1. Re: Do you prefer chapters to have titles, or just numbers?

      I personally care nothing for chapter titles, and ignore them when reading as they tend to be spoilers sometimes. I'd prefer to title my chapters '1' '2' etc. But it is said that people like chapters (...)

    2. Re: For All the Authors

      Not on this site, but I got some utterly incomprehensible ones on my fanfics. Obviously google translated, weird expectations and weirder phrasing.

    3. Re: Recommend me your story!

      If you like fantasy, feel free to check out mine. They're all different varieties of fantasy so it depends on what you want. :) Bloodshard is a sort of mystery, sort of progression, but a bit darker (...)

    4. Re: Adding a Glossary to your Story

      Having it as the last chapter makes people mad. I tried doing this with one story and it was a bad idea. Currently I have mine as not the first chapter, but near the beginning, and no one's complained (...)

    5. Re: Shortsightedness

      Writing can be the most depressing slog; writing can be the most magical epiphany, and writing is everything in between. I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing. :)

    6. Re: Offering reviews or ratings {free} for Action, Adventure or Fantasy Genres.

      ReIgnite, book 1: An Unwanted Dragon Magic school, dragons, upheaval, loss, rediscovery, friendship I love advanced reviews, but anything is better than nothing! :) As many as possible.  Pacing (...)

    7. Re: Reason for writing

      I love stories and want to make my own.  I read things and get annoyed by how no one writes about this or ignores the possibility of that, and so I do it myself. Sometimes I'll get a snippet of story (...)

    8. Re: How many books do you write simultaneously?

      I do best with multiple projects I can jump between - but not on a tight schedule. I think what works best for me is one project on a set schedule, then side projects I can work on when I don't feel like (...)

    9. Re: Revamp: I don't care how long your story is gimme gimme I will review it IN DEPTH

      Username: Asviloka Which Series: ReIgnite (An Unwanted Dragon) What You'd Like Help in Writing: pacing, and whether the characterization seems strong enough What You're Struggling With in Your (...)

    10. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews

      Ragna was renamed. You can find it here:

    11. Re: What's the biggest achievement in your writing history to date?

      Sticking with the same project for the year it took to complete it, and subsequently beginning the sequel on schedule without getting distracted by another new side project. Given my ~20-year history (...)

    12. Re: How do you all update so fast?

      Practice. Years and years of practice. And even then, I'm far from the fastest writer here. I may be able to manage a couple thousand words in a day, but that's only on specific, good days. Most years (...)

    13. Re: How to deal with negative comments/feedback on writing?

      Not everyone will be the target audience for your story. This is normal. There is no story in the world that will possibly appeal to everyone. If they have nothing constructive to say, ignore them. (...)

    14. Re: A (free review) deal. Capiche?

      I could always use honest reviews. :) Take your pick. Bloodshard is a complete fantasy mystery, Trickster's Luck is a massive ongoing low-stakes litrpg, and An Unwanted Dragon is a magic school story which (...)

    15. Re: What's a good way to get publicity?

      I'm relatively small fry, but I have found a measure of success I'd never have imagined two years ago when I started out, so for what it's worth this is my strategy: Write to a schedule, and don't disappear (...)

    16. Re: I shall be shameless.

      Might want to adjust your text colour. It's nigh impossible to read in dark mode.

    17. Re: What should be my expectations be

      My first story (over 300.000 words in length at this point) has 10 reviews after a year and a half. If you really want reviews, you have to go hunting them. Waiting for them to show up organically means (...)

    18. Re: Anyone want this cover? I don't have a story to go with it but if it fits yours you can have it.

      I love both images, but unfortunately, nothing I have fits either. Yep! That's my exact problem. T-T Waaay too many covers, no idea what to do with 'em. :)