Civ Defender

Civ Defender

Castle Kingside (Rewrite)

I am in chapter 7 and so far I love the rewright so far so much is different that I am more entertained than by the original story.

This was not my expectation when starting I expected a slightly improved story that I would dropp because it was to much the same.

Dungeon I/O (⚒ Crafting ⚒)

Wery interesting story with a lot of science i love the independent explanations of how the system works and all the realistic chemistry.

The plot might be improved by giving the MC more compelling reasons for what he is doing.

The science stuff was so interesting that I was stuck to the story 

Planetary Brawl

Rewriting was the right decision. I want more.

The original story was okay but the rewrite is very good. Since I read the last chapter some days ago my thoughts have bin drifting back to the story wanting to red more.

Halowenjo has so far written a story that surpasses nearly all books I have read of this type. 

I hope he vill continue the story or start on another one I vill be wating.


A Dungeon Game

After reading merchant prince and loving it I decided to take a look at the other books by the same author I was not disappointed.

I am at chapter 6 now. The pace is fast I normally prefer slower paced books than what's is normal on royalroad  but this author does a good job of saying and showing a lot in few words that I don't feel that I am missing to much of the context dispite the pace.

I look forward to reading more chapters. TaxReligion knowledge of how the world works has impressed me. It is weird to read a book and not spot a lot of places where I know that something else would happen than what the author writes. Based on human psychology and economics. I am so used to have to suspend a lot of disbelief, reading this author I only have to do the minimal amount and I love it.

If any body knows of any other authors that understand how the world works send a message to me. I want more.

The Merchant Prince Book 1: Returning Home

Firs of this book is great, it is romance, trade, drama and historical all roled up into a great book. I do investment in stock and I can tell the author knows what he is taking about.

This book made me wan't more of books like this. Does anybody have any recommendations for books like this?

TaxReligon what was your inspiration for this book? What is your favorite books?

I have recommended this book to my brother and I am probably going to recommend it to more people also.