Journey of the Immortal Grandmaster

Journey of the Immortal (...)
by This_one_
718 pages

Chapters posted on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Who is able to resist the allure of the cultivation world? The world where individuals can fly on their swords, crush mountains with a wave of the hand, dry up seas with another, and most importantly, have a chance to reach immortality?

Han Lingyun was certainly not planning on refusing the outstretched hand he had been offered. His conviction had only strengthened after the young boy had regained his previous life’s memories as a famous mathematician. The pain of death was still etched deeply in his soul, the futility of a mortal’s body.
But now Han Lingyun had found his hope to satiate his constant thirst for knowledge, his desire to uncover the laws of the world, his fascination for the universe.

Follow Han Lingyun as he embarks on a mythical journey to reach immortality. One step at a time, he leverages his brilliant mind while staying true to his cautious and calculative nature in order to weave his way through the many pitfalls of this unforgiving world.

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Modern Patriarch (Book 2 is LIVE!)

Modern Patriarch (Book (...)
by Daoist Enigma
444 pages

When Yao Shen, Patriarch of the Heavenly Sky Sect, ascends and regains memories of his past life on Planet Earth, he realizes that he can no longer allow himself to accept the cruel and violent ways of Eliria, the realm of cultivation. 

So he decides to change it. 

It was time to found a new sect. One based on the values of honor and equality over senseless violence and discrimination. A sect where all, from the mortal farmer’s son to a sect elder's daughter, were held accountable to the same rules. 

Welcome to the Modern Sect.

Copyright © Daoist Enigma.

Email: [email protected]

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3 Bodies 1 Soul

3 Bodies 1 Soul
by Alt41
223 pages

Alex Hunter woke up in another world and found himself in control of three different bodies; a timid and weak-willed human guard, a good-for-nothing demon prince, and an elf who wants nothing more than to leave the forest where he lived his whole life, and to go to the outside world to explore and see how the other races were living.

How is Alex going to deal with all of this? Especially after realising that 'he' was leading an army to invade the town 'he' lived in.

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Weird Magic

Weird Magic
by DeathlyOreo
0 pages

Kat was a freshly graduated healer from the academy, ready to begin her life as an adventurer with her three best friends. Together, the four of them entered the portal to their new city, ready to delve the beginner dungeons and gain fame and fortune.

Only three exited.

Forty years later, Kat emerged from an experimental portal to the nether-realm. But while she looked identical to the Kat of decades before, she wasn't the same. Although who could blame her? Anyone who spent that long isolated in the nether-realm would come back different.

They'd come back a little...weird.

Writeathon participant. With that in mind, I'm not planning on doing much editing until the writeathon is done, so it may be a little rough.

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My Clone in an Another World

My Clone in an Another (...)
by Akten Dreams
1k pages

A Soul wants to expand its presence outside its Local World Cluster aka; Earth.

Unbeknownst to it, after many, many trials, it finally succeeded. 


Mir awoke in a New World with new rules and challenges waiting for him.

Or should that be her? As Mir found out that the first challenge awaiting him was waking up in the body of a 13-year girl.

Yet, as if that was not enough, the Reincarnation process left things to be desired.

Thankfully, his Progenitor had not left him/her to face the world, like a newborn chick. 

A Starter Package was included in this Reincarnation.


Book One - Princes of Jade;

First Arc -  Identity Crisis - Introduction to my style of writing as well as the general trend of the World Building and the initial plotline.

Second Arc -  Shared Suffering - Expansion of the narrative, both in world-building and character development.

Third Arc - Jade Rebellion - Culmination of the plot for the first book. 


My Clone in Another World is my second-ever written story.

It is full of experimental thoughts, thus aside from the ending of the first book, the story contains little Action, as noticed by the absence of said tag for the story.

Instead, My Clone in Another World became a Drama oriented story with character interaction and world-building taking the forefront for the story.

The Historical tag was added in my attempt to portray Ancient Chinese Culture without a shred of Chinese blood in my veins. Praise the Internet for this one. Keeping up with the Historical tag, the story contains a lot of philosophical thoughts.

The Psychological tag was added because the story became a Slice of Life type of story with the plot pacing it contained. Additionally, the plot was centered around the motives, thoughts, and emotions of the characters. Hence, no one-dimensional characters in my story. In fact, I pride myself on this being the best part of My Clone in Another world.

The Comedy tag was added, as a way to make everything more natural. To flesh out the MC's thoughts and actions, all while providing some entertainment. Could have done better with this one, to be honest.

Anyway, I hope you will like the story as many brain cells died to give birth to it.

[Participated in the Royal Road Writathon November 2021 challenge]

[Participated in the Royal Road Writathon April 2022 challenge]

Cover art is temporary as it was found online as free art. To my knowledge I have not stolen it, or anything like that.

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Master, This Poor Disciple Died Again Today

Master, This Poor Disciple (...)
by noct
3.5k pages

A silly cultivation novel about an airheaded master putting his foot in his mouth and his poor, clever disciple ducking the fall.

In the midst of faking his death, Xiao Hui finds himself trucked and summarily reincarnated into a cultivation world. With great hopes for what is to come, he gets himself taken in by a sect and chosen by a powerful master, but his master seems to have a hole in his brain! What's a poor disciple to do?

What Hui does best, of course!

A xianxia comedy in the vein of A Will Eternal and Spirit Blade Mountain! [Volume 1 - 5 Complete]
Volume 1 on Amazon! Volume 2 on Amazon!

-Cultivation/progression fantasy

-Neither grimdark nor fluffy, but interwoven with both silly and intense moments

-Not your typical cultivation protagonist

 [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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by Temple
2.4k pages

Erind Hartwell, a first-year law student with psychopathic tendencies and an obsessive compulsion to follow an arbitrary set of Rules, tries to live a normal life in a world where superhumans battle eldritch horrors invading minds. She had to be normal. Society frowned on different—especially her kind of different.

"I wouldn’t bother the world as long as it didn't bother me" was one of the many Rules she followed. And she mostly kept to herself with that in mind.

Unfortunately, the world bothered Erind's normal life. On the brink of death, an entity offered powers to save her. Left with no other choice, she accepted it, changing into a new form—the first of many that'll help her bother the world that bothered her.

Cover is part of a wallpaper art commissioned from CristianAC.
Also published on Scribblehub.

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A Journey Through the Worlds.

A Journey Through the (...)
by reverof
795 pages

What will happen if there's a multiverse? What will happen if everything in this multiverse merges one day...

Follow the group of Dan in their journey from one Area to another as they grow stronger.

And also the interactions between different Areas "worlds" in this one big Earth containing more than 20 different Areas, all with their own points and stories.


This novel is also being released in webnovel.

Please review and rate and add it to your faverout.

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Defiance of the Fall

Defiance of the Fall
by TheFirstDefier
2.3k pages

Books 1-8 are now on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited/Audible!

Zac was alone in the middle of the forest when the world changed.

The whole planet was introduced to the multiverse by an unfeeling System... or God. A universe where an endless number of races and civilizations fought for power and dominion. Zac finds himself stuck in the wilderness surrounded by deadly beasts, demons, and worse. Alone, lost and without answers, he must find the means to survive and get stronger in this new cut-throat reality.

With only a hatchet for his weapon, he'll have to seek out his family before the world collapses... or die trying.


Release Schedule:

5 Chapters a week; Mon-Fri.

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The Union

The Union
by CookiesAndCream
819 pages

He enjoyed the city's splendor from the balcony of the palace. It was dazzling, worthy of the Gods' envy- if they even exist. 
He felt something soft and warm embrace him from behind. Arms wrapped around his belly. 
"What are you thinking about?" she asked while sniffing his back. 
"Would you believe me if I said that I was thinking about you?" he turned around and feasted his eyes upon her pretty face. 
"I wouldn't" she shook her head and grinned. 
"Because I've fallen for your sweet words many times before and I will not fall into your trap again" 
He whispered to her ears, "What if I say that I'll give you the world?"
"Cliché" she smirked
"What if I say, that I'll give my life for you?"
"Too tragic" she laughed
"What if I say that" he rubbed his nose against hers "I will love you with all my heart"
She smiled "Then I'll have no choice but to fall for your sweet words again"


Hello readers. Hopefully this tells you what the novel is all about. 
- Romance (Early romance and no harem)
- Power Couple
- War, Politics, Kingdom building (because of this, the main demographics of this novel are male readers. But female readers can also read this because I will make sure that the romance will not degrade over time)
- Medieval setting
- A touch of gore and violence (not so much)

Release rate - one chapter/day
Map of Western Castonia -
Map of Eastern Castonia-
More maps to come as the story progresses. 

Note: The cover is of course not mine

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The Glyph Queen

The Glyph Queen
by Flibbles
902 pages

When Winnie was thirteen, her settlement taught her how to fire a rifle. Her school practiced drills in case raiders came, and the town grew crops in their greenhouse-adapted homes, which were the only places warm enough during the worldwide nuclear winter.

The Lakiran empire invades—a corporate-born nation overseen by their corporate-born queen, Victoria Paladino. They ride silent planes whose repulsion field veered bullets away.

Three years of occupation later, an exemplar visits—a member of Victoria’s oversight committee rumored to read minds. He tells Winnie that she may have a unique mental power, or a flair. At the empire’s capital, the queen herself tutors Winnie to help her reach the full potential of whatever power she may have.

Meanwhile, in post-war Nigeria, a streetwise teenager named Naema sees a different side of the empire. Between corruption and oppression, everyone lives in squaller. People fight over assembled food pastes. She too is told she has a unique flair, not by the empire, but by a fugitive woman who is the last vestige of an ancient witch coven, and she knows a dark secret about what the exemplars do to people like Winnie and Naema.

Updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The most recent chapters of The Glyph Queen are available on its main website.

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Nyx - The Shadow Princess

Nyx - The Shadow Princess (...)
by Skada88
1.2k pages

*Please read the warnings at the end of the Synopsis before reading*

For some, death is not the end but only the beginning.

These unlucky few are forced to call the endless abyss, a space between time and dimensions, home as they infiltrate the physical plains to gain substance and strength.

Here we find the self-named Nyx, a being that has recently gained his freedom from a tyrannical summoner in a cultivation based world.

Free at last, Nyx is more than content to reside in the void for the rest of his existence.

However, it seems fate doesn't agree, and Nyx soon finds himself back inside a mortal body.

Yet, much to Nyx's delight, it seems those that have summoned him this time have done so in ignorance.

Something that they, as well as those who had long thought him dead, will come to regret.


This story will contain dark elements as well as lighter/more positive arcs. There will be many instances of mature themes/descriptive scenes and so is recommended as an 18+. Read at your own discretion.

This story also includes many scenes/actions and behaviours that some will find offensive and/or unpleasant. These include, but are not limited to cannibalism, slavery, sex, rape, murder, betrayal etc. If you find these subjects unpleasant to read, please do not read this story.


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