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    1. Re: All in

      There was this story about an anorexic / disabled guy that had no strength what-so-ever, but when he got summoned, he placed all of his points into strength. Got a trait/perk/skill called All in- Strength (...)

    2. Re: Help with Synopsis - Ars Alogia

      Let's give this a try- In , terror is around every corner. Maico is a young apprentice, trained in spell craft and arcane. Having fallen to demons once before, he works to improve his knowledge with (...)

    3. Re: Synopsis help- London [ Gin ]

      1728, January 23rd - - - - - To Oliver Wood, his family was everything. Even though they were poor, even though he and his siblings wore shabby and patched clothes, even though they sometimes didn't (...)

    4. Re: Synopsis help- London [ Gin ]

      Although I would cut out what's below the *ding*, this is exactly what I was looking for / trying to make! Thank you! ( I'll credit ya into the synopsis ) P.S.

    5. Re: Synopsis help- London [ Gin ]

      I've come up with this idea for a story, based in Great Britain, London. During the Gin Craze. A little crazy, but I kinda want to stuff some litrpg in that heinous age. Right now, my plan for the (...)

    6. Re: Need Help with Starting a Story

      One suggestion, even if you have absolutely no intention of ever writing LitRPG you should get some advanced character sheets from a roleplaying game (pen-and-paper-variant) and use them to make a sheet (...)

    7. Re: Need Help with Starting a Story

      Really, everything is there, it's just a matter of introduction Example: People come and go through this tavern, seeing me in a slump, alone. ... I've been alone for a long time. (...)

    8. Re: Making your mind magical

      I believe that simple strain would be enough to attune. Thinking about it, depending on the settings of how the world is, every bit of everything has some amount of Mana or magic; gradual assimilation (...)

    9. Re: Assistance needed for synopsis

      Sorry for being a bit harsh, but damn, that was a small clusterfuck in my head that formed after I read it.... I can see this though. Don't take me seriously, as I'm barely that good of a writer (...)

    10. Re: Assistance needed for synopsis

      I must say, as I'm up to chapter 7, that I cannot read anymore. I tried persevering through, but I couldn't. You see, there isn't much wrong with the plot when I think deeply about it, it's simply, (...)

    11. Re: Need some help in improving the initial idea for my story ( first one).

      Looking forward to seeing what sprouts from your mind! Also, about the saltwater thingamajig, for whatever reason, I had the cliche imagination of the plane sinking in the middle of the Atlantic or (...)

    12. Re: Need some help in improving the initial idea for my story ( first one).

      Also, before you start, search the forums for some grammer software, judging by your reviews of other stories, you have most of the stuff correct, but the grammer checker will make it easier. Rules (...)

    13. Re: Need some help in improving the initial idea for my story ( first one).

      Actually, this is a pretty nice plot for what it is. Aside from phrasing, as I would have the book's description to be used as a last resort when another kingdom invades or something/ second description (...)

    14. Re: Need some help in improving the initial idea for my story ( first one).

      Well this is my view of this: Despite my dislike towards extremely prepared before the blast before story began MCs, I have to agree, the initial start is quite hard. My take is this, steer away from (...)

    15. Re: Writer's Origin Stories

      ...Looking at this forum, my origins kind of feel inferior in comparison. I am a freshman from high school ( Hurrah for lack of sleep! ) with the general love of books. What shunted me into the world (...)

    16. Re: Personality help!

      My story starts from a character non-cannon to the actual story, Worm, thereafter making a slight problem. In order to have a story with comedy, definition and general meaning without devolving into the (...)