Heart of Cultivation

This story is a diamond that doesn't use the same overused xianxia tropes. The other reviews can give you a more in depth look; I just wanted to leave an advanced review. I will only touch on the characters. 

The characters are downright refreshing. The main character and 'villains' aren't vindictive and prideful to the point of being idiotic. You'll know what I mean if you have read a lot of xianxia stories. The main character knows when to bite his tongue, but isn't a spiteful asshole that wishes to exterminate that person's entire bloodline for a slight faux pas. There is the cancelled engagement trope, but the characters involved have a complicated backstory. It's not so simple as one party is totally in the wrong. What I'm getting at is that it removes all the shitty overdone xianxia tropes that are tiring after the first read while keeping all the fun ones. 

Villager Three


This story is a very interesting take on the whole system genre as of the 'Remembrance' chapter. The writing is superb, which leads into the amazing characterization. The characters from this story are truly memorable; they aren't cardboard cut outs made to resemble characters. I think that's what sets this story a part from other system genre stories. PEOPLE HAVE FLAWS. 



Not many chapters have been released thus far. It's also slice of life, which I know isn't for everyone. There is a good sense of progression to the story unlike many SoL, but it has that tag for a reason. The romance tag has not come into effect yet, and I don't get the sense it will for a while (she is only 14).


The Calamity of a Reborn Witch

Your typical YA fantasy novel and the baseline RoyalRoad story have a baby

 This story feels more YA, but there are identifiers that pin it as a webserial (e.g. reincarnation with memories). As someone who has read a lot of YA in the past, it does feel more 'fresh' compared to other YA works due to these identifiers. However, having read many web serials at this point, I can confidently say it doesn't bring anything new to the table. However, it still manages to feel fresh because it's such a unique recipe despite having familiar components. 

The story isn't polished yet, but it is more than readable--something I can't say for most YA stories. This next quality is hard for me to describe, for those who don't read YA, but the characters are distinctly YA. While I can't properly quantify that, they are decently written characters (minus her siblings). The main character is such a character; she is a capable female protagonist, who does not play the damsel while being told repeatedly how bad ass she is. 

The Menocht Loop

This isn't on the same level as MoL, but it's still very good and captures the same feeling. Absolutely read this if MoL is something you really enjoyed.

My one complaint is that there have been moments in the story that made it impossible for me to suspend my disbelief. However, these moments are brief, and  I don't think they harm the story too much. And aside from that, the characters are great. The time loop is awesome. Decemancy is rad. The MC is rational. It probably won't happen, but it would be cool to see some romance, which was absent in MoL for obvious reasons. 


Summoner's Journey

Good things:

Story is excellent, but it definitely has a slow start. I really appreciate that we aren't getting another magic sword-wielding mage under the all too common bullshit excuses. Also, the main character is noble and optimistic with hints at a darker backstory; regardless, he is a nice change of pace from the overly rational, cynical main characters that are basically their own trope here on RoyalRoad. Don't get me wrong, I love rational characters, but I needed a break. 

Bad things:

The character, Elijah, is especially grating in the beginning--he does get much better, however. On the other hand,  I still hope he gets killed off, or that there is some big twist with his character. The other secondary characters are a bit flat as well, but thankfully, they have much more potential. 

The Simulacrum

This story has its niche and it does it well. I can consistently always get a few laughs out of every chapter; the writing is never dry unlike many of the litrpg stories here on RoyalRoad. 

The wittiness is also fairly consistent throughout the chapters and the puns/jokes/word play combined with some interesting situations causing hilarity to ensue. I really do think this story has the best comedic value on the site. No other author on this website mimics his playful and engaging writing style.

My one minor gripe that I have with this story is that I feel it is mislabeled. This should have the Harem tag. He has two girlfriends. I know this isn't a true Harem, but it's a spiritual cousin and a huge turn off for some people. Comparably, I would say it's similar in how LGBTQ+ elements on RoyalRoad  are handled with the Gender Bender tag. Gender Bender isn't really related to lesbian or gay love, but there isn't a Yuri or Yaoi tag. 

The Perks of Immortality

Everything you expect with this genre

Wanted more magic, not another generic weapons/body enhancement "mage".  At least he isn't a sword mage I guess. 

The Blood Mage skilline was offered alongside a few blood related skills, which would have been ridiculously fun to see. It also would have been an opportunity to make the MC less dull. Seriously, the MC  is not memorable in any way whatsoever. It's like the author took the baseline character for this genre, and completely forgot character development in favor of skill theory crafting. You will only ever be interested in reading this for the skill building and maximizing...not the protagonist. My problem is the path the MC chooses to go down is also the route that every other generic protagonist happens to choose...


Full disclaimer: I stopped reading at chapter 15

Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

I did not go into this story with high expectations. I generally don't like the cliché that is the  average, undriven Joe being transported into another world. This trope is usually accompanied by becoming competent, and having a complete personality change, suddenly finding the drive to study  25 hours a day.

This story plays with that cliché and pokes fun at it. The ridiculous misunderstandings and ass pulls that occur are acknowledged for what they are and the way the MC approaches them is hilarious. 



Confessions of the Magpie Wizard

Thoroughly entertained. Top 10 on RoyalRoad!

What really sets this book aside is its witty one liners and humor. There really aren't too many fictions this site that have actually made me laugh. This one is one of them.


+Decent plot that doesn't move at a snails pace

+Interesting Characters


+Magic school (love this genre)

5/5 Stars


RE: Trailer Trash

Tabitha really grows as a character

Writing this review as of chapter 19. Tabitha’s character does get better as the story goes on. In the beginning, I feel like she was a bit uppity, but there’s a reason for this. I really enjoy the developing relationship she has with her parents.

My only complaint is the upload speed 😭 Story is great though, and definitely worth the read!