1. Re: Is my novel too good and deep for people to appreciate? Bc I'm starting to think it's the case?

      well played. I think Control, Balanced, or Integral might work. I've also done Chaos and Law.

    2. Re: Dummest main characters in books you've read.

      wait till my autobiography drops

    3. Re: is there any possibility of a VRMMO story becoming atleast decently popular on RR?

      but what about a VRMMO story with actual stakes? Almost every VRMMO story has stakes. They're just usually not interesting ones. The very nature of it being in VR makes it so the vast majority of ways (...)

    4. Re: Six-word Story Challenge

      Stats go up, stats go up.

    5. Re: I can’t believe it!

      Wow, I love Alan Moore, no idea he wrote on RR

    6. Re: Which Monsters are Copyrighted?

      Here's some monsters you can have for free-- Borks. They're like orcs, but they have pug heads. Quarterlings. Tiny people made from, ironically, nickels. Yeeholders. Floating cowboy hats with (...)

    7. Re: This is torture

      I have a question Why? Like, the money isn't that good. It's nice-- but it's not great. Less than fifty authors are really making living wage here. So if you don't love it Why?

    8. Re: Question about Honoku?

      It's a site that automatically harvests info - called 'scraping' - from RoyalRoad and other sites. But it only links back to RoyalRoad, without attempting to keep the content and thus the readership on (...)

    9. Re: Definition Please

      An alpha reader gives 5 stars. A beta reader actually reads your work.

    10. Re: LGBT+ Fiction on RR

      I prefer not to dismiss them as homophobes, it's better just to think of them as 'not part of my target demographic'. A lot of people who you think of as 'phobic' or 'bigots' have a very real, deep-seated (...)

    11. Re: Delete or edit?

      you made IDB post seriously.  you monster.

    12. Re: Delete or edit?

      I dont understand why people on royal road dont write multiple drafts on google docs? Like write a draft on docs, word, scriviner..where ever and then once you've done that, reread it, get some beta (...)

    13. Re: Delete or edit?

      Delete. Your numbers aren't great and a second chance will likely get you more followers. I suggest finding a copyright free cover before you relaunch, as any cover at all will massively increase your (...)

    14. Re: Appealing to RR's readership biases? Anime/D&D/Personality Type/Political Bias/Webnovel/Gender/Country

      If you know anything about polls, you know three things A) polls usually don't work unless you spend ridiculous amounts of time excising the actual questions from bias B) polls usually don't work because (...)

    15. Re: RR Premium. Is it a good use of your money?

      Yes. It's very good for tracking growth and will give you a chapter-to-chapter understanding of your retention. It also supports the site.

    16. Re: How long does it take for a fiction for being at the trending page?

      I can tell you that your story is unlikely to trend. I will also say, you should continue writing it for as long as you find it enjoyable. If your only goal is to hit trending and become popular, the (...)

    17. Re: On The Subject of Ratings

      This rocks. It also reduces the presently massive weight given to outlier opinions. One .5 in a sea of 5s should not receive extra voting power precisely because very few people agree with it - that's (...)