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EO Tenkey

    1. Re: Looking for a portal fantasy/( isekai/Reincarnation)

      Base on your list, you'd probably enjoy An Outcast in Another World, though it's one of the stories you have to read on Amazon and then continue on Royal Road (on the plus side, this is a good moment to (...)

    2. Re: My first 0.5 star rating!

      0.5 star ratings are a sign that you're doing something right. There really should be an achievement for getting them; they mean that your story is getting decent exposure. Though don't get me wrong; (...)

    3. Re: Looking For English Light Novels To Read (Self-Promotion Allowed)

      To some extent, I think OELNs remain extremely niche because, well...they're niche. A lot of them rely on tropes from Japanese light novels (or are reacting to said tropes), which in turn rely on a certain (...)

    4. Re: The Nature of Villains

      Also while I'm a deep believer of showing hints of why a villain does what they do, sometimes evil doesn't have to be explained and some go better without it. Maybe there is a serious reason why in the (...)

    5. Re: The Nature of Villains

      Personally, I think a good villain is at base just a good character. A lot of villains come off as one-dimensional or impossible to understand because I think many authors will write someone who does evil (...)

    6. Re: Looking For English Light Novels To Read (Self-Promotion Allowed)

      I actually only got a twitter account like 1 week ago, after I heard from many fellow OELN writers that they promote their stuff that way. So yeah, you're hardly the first to be hesitant about it. (...)

    7. Re: Difficulties when focusing on Royal Road's chosen genres?

      Series or novels that change horses in mid-stream always lose readers when this change occurs, and have difficulty picking up new readers of the second genre.  Brandon Sanderson has discussed how this (...)

    8. Re: Looking For English Light Novels To Read (Self-Promotion Allowed)

      Huh, it's rare for someone to be looking for something that I'm actually writing. I've been intentionally trying to write original English light novels for everything I've published to Royal Road. My (...)

    9. Re: Difficulties when focusing on Royal Road's chosen genres?

      Ironically, I think in some ways you're actually setting yourself up for a better readership if you aren't publishing the popular genres. My first work started off as a rom-com slice-of-life with a (...)

    10. Re: Lost a follower today

      FWIW, I recently discovered that the "Follower" count is kind of misleading. I recently wrapped up a two-volume story after about 20 months that had right around 300 followers when I published the last (...)

    11. Re: The best time to upload stuff?

      My advice: vary it. If you find a time slot that tends to have few people posting, then that might get you more time on the homepage, but you'll miss out on all the people who just flat-out don't visit (...)

    12. Re: Overwhelmed by making a LitRGP system

      To add to the excellent suggestions above, you can also go the "Diablo" route, and eschew numbers. Just give each skill a name and a general description of what it does, and then you've got room to fudge (...)

    13. Re: When your story doesn't really fit in a RR niche...

      By far, just post it here and make sure to commit. The biggest issue with niche stories isn't that they're niche, but that the authors don't keep them up and they die. This. I started posting a (...)

    14. Re: How to Move Out of the Stagnant Followers Phase?

      I'm in the same boat; posting a chapter a week and I don't think my total number of followers or rank on the site has changed in months. The discovery features on this site reward prolific posting over (...)

    15. Re: How do i get followers

      <- I think they call this number "Average Views."  If web crawlers/bots are treating us equally, you should be seeing ballpark (...)(...)

    16. Re: How do i get followers

      So Basically i should just have a consistent update schedule and make good content? Ha! Yeah, pretty much. There's no magic bullets here.

    17. Re: How do i get followers

      Great points, just have too ask where you are located ^^ pretty sure you're afternoon is a bit difdiffer then mine so just want to get the time table right :) Whoops, forgot to respond to this! My point (...)

    18. Re: How do i get followers

      Another thing people haven't mentioned is to post at different times. Initially, I posted mostly in the mornings. I'd vary it an hour here or there, but for the most part it was pretty predictable. After (...)

    19. Re: Writer's Origin Stories

      Fifth grade, our teacher encouraged writing and sharing our own stories; for a kid who was an obsessive reader by that point, it was the kiss of death. Despite world-building on and off for years, I (...)

    20. Re: Decent Cultivation LitRpg

      As already mentioned, Street Cultivation is probably what you're looking for if you want LitRPG elements (albeit light ones). Cradle is phenomenal, but definitely not litRPG.