1. Re: How do you make a Fantasy Kitchen Sink in the style of Marvel/DC Comics where aliens, gods, demons etc can(...)

      I always got the impression that the gods and demons in Marvel/DC were actually aliens misinterpreted by humans. Maybe try that? It's a pretty common SF trope though. Or you could go the opposite route (...)

    2. Re: Novel Writing Books That Don't Rehash the Hero's Journey/Three Act Structure?

      The three-act hero's journey is the structure that sells the best, so it's natural that most how-to-write books should teach it. Something that really helped me improve my writing was instead of studying (...)

    3. Re: How to write a character with multiple skills/powers without being overpowered and yet still intelligent?

      To paraphrase Dumbledore, the smarter you are the bigger your mistakes tend to be. And I think it also follows that the more power you have the more damage your mistakes will do. For example, if a McDonald's (...)

    4. Re: Motifs, Cyclical and Recurring Things

      I suppose a recurring theme in my story would be my protagonist's arrogance often leading to bad things happening to him.  This is something of a theme in my own life as well.

    5. Re: Not Overpowered Main Character Story

      Sick of OP characters? I think I might have the story for you. In my fiction the protagonist is a totally average dwarf miner, with absolutely no special powers or combat strength. He just gets unlucky (...)

    6. Re: Do you like reading comics or word books?

      I like both, although I usually read books. I find ordinary novels to be better able to communicate what the characters are thinking and feeling, and allow me to really get into the heads of the people (...)

    7. Re: Is it just me, or is the forum very dead?

      It's not super lively, but it's far from dead. There are new posts everyday, and they all get a fair few replies.

    8. Re: Help With a Sci-Fi Story on a Frozen World

      I'll second lots of heating, and a stable energy source. Some kind of food with high energy content, and lots of insulation for the buildings. Maybe some sort of technology that can detect crevasses as (...)

    9. Re: Making your mind magical

      Any sort of book, or information from magic users would be useful. You say you'd have to 'restructure' your mind, but honestly when you learn anything new you're changing your brain to adapt to a new set (...)

    10. Re: Good grammar, ongoing stories.

      The fiction I'm writing is a medium-length dark(ish) fantasy about dwarves. I'm an English teacher, so my grammar is of course good, and I've had some very favorable comments on my prose. Read it here: (...)

    11. Re: Should I merge my chapters to make them longer?

      300-600 is probably too short, barely two pages if your book was in print. 2000 is what Royal Road recommends, mine usually end up about 3000. If one of my chapters is too long, I split it into sections (...)

    12. Re: What is the meaning of life?

      Whatever meaning you want it to have.

    13. Re: Binge watching

      Damn, I remember when I was at school if we had to get a survey done for class we had to go around begging seniors to answer our dumb questions... Now only five years later everything's on the internet. (...)

    14. Re: What do you like in dungeon core stories?

      Can someone explain what dungeon-core is to me? I've never heard of it before. Is it about sentient dungeons?

    15. Re: Recommendation Request Based On What I've Read So Far

      My fiction, Blood Sapphire contains plenty of action and progression. It's a dark fantasy about dwarves. I don't know if it's quite your thing, but please check it out and see if you like it. Read it (...)

    16. Re: Fantasy with no Game elements

      My fiction, 'Blood Sapphire' might be what you're looking for. It's a dark fantasy about dwarves, and has been rated 5 stars. I update it twice a week. If you're looking for action, adventure and a (...)

    17. Re: Tana's Week of Reviews

      Hope you enjoy mine! https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/23183/blood-sapphire

    18. Re: How to get a Boyfriend

      "How the hell do I even get a girlfriend?"  My honest advice is to just be social, force yourself into situations where there are girls. Talk to them, make friends with them, and if you meet (...)

    19. Re: What are some of your favourite books and how have they influenced your own writing?

      I'd admit to being so confused when I first started reading because she just tosses you into the story, but after it made sense I loved it. I love fantasy books that do this, another good example (...)