Reaper's Legion

The Reaper's Legion
1.9k pages

Earth: An advanced inhabitable world in the ideal colonizable range. Moderate temperatures and consistent weather patterns make this planet an incredible resource, along with a wealth of animals and wildlife beyond most worlds. Inhabited by the sentient species designated “Humans,” Earth would likely have joined the galactic community of its own accord. Levels of technology in local populace indicate a sharp trend towards interstellar travel, but still needs to make the last push to acquire reasonable interstellar technologies. Up until quite recently, Earth has not been a fully classified planet and was largely unknown. Due to biotic activity in the quadrant, however, attention has been drawn to Earth and many other possibly habitable planets in the regions, primarily for quarantine and control tactics.

Matthew Todd was not a particularly unique human being before the meteors struck the earth. Average athletics, above average intelligence, but somewhat gifted in marksmanship, the post-apocalyptic earth has been a trial by fire for him and many others. Creatures that resemble bastardized wolves roam the land in packs numbering in the thousands. With entire cities decimated, those that remain are left with the harsh reality that they may be witnessing the end of humanity. 

And yet, there is a chance. Humanity knows they are not alone in the universe - the wolves are case enough for that - but what they do not know is that they are not alone in their plight. They are not without aid. Obelisks descend from the sky, giving the people a means to fight back. With tools ranging from guns to advanced mechanical apparatus and more bizarre tools, the people must cull the Biotics. Or, be consumed by the ever growing and mutating threat. 

Join Matthew in the fight to exterminate the Biotic threat, and to ensure the survival of human kind!



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