1. where to download the visual table editor?

      I can't find it anywhere on or off the site, i did manage to find an old link but it turned out to be dead.

    2. signitures on stories

      i noticed that they were removed, why, and can we bring them back?

    3. RE: [Suggestion] Remove the ability to rate without leaving a review

      personally i think we should rate each individual chapter, but i don't know how difficult that would be to implement, or anything like that. in the end i don't think anything will change soon

    4. RE: Dungeon Tag

      a very common genre on this site, might as well

    5. RE: Suggestion: Bookshelf where you save last read chapter of a fiction

      i have been wanting this since i first discovered rrl

    6. RE: ISSTH Contest - Contestants

      this is actually my first time participating in an event like this here on rrl. i don't think i will win but here's hopeing.

    7. RE: Last event of 2015

      "the light! it burns!" "no penguins here, move along" "before you hit that refresh button, think to yourself 'is it really worth my time?' if not go home if yes get a life" "shh, super secret (...)

    8. RE: reviewing my story

      so will you be reviewing my story or will i need to make a new thread?

    9. reviewing my story

      i was wondering if i could get a review for my this game we call life. thanks in advance. it can be found eiter here http://royalroadl.com/fiction/1984 or in the link in my signiture.

    10. selling my story

      i was wondering if anyone had a guide or something similar for selling a story on amazon or google play? it would be a great help.

    11. royal road app?

      personally i think that there should be an app for royal road. you know to do things like alert you when a new chapter comes out for a fiction you are following, give tools to help authors create fictions (...)

    12. RE: Insania Online Suggested Cover

      personally i think the green is a little too neon, it clashes with the rest of the picture.

    13. RE: Doing Free Cover Art

      can you do a cover art for my story?(link in the signature)