1. Re: what if there were 3 biological sexes?

      i’ve never heard about ABO before ABO stands for bloodbtype A, AB, B, and O. Please do not google it any further... :Drakanroar: Omegaverse stuff is fun though! I actually have a quite similar (...)

    2. Re: Let us all bask in how much of a life I don't have

      Nice, I just bought Potion Permit when it came out but haven't gotten around to starting it yet.  I always head into my first playthrough of a game with no mods, but on a second playthrough I really like (...)

    3. Re: Novel Writing Books That Don't Rehash the Hero's Journey/Three Act Structure?

      If you think stories should have a theme, then I'd recommend Lajos Egri's Art of Dramatic Writing, followed by Stuart Horwitz's Blueprint Your Bestseller (which has a completely inaccurate title and is (...)

    4. Re: Do you find swearing and expletives distracting?

      I swear like a sailor, so nope.  I'd only notice if the swear words were Earth-specific but a native of a fantasy world was using one that didn't make sense there.

    5. Re: need to find on the internet a list of concepts

      I would be astonished if there wasn't already a generator that had a list like this.  Something for making up a random superhero/villain or something for making up a random NPC for roleplaying.

    6. Re: Don't know where to ask this but.. does beware of chicken have harem?

      It actually doesn't have a harem though it makes jokes about the possibility.

    7. Re: Harem, and why some love them

      As a straight female reader I find harems kind of annoying - mostly because I just don't want to read about female love interests (they are boring to me), partly because the relationship development is (...)

    8. Re: What kind of people should I look for when wanting to have a book cooperation

      I've spent years on-and-off looking for someone to co-write with, and honestly if there's no money involved the pickings are usually too slim to be choosy.  I suppose it depends what you want to write (...)

    9. Re: Should Sexuality/Gender 'Warnings' be in a synopsis?

      If a story has the mc in a romance, yes that should be mentioned in tags or the synopsis.  These kind of warnings are so readers know whether the story will eventually get to something they like or something (...)

    10. Re: Idealology and reading content.

      Oh, we're talking about writing characters whose values disagree with your own?  I hadn't made the connection but now that you mention it that IS important, and difficult.

    11. Re: Is there a novel that has 2 Main Characters like Mother of Learning ? (Like Zorian adn Zach)

      You probably don't want recommendations for romance novels, lol, but this is really common in those.

    12. Re: Idealology and reading content.

      In the United States Fox News has quite a reputation for conservative-slanted news which sometimes goes as far as misinformation.  (I'm not personally interested in political discussion, this info is purely (...)

    13. Re: Pride, and there should be an LGBT plus tag

      As a reader who primarily discovers new stories by using advanced search to see what's new with specific tags, and who has had difficulty finding existing such stories, I would actively use an LGBT+ tag. (...)

    14. Re: What kind of covers appeal to LitRPG readers?

      To add to the question; realistic vs. anime style? Anything but realistic.  Anime, fantasy, western comic, abstract, whatever you would expect for a game with the same aymisphere/setting/audience as your (...)

    15. Re: Series similar to Primal(by Genndy Tartavotsky)? Complete with Caveman MC & prehistoric wildlife

      Are you interested in paleolithic historical novels or romance novels?  Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear series is a well-known one where the female MC invents some things.  Rape trigger warning though. (...)

    16. Re: What's the difference between a LitRPG and a "system" novel?

      All system novels are LitRPGs, but there are some LitRPGs where only one character has stats and an interface, so there's no world-wide system.

    17. Re: What kind of armour do you guys like?

      Nonhuman characters who evolve their bio armor! :D For humans, I suppose armor they can do parkour, climbing, and ninja things in?  I like gizmos, from Batman and Inspector Gadget to the hidden blades (...)

    18. Re: If You Were an NPC...

      Hmm.  I could be a librarian, as long as it was the cool fantasy kind of library with martial arts techniques alongside history books and other normal things.  Professor of costume design at a superhero (...)

    19. Re: Any tips on writing a demi-sexual character?

      Does the MC know he's demi-sexual?  That tends to make a big difference in how people think od themself and others.  Someone who doesn't realize they are demi-sexual is probably going to think of others (...)

    20. Re: Low Fantasy= Sword & Sorcery?

      As far as I'm aware. (and I could be wrong.)  High fantasy=A different fictional world with 0 connection to earth other than the fact that it might be inhabited by humans too. Think The Lord of the (...)