Might not be a literary masterpiece, but it sure does something right. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this; I only regret not waiting a bit longer to binge. I will probably pick it up again in 6~ months when there will (hopefully) be a plethora of chapters. Seriously though, 5/5 for enjoyment

The Iron Teeth:  A Goblin's Tale

The novelty of having a Goblin protagonist wears off quickly. His personality growth just kinda stagnates after a while. The characters are rather bland. The story suffers from glacial pacing. 

The Good Student

Glacial Pacing. Dropped at Chapter 40

Gave up after reaching Chapter 40. The story had so much potential...


There are other reviews far more detailed than mine, so I won’t go into too much detail. This Web Fiction is a flop because of its glacial pacing and boring characters. I get why the main character makes the decisions he does, but he is extremely boring. The other characters suffer by proxy. There is hardly any depth to the magic system; actually, scratch that, there is NO depth because the main character has no motivation to learn magic. However, we do get to read countless pages on historical figures, battles, and papers through the main character’s perspective. This ties into the pacing problems.


However, the writing itself is fantastic. Absolutely phenomenal. I would argue it is in the running for having the best prose on RoyalRoad. I love how he author synthesizes sentences and the flow of ideas from paragraph to paragraph. The author can be very witty in places as well.


I’m writing this review because I’m  so sad and frustrated that a story with this much potential falls so flat. World building is great and all, but characters and the actual story matter more.