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EO Tenkey

    1. Re: When your story doesn't really fit in a RR niche...

      By far, just post it here and make sure to commit. The biggest issue with niche stories isn't that they're niche, but that the authors don't keep them up and they die. This. I started posting a (...)

    2. Re: How to Move Out of the Stagnant Followers Phase?

      I'm in the same boat; posting a chapter a week and I don't think my total number of followers or rank on the site has changed in months. The discovery features on this site reward prolific posting over (...)

    3. Re: How do i get followers

      <- I think they call this number "Average Views."  If web crawlers/bots are treating us equally, you should be seeing ballpark (...)(...)

    4. Re: How do i get followers

      So Basically i should just have a consistent update schedule and make good content? Ha! Yeah, pretty much. There's no magic bullets here.

    5. Re: How do i get followers

      Great points, just have too ask where you are located ^^ pretty sure you're afternoon is a bit difdiffer then mine so just want to get the time table right :) Whoops, forgot to respond to this! My point (...)

    6. Re: How do i get followers

      Another thing people haven't mentioned is to post at different times. Initially, I posted mostly in the mornings. I'd vary it an hour here or there, but for the most part it was pretty predictable. After (...)

    7. Re: Writer's Origin Stories

      Fifth grade, our teacher encouraged writing and sharing our own stories; for a kid who was an obsessive reader by that point, it was the kiss of death. Despite world-building on and off for years, I (...)

    8. Re: Decent Cultivation LitRpg

      As already mentioned, Street Cultivation is probably what you're looking for if you want LitRPG elements (albeit light ones). Cradle is phenomenal, but definitely not litRPG.

    9. Re: Why on earth doesn't the "Follow" button notify of updates automatically?

      if you followed, say, a hundred serials on RRL.  And they updated daily.  Would you want the headache of sorting through all of those notifications every single day?  I don't follow a hundred (...)

    10. Re: Why on earth doesn't the "Follow" button notify of updates automatically?

      I would like to see options like this displaying when you actually click on the button like one of those pop-up explanatory texts. That way you are immediately notified of this option when you follow (...)

    11. Re: Why on earth doesn't the "Follow" button notify of updates automatically?

      I'm not advocating for auto-opting people into emails for followed fiction. I agree that's needlessly intrusive. But it's dumb that the system doesn't automatically opt me into site notifications for new (...)

    12. Re: How did your first story's first days go?

      From my standpoint, you're doing great! :) It's been a month, but if memory serves my first day got me something like 40 page views, maybe 5-10 followers, and I think 2 favorites (might be misremembering). (...)

    13. Re: What's the god-tier fiction around these parts?

      Definitely check out Forge of Destiny. High quality cultivation story Thanks, I'll give it a look! I've kind of been avoiding xianxia/wuxia for the most part because it just doesn't seem like any of (...)

    14. Re: Tana's Week of Reviews

      @Jornug You do realize that Tana's week of reviews was a month ago, right? :)

    15. Re: Posting stuff twice

      In the chapters table, there's an "edit" and "delete" icon in the far right column. If you're on mobile, you'll probably have to scroll it over to see them, though.

    16. Re: What do people think about slice of life and life sim tags?

      What does trapped in a manga mean? What kind of story do you mean by that? (genre tags??) It's basically what it says on the tin; a high school slice-of-life story, except with the twist that the main (...)

    17. Re: Is t plausible for one to coauthor in this website.

      I don't believe there are any controls in place for associating a particular fiction with multiple authors (or at least I haven't been able to find any). Might be one to toss in the Suggestions forum along (...)

    18. Re: What do people think about slice of life and life sim tags?

      I don't know if the tags have anything to do with it or if people just aren't interested in the premise, but at least in my limited experience slice-of-life is not a good way to get people to read your (...)

    19. Re: A new author in need of writing tips!

      The number one thing you can do is WRITE.  Writing is a craft, and can be improved with practice.  Even if you have nothing to say, or are stuck, write something.  Writer's block is another way to say (...)

    20. Re: Anyone willing to review / improve / criticize my new work?

      I do not personally have the bandwidth for this, so apologies if getting a reply got your hopes up in that regard. However, you might get a more favorable response from someone else if you included (...)