1. Re: Family and Friends

      Content warnings are your friend.

    2. Re: Recommendations for Kindle Reads

      Here you go. This guy will keep you busy. All his hundreds of books are in KU.  https://www.amazon.com/Michael-Anderle/e/B017J2WANQ/

    3. Re: Does RRL provide help to their Writers in book launches?

      They have promoted my book and others here on the site via FB and Twitter. You can also buy an ad pointing to the Amazon title.  https://www.royalroad.com/advertising

    4. Re: Book Publishing

      Just to expound a bit more on the whole Select/KU thing. Kindle Unlimited is Amazon's subscription program for genre fiction. Subscribers pay 9.99/mo. (although for Black Friday I saw they had it for 4.99/mo (...)

    5. Re: ROYAL ROAD APP?

      I have to say, things read pretty well through my phone. Not sure an app would provide a whole lot of benefits that I don't get already from the site.

    6. Re: Is wandering inn worth reading?

      Read it all. It's quite good. We're part of history in the making with this book. Once you catch up you can await the twice weekly new chapters with baited breath like the rest of us. 

    7. Re: a nonprofanity...

      Pox. Balderdash. Rapscallion. Flea-bitten. Hamster. Elderberry.

    8. Re: Kindle Unlimited recommendations

      Check out anything by Michael Anderle. He has tons of series, mostly urban fantasy, some science fiction. Lots of co-writing with other authors. The man is a book-writing phenom. Literally hundreds of (...)

    9. Re: Advice on Reading for Writing Style Inspiration

      Another source of free stuff is Amazon's free store. Many of these books are on promo and there for a limited time because Amazon allows sellers in KDP Select to put their titles up for free 5 days every (...)

    10. Re: How to turn your webnovel into a published novel.

      When you go to apply for your book to be enrolled in KU, the system will do an online search for your book. It can't be on RR or anywhere else, and if the system flags you, your book won't go on KU. (...)

    11. Re: Scrivener

      Scrivener is a great program, no doubt. Another option for folks who like to organize things is OneNote. If you have Microsoft Office, this might be a viable option. The biggest drawback, in comparison (...)

    12. Re: How to turn your webnovel into a published novel.

      Great comments here, and I'll second the 20booksto50k resource. Check out some of the other author boards out there, too, for a wealth of info. Kboards is one of the old ones that's been around for years, (...)

    13. Re: Advice thread on Writing LN and Webnovels

      I really liked what I saw of this book. The table of contents is very thorough and you've done a good job with it. In particular I enjoyed your discussion of how successful web serials are action-focused, (...)

    14. Re: Science Fantasy Story List

      Space Opera Pirates of the Milky Way Synopsis:  New technology allowed humans to reach for the stars. Now technology has led to war. Opposing AI systems battle each other in a monumental struggle (...)


      Dunno if this is what you're looking for, but Butcher's The Dresden Files pretty much defined the genre.  Here's book 1, Storm Front: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000WH7PLS 

    16. Re: Thriller pacing?

      If you've ever read Jim Butcher's stuff, you can learn a lot by his pacing. His character faces a dilemma, and there's a peak in the action. Then the action slows and the character makes a decision based (...)

    17. Re: I'm a goblin rights defender and I need your help!

      You should visit The Wandering Inn. ;)

    18. Re: Drafts list

      I like to upload chapters in advance, and the drafts list has a clock icon where you can hover and see the date and time scheduled for the draft to publish. It would be very nice to have the Scheduled (...)

    19. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      Pirates of the Milky Way Action adventure scifi space opera