The Citadel's Survivor

It's alright, basically the same as before.

Re write might have improved the story, but it is still riddled with grammatical errors. 


But kudos to the author for making an effort to improve his work. Just wish he posted the re write separately from the original, so we can compare them both to each other. 


I don't have any other words in order to get 200 words for the advanced review. 


Still not enough. Wow. Two hundred words is a lot ain't it!


Dots and spaces don't count. I think? 


Hmm.... bababooey


Ugh, good luck author. 

Hope you can improve further in your writing. 

Remember! Harems do not improve a story. 

Never make the MC (main character) stronger or smarter than everyone else. 



Why doesn't this thing have a word count in mobile. Still not enough.  

The Queen will outlive us all.

All hail Zorp!!!

No one will ever attempt a continuation of Firefly. 

Defiance of the Fall has become boring. 

What else, what else.

How was the second season of The Umbrella Academy? All the songs were nicely done. Looking forward to season 3.

And now it's time for yam.

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Ben's Damn Adventure: The Prince Has No Pants

If the first two chapters don't hook you in to the story then there is no hope for ye.

The Traveling Technomancer: A Westward LitRPG

Pretty good so far. No info dumps, no crazy overpowered mc.

This Isn't My World, And It Pisses Me Off

Now I know what you are thinking. The mc's name is Japanese, so it's going to be one of those shitty ass isekais, but it's not. It seriously is good. 

Numbers Continually Going Upward

Yo people this is some good shit. I'm talking 100% pure columbian good!!!

Dungeon Crawler Carl Book 5: The Hunting Grounds

Followed after chapter 4.

Surprisingly good!!!

Seriously, read this!!!


Please author, can we have some more. It's very good. 

Apocalypse Ted!

Please keep writing this story,  it is so good. And funny. 

These Games We Play

please write some more. So far very good . Also a good  concept 

Mispaced Core

I like it. Cute little space probe trying to survive and make sense of a dangerous and uncaring cosmos.