1. Re: What about Isekai/Portal Fantasy that turns readers away the most?

      Harems, generic world-building, the protagonist owning slaves, the protagonist being a mary sue/marty stu, the protagonist's "cheat" being nonsensical or reprehensible (Of course I eat my defeated enemies (...)

    2. Re: NaNoWriMo/Writathon Discussion

      I'm tentatively planning to start a dungeon core story for the write-a-thon, but I know in advance that I won't be able to meet the goal amount in a month, which is a bit discouraging.  My top monthly (...)

    3. Re: Writers: What do you consider the basic fundamentals of writing? What would be the advanced fundamentals?

      I would say the basic fundamentals of writing are understanding the literary tools a writer has to work with as well as the conclusion that these tools are a learnable craft. The advanced fundamentals (...)

    4. Re: What do you wish more Cultivation Xianxia stories would include/exclude?

      I'd like to see more of the religious or mythological culture surrounding cultivation and its history.  Preferably a history that isn't tens of thousands of years of civilization disappearing back into (...)

    5. Re: What is the worst Iskeai/Portal Fantasy trope?

      The expectation that the main character will go back to the normal world and fit right in; I hate that.

    6. Re: What is a character you have created in the past that makes you cringe now?

      When I first started writing long fiction I was about 14, and I made a number of adult characters with 14 year old mindsets that seem laughably cringey now.  Also these adults elected the sheltered, idealistic (...)

    7. Re: How do you guys feel about crouching moron, hidden badass protagonist?

      I think they work a lot better as the sidekick to a protagonist.

    8. Re: Thoughts on LITRPG?

      I just don't understand the whole concept. The base concept is just "What if life worked like a game?" Or the similar idea "What if I could move into a game instead of being stuck in my real life?" (...)

    9. Re: Thoughts on LITRPG?

      I adore dungeon core and reincarnation-into-a-fantasy-world types of litRPG, as long as they don't fall afoul of one of those common flaws such as the mc having no social interaction, the mc being an OP (...)

    10. Re: i just want to ask questions, really

      Sounds like you may need to do some exploratory writing to help you get your ideas planned out.  You would have made an outline by now if you weren't missing something.  Or have you made an outline and (...)

    11. Re: Do web serials need to begin fast?

      In school I learned that a good book should be written on the first page. So I think a web serial having the whole first chapter to catch readers is already quite a bit easier. While I understand (...)

    12. Re: How many POV characters is too many (as a writer and as a reader)?

      I think a lot depends on how long the story is.  It would be pretty challenging to have 3 viewpoint characters in a short story, but it's easy to do in a 50k+ word novel.  Single volumes of GoT are in (...)

    13. Re: How viable is writing really as a proffession

      The people I know who make a living from writing write CONSTANTLY.  I couldn't do that.  I like writing better as a hobby.

    14. Re: Do web serials need to begin fast?

      General response: There are a lot of thoughts in these responses that hadn't 9ccurred to me before!  I'm going to take a bit to digest them.  Maybe try outlining my idea as a trilogy and see if that works (...)

    15. Do web serials need to begin fast?

      I'm trying to plot out a dungeon core story for the upcoming write-a-thon.  I'm looking at two different ways to start the story: one more like a novel with a clear act structure, the other a more stereotypical (...)

    16. Re: Romance plus world building

      Your title pulls in one set of people but then your requirements shoo them away again.  But Ave Xia Rem might do if you like Xianxia.  The main character is a child at first so it does take a while to (...)

    17. Re: Symbolism - Nonsense or Necessary?

      We've got these food analogies here, which are useful, but we should keep in mind that things like elaborately decorated cakes and marzipan sculptures do exist and have their place; those being the equivalent (...)

    18. Re: Symbolism - Nonsense or Necessary?

      I personally see theme as being at the very heart of writing fiction, and why fiction is art.  And symbolism is one of the major ways of conveying theme.  Excluding worldbuilding choices, I like to make (...)

    19. Re: To all authors: don't give up if you're demotivated. Press on, rewrite, or start a new story. Whatever it (...)

      While I do appreciate the good intention behind the words...  I can't help but see a lot of Survivorship bias behind them.  Plenty of people are doing or have done the same exact things...  And, will (...)

    20. Re: So, what defines an isekai.

      Yeah any parallel world can be an isekai, no fantasy required, but it should not be easy to get back.  If you've got a portal between two worlds that you can go through whenever you want, that's portal (...)