Vainqueur the Dragon

Yep. That title and summary are 100% correct. this story is about the VAINEST dragon you will ever see and the unlucky thief that awoke him from his "nap". It would be perfect but the dragon and his minion both take away half a star because of their motivations.


Unfathomable Senior

Good story. The MC though. He is so damn annoying and inconsistent.

The Black Knight of the Demon King

For those of you who are like me and check the comments before reading to find out if a story is shit or good and hate reading when there are no reviews this review is for you.


The title, description, and writer name may sound off putting but it is actually a good read that deserves it's 4.5 rating as of the chapter titled "The journey to the Dwarven Empire".


Mistake are rare but once you see them it's impossible to not see them and some sentences sound really off and confusing from how they are written out but as I said they are rare but get stuck in your head once noticed.


Everything but the story is good... Well, the characters are generic ww2 men but they have life in them.

Honestly, I don't know where the writer will bring this since almost every non-Nazi side of WW2 stories been written before and even if the story does get litrpg things there aren't a lot of ways this can end or keep going on. 

Rise of Demon King

If you are a fan of either, this story is for you.

The MC is OP but he is Luffy levels of dumb, so that really doesn't matter.


 Yeah that title and summary are a complete lie to what ever you think it meant. On purpose or not that is the best damn bait I seen on a hook in weeks.


About the story itself? It's a cultivation story. The only time they are different is when someone looks at the world and it's people and say "Yeah, fuck that noise." This is not one of those stories.