One Piece's Bloody Psychopath

Just like the title says. I like the take on how it was done. not exactly something that you would expect from a One piece story


Loving it rn, honestly I think that if the author puts in some more effort it could end up being on the top ten. The author keeps it rather funny, he tries his best to cover and delete plot holes, and its like he planned out how to write the whole thing from the beginning. all in all, its great.

Bow of the North

Like the title said, this is an amazing book to read whenever you feel like it. while there are few chapters out, I believe without a doubt that once the author gets more out this book will take off. The grammar is better than at least 80% of books I have found, the style is a bit unique to him alone, the way he developed the story along with how the character interacted with characters from GOT is inspirational. all over, a good read for anyone. I highly suggest it.

Femalekind Book One (Complete)

 I feel that the author puts a good deal of work into it and trys to learn from the people who read it, because as with all people who create, make, and inspire, unless it is a major flaw they will not notice it. so i believe that if the author had more readers, and more people commented on what the author made they would be able to fix it and make it more pleasurable to read. so in total? I would recommend this to others as there are no truly major flaws, and they are still learning.