1. Re: Read All Vines

      CHAOS VINES ONLINE I made this one! Other vines:   Cultivine VINAL FANTASY: The Vinal Countdown (...)

    2. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -194 Everything is vine. There is nothing to worry about.

    3. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -196 It's a beautiful new month! What's not to celebrate?

    4. Re: Choosing Royal Road over actual publishing

      Posting it publicly online means you are using your first publication rights. You can never sell first publication rights on something you've posted here, because any future publications would be a second (...)

    5. Re: What does it feel like inside your mind?

      do ya'll mean actual sentence narration instead of just self-impressions for narrating things like low self-esteem? For me, yes. Writing my thoughts is a perfect translation in most cases, since my (...)

    6. Re: I Need a Name for my MC!

      My first thoughts would be Cindy or Kathryn, for no particular reason. :peoconfused:  I tend more toward fantasy jumble names than modern ones myself. Good luck with your new project! I look forward (...)

    7. Re: Help! My story doesn't want to end! What do I do?

      At three chapters from the end, it's a bit late to decide to be a plotter. xD  I have tried outlining and I just can't write that way. I started a story, Spiritless, as an experiment in outlining. I (...)

    8. Re: What does it feel like inside your mind?

      I just think. It's kinda hard to explain.  I used to think I 'just think', but talking to other people about how they think has shown that not all thinking is just thinking, sometimes it's not the same (...)

    9. Re: My blurb has a "butt" problem.

      In my experience, curvaceous tends to apply to general overall appearance, not butt-specific. It is certainly not synonymous.

    10. Re: What does it feel like inside your mind?

      This is something I only recently have started thinking about, ever since I discovered I'm borderline aphantasic. I've started asking people I know what it's like to think, and to my surprise they're all (...)

    11. Re: Sour taste left in my mouth after a review swap

      I dislike the binary system. It's far too flat. I hate that netflix gives the same weight to a casual 'this was okay' and an 'I love this so much' now, the lack of stars really hurts my ability to convey (...)

    12. Re: A riddle

      Things get popular by having the right contacts, or by blind luck. That's about it.

    13. Re: Comment on Later Chapters

      I have a memory like a leaky sieve, so following any story week to week is an impossible prospect. I suspect I'm not the only one to read everything that's available, then go off and come back a year later (...)

    14. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -120   :peogentleman:

    15. Re: Sour taste left in my mouth after a review swap

      I had something similar happen, when I left a 3-star review with some 3.5 and some 2.5 elements, they gave a scathing and blatantly wrong 2-star review to my own and tried to force me to delete my review. (...)

    16. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -88 Mozzarella is awesome. Never had the other one.

    17. Re: Wing vs WriTE new challenge

      To confirm: This is still an active challenge - there are people that joined this challenge in 2018 that are updating me with their progress.  Wtf, wow. :peopanic: Sounds entirely reasonable. (...)

    18. Re: Wing vs WriTE new challenge

      Alright, I'm in. Why not? I am sorry to see this is ancient and mostly dead though. I was too late to join WriTE before it was disbanded, and I had initially hoped this was heralding its revival. T-T (...)

    19. Re: what is your "big brain" moument in writing?

      My big moments usually come when I figure out how to tie in plot threads from early on and make them awesome toward the end. A character said something offhandedly, then later on it became super important, (...)