Everything I wasn't aware I wanted in a book.

Scifi epic with handwavy magic powers :

normally I hate those but this is cool.

No one can understand much of anything the others say:

Annoying but tolerable


Kidnapping and murder of children for science:

Seriously what the hell


Action filled scenes battling... Space otters?: What are you smoking and can I get some of that

Tragedy: not a big fan



Put them all together and add some serious writing chops and apparently you've got me eagerly awaiting book 2


Bravo, well done












Breaker of Horizons

A fine story, loaded with action, emotion, and purpose. 


The protagonist is a dick sometimes and a nice guy others like a lot of other xianxia, but here, the protagonist has so much... Life to him. 

It's a wild ride, if you're up for it.


10/10. Love it so much.

A Goblin's Tale

"Hm. Book good. Magic in pages."

Flow is good, it's a rather nice story and I am enjoying reading it.


I don't know if it's five star material but it definitely doesn't deserve the low ratings it's gotten. The author has been diligently writing it for a while and it's a cute little story.


Thanks for writing it!


I like where this is going. The update schedule and the quality of the story have me joining the F5 sect on release days. I eagerly await more of the story!


Most of the characters are a little daft in some way or another, but that makes it more fun!


Thanks for your hard work Delta! The story is great!

The Gilded Hero

Lovely grimdark take on a portal fantasy story

I read this on your site a while back, AND it was AWESOME.

I was kind of dissapointed that you said you probably wouldn't write more, but here we are, and I'm pleased as a cat in a cardboard box.


Thanks Jake! 


A bit confusing in parts but I really like how the story is going.


I think an easy way to reduce confusion would be using a header before each change in perspective. Perhaps denoting the time, location, and organization involved?


Lovely story though, I'll be waiting with bated breath!

Molting the Mortal Coil

I initially dropped this story early on for a while because having insects stored in your body seriously grossed me out.


Now that I have read further I can see that was a mistake. Very high quality for royal road, in a Chinese style. It's a bit odd but I love it. 

Slime and Punishment

There's good writing here. The combat scenes are well described, and boy is there a lot of combat. As an example from the latest chapter. 

"If he hadn’t moved out of the way in time, the shape of a pig’s ass would have been permanently embossed in his forehead."


It was at this moment I decided to favorite and review. After I was done laughing so hard my roommates complained.

Supervillainy and Other Poor Career Choices

I'm pretty sure some inspiration was taken from d-list supervillain, but it veered off the tracks right away. Very good so far!

I'm Gonna Be a Wizard When I Grow up Again!

It's fairly slow paced but there's a fair amount of timeskips to make up for it. The scale of this endeavour is staggering. 


It's definitely worth a look