RE: Trailer Trash

Tabitha really grows as a character

Writing this review as of chapter 19. Tabitha’s character does get better as the story goes on. In the beginning, I feel like she was a bit uppity, but there’s a reason for this. I really enjoy the developing relationship she has with her parents.

My only complaint is the upload speed 😭 Story is great though, and definitely worth the read!

A Journey of Black and Red

Simply amazing. First Vampire novel I’ve actually enjoyed.

Basically the first Vampire novel I could ever sink my teeth into.


As of chapter 26, I have nothing but positive words to say about this story. Really looking forward to where the story is going; it’s brimming with potential. 

This is the Wrong World! (Beta Version)

Loved Izo. This definitely has a lot of potential if the author ever chooses to return to it.


I’m a total sucker for these kinds of unique premises. I have long since gotten bored of practically every urban/paranormal/fantasy/romance novel with the same base formula that seem to clog up 90% of the shelf space at your local book store. 


Thanks for submitting your work on RoyalRoad!

The Devil in White: An Awakened Aspirations Online Series
Spoiler: Spoiler


Crown of Heroes

Reading this Webnovel was a lot of fun. I’m really sad it’s on hiatus. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel by any means, but I read for entertainment, and I was 10/10 entertained. I highly recommend reading this if you enjoy a fluffy romance novel. The romance is a bit of a slow burn because it is some time before they realize their feelings for each other. 


Thank you author! 


The bad grammar is hard to look past

The grammar is very, very bad, and it basically made the rest of the story unreadable. I tried to ignore it, but it was bad enough to impair my understanding of the characters and the general story. The story needs a dedicated proofreader. 

Twilight Kingdom

This story is fantastic and a gem I didn’t discover until just today. RIP me because I should be getting ready for work as I’m instead writing this review.

This story places somewhere in my top 10 royal road stories. Yes, it’s good. Yes, you should read it.

In case you’re wondering what else is in my top ten and if you may or may not have similar tastes, here they are: Mother of Learning, Forge of Destiny,  Metaworld Chronicles,  A Practical Guide to Evil, and Super Minion

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Thankfully not another magical swordsman

Finally  Royal Road gets a decent story about a pure mage...not another magical swordsman with a harem. Currently, this story reads as a slice of life. The MC is just slowly cultivating his abilities and exploring the world, while questing/doing side jobs to sustain this life style. I can definitely see the story diverging from this route once he can become more useful to other adventuring groups. I’m excited for when his build will start to come to fruition.

Vacant Throne

Amazing. How is this not more popular?

I’m not sure why this story hadn’t come to my attention until just recently. However, I feel like it is seriously under appreciated and should be more popular. The story feels similar to Metaworld Chronicles in terms of its pacing and story arcs, but I personally like this novel better. Highly recommend. It gets better as you get further into the story.

Dreams Come True

Favorite Story on RoyalRoad aside from MoL

This is my favorite story on RoyalRoad aside from Mother of Learning. It’s just so much fun to read.


The story shifts perspectives as the main character lives two lives simultaneously (no time travel). One takes place in a fantasy world with magic, where he is born there as a baby and his original world is a modern one filled with superheroes. I won’t spoil to much in the review, but it’s an interesting spin on the reincarnation genre.