Super Minion

The prose is great, I love the word choices and the descriptions. The characters aren't completely fleshed out yet, but that's partly because the mc doesn't really understand people. In this case it's really well done and leaves room to grow.


The worldbuilding is interesting, there are a few details that have been dropped in that raise all sorts of questions. 


I really like it so far. :)


Nice work, author!


The Navigator

It's another book by Mr. Neven Illiev, and I'm sold already. 


Nice work!

Once Upon a Box

Enjoying your audiobooks right now. :)


You're a great writer! :)

Backyard Hero

complex and interesting plot... check


Interesting worldbuilding... check


Strong characterizations... check


Smooth action scenes... check


Strap in, this novel is going places


(You're a great writer Mr. Hamms)


A killdozer fanfic? Awesome!

 It's good so far!


I always liked the original killdozer, I mean the town was obviously corrupt, and he didn't actually hurt anyone except himself, just a whole lot of property damage.


The synopsis says aliens, so I'm looking forward to a pretty wild ride haha.




Shattered Soul

A good story written about my personal hell

I assume since the mc's are fragmented pieces of a soul, they always felt like something was missing or whatever. I really like the story but the thought of having to share a body with someone else gives me chills. 


It's very good though, give it a go!

Still Ain't Dead

I'm not 100% sure what's going on here but I definitely like it!

Cold Steel Dig

 I realized I forgot to review this, so here it is. This story is pretty cool.


Weird mechanics keep everything interesting. It's easy to visualize the action scenes but they are quite different from any action scenes I've imagined before. 


The description and grammar in the story are top notch.


The story is also pretty awesome. 


It's perfect!

The Ascendant: Endless Reincarnation

Turned out to be endless for an entirely different reason. haha. deducting a star for awol author.

Eight God Engine

Splendid writing, smooth grammar, fun and interesting worldbuilding, and an intriguing plot. Good stuff!


Thanks for writing, it's nice so far!