J P Koenig

J P Koenig

    1. Re: World Building Tips and Tricks?

      There are as many ways as there are authors, and there are as many preferences as there are readers. That said... A little infodumping isn't lethal. Just don't overdose your readers. ------------ (...)

    2. Re: World Building Tips and Tricks?

      I agree with StenDuring.  My worldbuilding is almost always more comprehensive in my notes and in my head than in what I write.  But here are a few bullet pointed tips that I try and live with: If (...)

    3. Re: The Heroes of Opal - Feedback wanted

      It's interesting, and the setting is thoroughly described.  It's a slow build, like a traditional fantasy novel.  It would take a few chapters to truly grip the reader, but most good fantasy novels build (...)

    4. Re: Pharaohs and Gods

      I don't read cultivation stories usually, so I got lost pretty easily in the overly-complicated magic system.  But I'm guessing that's normal for the genre?  The overdramatized dialogue and fights remind (...)

    5. Re: Can someone review my work so I can polish it more?

      There is an easy trick to testing your writing.  Read it out loud.  If it sounds off, unnatural or stilted, then you know you need to revise.  Also, don't ever stop writing.  I try to write at least a (...)

    6. Re: New RR Author, hoping for feedback

      Thanks for the feedback and the comment!

    7. Re: Looking for feedbacks for my 2 fictions

      I read Sun of the Desert.  I found the asterisks with definitions to be distracting.  I'd recommend taking a page from old sci-fi masters - introduce new words, but let people figure out what they mean (...)

    8. Re: New RR Author, hoping for feedback

      So I already posted about a review swap, but I was digging through the forums and noticed I could have just asked for feedback in general.  So apologies to folks to have already saw my earlier post.  I'm (...)

    9. Re: Review/Rating Swap

      ok so I have a review swap I am doing atm but I should be able to do another this week or so if you are willing to swap with me, so long as work dosen't bulldoze me again lol. Here is the link to my (...)

    10. Re: Review/Rating Swap

      Well, I made a thread before about review swaps a while ago, so I don't mind doing one. I'll add you to the list and get to it soon (might take a week or two). My novel is in my signature. I'll start (...)

    11. Re: Review/Rating Swap

      So I'm pretty new to RR, and I've launched two stories over the last few weeks.  I'm looking to do some review swaps with folks, and/or ratings swaps.  I'm hoping to get some good feedback and some honest (...)