Ghost in the City: Cyberpunk Gamer SI

Ghost in the City: Cyberpunk (...)
by Seras
817 pages

Night City, it's a place of endless wonders and horrors. Opportunities and dangers, but before Motoko Kusanagi can access any of them. She first has to build up enough strength to walk again. Learn the basics of living in a world that was just a game to her before. Good thing she found a Shard hidden in her stuff that opens the door of opportunity. But like all opportunities in Night City, it usually ends up in a gunfight.

Self-Insert with a modified Cyberpunk 2077 Gamer System. Not a direct Ghost in the Shell Crossover. MC just happens to share the name.

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Tales of Aesenwald: Across the Gloomy Sea

Tales of Aesenwald: Across (...)
by Ted the Head
21 pages

Tales of Aesenwald is a an interactive grimdark fantasy story, revealed through shifting character perspectives as the plot advances alongside reader rolled characters inhabiting the story itself.

Across the Gloomy Sea follows the stuggle for survival of an expeditionary fleet, sent across a cursed sea to further the veiled interests of a cruel, decadent Empire, slowly crumbling from within. It is a tale of discovery and overcoming chaotic situations as seemingly everyday people from all over the vast corners of the Empire get drafted, herded into huge barges and sent through the Gloom - a pitch black sea where sunlight dares not tread.

Write to Ted, if you would like to create and drop a charater into this ever evolving story experiment and watch them sink or swim.

Should this form of storytelling gain traction, new modules of interaction will be added to supplement the readers experience. 

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All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure

All the Dust that Falls: (...)
by zaifyr
714 pages

Some seek power. Some seek justice. Others seek to root out the filth lurking in the darkest of corners.

Spot was summoned from his comfortable charging pad and familiar floors to a world of magic and intrigue. After the flight of his new patrons, he is left to care for a filthy castle. During his quest to keep this new home clean, he will face demons, foreign armies, and the dreaded stairs.

All those who stand before him will be swept away. Those who follow his spotless trail will find enlightenment, purity, and a world on its knees.

Follow this wholesome vacuum on his quest to power.

Posts Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] 

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Reincarnated as the Duke Fishron in Monster Hunter

Reincarnated as the Duke (...)
by The_Bip_Boop2003
142 pages

Maxim, a nineteen years old human male with an interest in marine biology died bisected in an elevator freak accident, his upper body being seven floors above his lower half. 

It wasn't a rapid death, far from it. Anyway, now he is in an egg. Henceforth, human, he was no more and will ever be but mutant terror of the sea he will be.

Follow his adventure in this new world filled with wonder, hunters, and monsters as he discovers more about himself and how he will change, for the better or for the worse.

The Duke Fishron is an Hardmode boss from the videogame Terraria.

It's a crossover Fanfic between Terraria(and some of its mods) and the world of Monster Hunter, it will be centered on MHW though.

Everything goes to its respective owner.

I will be posting this story on Webnovel.com and ScribbleHub.com.

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Player Manager - A Football Management Progression Fantasy

Player Manager - A Football (...)
by TedSteel
906 pages

Max Best is too smart for a normal career, but too poor to further his education. He has a dead-end job, and he's stuck there. That's until a chance encounter gives him new abilities - he can see the attributes of soccer players. Big deal. But will Max ever realise he's holding a winning lottery ticket?

And is this ability a super power... or a curse?

Player Manager is a progression fantasy set in the modern world. It's perfect for fans of Football Manager, the FIFA games, and last-minute disallowed goals.

New chapters Mon-Wed-Fri plus bonus content every time the UK gets a new Prime Minister.

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Homesteading in a fantasy world

Homesteading in a fantasy (...)
by apinsig
1.3k pages

Farming, crafting, building and fighting follow the main character as he finds himself in a different world needing to survive. It a story of new and familiar hardships for the main character. 

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Soul of the Warrior

Soul of the Warrior
by Kyfe
2.4k pages

In a world where Classes, Stats, and Levels are the everyday norm, Reivyn has a secret.

He was unusually aware of his surroundings from an incredibly early age, and Skills and Stats were acquired easily. He was just the son of an ordinary village family, and nothing appeared out of the ordinary on the surface. But below the surface, dreams of another life help shape his mentality and growth. Why does he have some remembrance of a past life, and what is his purpose in this new one?

"Soul of the Warrior" is what I call a Semi-Isekai LitRPG. I say "semi," because Reivyn's past life is remembered like a dream, and very incomplete. It is still Isekai, though, as he remembers enough that it directly shapes his personality and his sense of self.

The System that governs the world of "Soul of the Warrior" is a combination of modified versions from Selkie's "Beneath the Dragoneye Moons" and Kosnik4's "Magic Smithing." I have changed enough of these Systems and combined them in a way that is unique that I'm mostly sure it's fine, but I still have requested permission to use these ideas. They have both graciously granted me permission.

Winner of the April Writathon Challenge.

Release Schedule is Mon, Wed, Fri on Royal Road.

Cover Art by: Jay Graphixx ([email protected]). His work can be found on deviantart.com under JayGraphixx.

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Apocalypse Redux (a LitRPG Apocalypse)

Apocalypse Redux (a LitRPG (...)
by Jakob H. Greif
1.3k pages

Books 1 and 2 are now on Amazon!

It wasn't climate change that killed us. Nor was it the blue boxes that suddenly appeared in front of us one day.

No, it was what we did with said boxes. All it took was a little nudging from the wrong dark deity and the world spiraled into the abyss. 

Twelve years later, only a mere handful of humans remain, fighting against an endless horde, fully aware of the futility of their actions. 

A demon lord gets torn to shreds by the last of humanity, determined to go out in a blaze of glory. 

In the end, only Isaac Thoma remains to reap the reward for this victory. Another chance. A new go at things from that fateful day the world became quantified. 

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A New Kind of Freak (A dragon evolution story)

A New Kind of Freak (A (...)
by Bananalloy
2.2k pages

For dragons, those who dominate the food chain, growth is always a troublesome time. Left to fend for oneself with only a library of memories passed down as their inheritance, no fate is worse than being a failure before birth.

What can a small mutated hatchling do in such snowy outskirts? With few options besides magic, the Nexus provides a quick source of power, but that does not mean his enemies were without strength. Levels and stats are available to all in this dragon eat dragon wor- 

"So... am I really made of Ice-cream?"

* * *

Book 1 is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! Buy and read it here!

Books will not permanently stay on KU, and in time the RR versions will be restored, lasting either 3 or 6 months depending if 1 or 2 KU periods are performed. Once all 6 books are released, all books will be placed on KU for 1 or 2 more periods before permanently residing on RR.

Story uploads 5 chapters a week on RoyalRoad, each on a weekday (any chapters missed will be bulk uploaded at next upload).

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Gamer Reborn

Gamer Reborn
by Keleros
900 pages

Ajax used to coast through life before his parents died, after that he focused hard to try get his life back on track but that wasn't really happening and it all ended the day he got mugged. 

Given a second chance at life he now looks to become someone who matters and is willing to work hard from the beginning to make that happen.


This is a LitRPG reborn story, as well as my first try at writing so comments and tips are appreciated

Uploads are M W F.

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Teenage Badass

Teenage Badass
by wose
229 pages

Finn is a Helfwir, a monster hunter born. At the age of 8, Finn was capable of destroying a vampire with a plastic spoon. By the time she was 10, Finn knew a hundred ways of killing pretty much everything that went bump in the night.

On her 14th birthday, Finn decides she wants to try living a normal life. She leaves home for Orsonville and enrolls in its high school. There, Finn will have to learn to deal with petty bullies, tenuous friendships , the hardships of teenage love and a werewolf cult that's hell-bent on world domination, all without revealing her true identity.

This is shaping up to be a hell of a school year.

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Reaper of The Wizarding World

Reaper of The Wizarding (...)
by SirSyko
788 pages

This is a copy of my Webnovel fan-fic. I don't know if I'll keep the ones off Webnovel as up to date but I'll try.

Death? It is often described as the embodiment of fear, man or God alike. But to Soren, it is the beginning, middle, and end of his journey. 

To this young man, Death is the start of his struggles through life. Watch as Soren fights to save his family from the grips of Death and struggles to live a happy life.

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