Zachary Dugas

Zachary Dugas

Within The Soul: Supremacy

So. I would like to start this review by saying I don't like cultivation novels, but even I was drawn in by the world building and excellent characters that show a lot of three dimensional characterization. The TLDR is read this one it is really good. Now onto the more in-depth review...


Style:  5 out of 5, very good, the writing has just enough flair to keep me interested, personally I like more descriptions but I understand that I am in the minority their lol, all in all a good balance of detail and fast paced description, quite good.

Story: 5 out of 5, it really is quite good, I can't say I have read many books of this genre, but I highly doubt many of them have a futuristic physicist as the main character, and I find it refreshing to have a mc who actually thinks instead of simply flexing their Mc muscles.

Grammar: 4 out of 5 this is the biggest downside of the book so far, the first few chapters are a little rough but as the book goes on they get much better, I think the author is doing a wonderful job especially when English is not his first language, keep up the good work.

Characters: and now we get to the highlight of the story, the characters. Each and everyone is fleshed out to an amazing degree, honestly I find it amazing that this is a debut novel, I am subscribed so keep it coming lol I will be reading it!

After Megiddo

Space opera at its finest.

 First of all I need to correct some of the previous reviewer‘s opinions on what genre this novel is. This novel is not sci-fi this novel is instead a space opera. A space opera is a sub genre of sci-fi novels that instead of just having technology and futuristic world’s and designs focuses more on the epic large-scale story of entire universes and or civilizations.

Wikipedia says this about space operas:

Space opera is a subgenre of science fictionthat emphasizes space warfare, melodramaticadventure, interplanetary battles, chivalric romance, and risk-taking. Set mainly or entirely in outer space, it usually involves conflict between opponents possessing advanced abilities, futuristic weapons, and other sophisticated technology.


And that is exactly what this novel is a space opera. And it is fucking glorious.  What we have here is nothing short of Orson Scott card level world building we’re talking Hubbard style sci-fi novel stuff here. The main character is thrust into the world With little to no understanding and we are along for the ride and what a ride it is.  Like most sci-fi novels that were born in the era of golden sci-fi the 1930s through the 1970s this novel has a lot of biblical references as well as a deep scientific understanding which is crucial in sci-fi and has been for the large part forgotten in modern writings of the genre. Science-fiction was originally intended to be futuristic but at the same time grounded not like Star Wars Which is actually fantasy and if you don’t agree you can fight me. 

The only real issue I had with it in the 15 chapters I read this far what is that in the beginning the main character Gideon was a little bit of a Twatt. Though this is understandable due to situations I just didn’t care for it too much. Thankfully by the time I got around to reading this a lot of the chapters had been rewritten or reworked and I can’t help but feel that it helped this novel immensely. It is nice then I got to read the more smoothly polished version of this novel but I have a feeling that even if I had read the chapters before they were edited I still would’ve love the hell out of it.


 Oh no I must say that it is amazing to see a real proper novel on Royal Road instead of the standard offering that we get. On top of that it is amazing to me that we can revisit such a great genre in such a way on this site everyone and I mean absolutely everyone needs to read this even if you don’t care for space opera’s or sci-fi novels you should read this solely for the world building and character growth which is some of the best on the site. 

I will be favoring and reading this as well as the other novel that you’ve started posting can’t wait to see what happens and thank you for such a novel as this.


Post Human

 Sadly it seems my Internet cut out as I was attempting to post my original review as such and this one is unfortunately shorter than I originally wanted. Sorry about that LOL.

As I was saying before the Internet so rudely interrupted, this is, of your two novels that you have posted,my favorite.

This seems to fit your style much more as the emotionless or if not emotionless than the less than an emotional way you write dialogue. It fits the character very well and allows you to show how he is traumatized while also being somewhat mechanical.

I love how his memories interrupt the flow of the chapters in the best sort of way showing us the reader how disjointed and fragmented he really is.


Honestly this novel reminds me a little of infinity by  Jeremy Robinson in the fact that you don’t know how sane the MC actually is, which allows for a sort of unreliable narration. 


I love it


I will be following this novel so keep up the good work and I hope to read a lot more!

Fury: Chronicles of the Titanomachy

OK so I just have to say that this is an excellent start to a trapped in another world style story. Or if not trapped then simply transported to another world story. This however is not one of those anime style stories with a goofy plot or MC that doesn’t seem to understand anything.  No one was ran over by a truck or a bus or some other large vehicle while they were pushing some innocent girl out of the way this is thankfully a much much better way of sending characters from our world into another. Instead of all the crap we have cultists and who doesn’t like fanatical cults?  The answer to that question is Karson and Ax. I assume they don’t really care for them after all their adoptive father was kind of tortured by one of those a holes,  which leads them to falling in a magical well that sends them into a very different place and time .


This is all handled very very well with lots of descriptions without it being too much fluff. My personal writing style tends to be a little more info dumpy however I enjoy and find there is something quite nice about the less fluffy filled story writing presented here. It allows the story to have a great sense of pace and progression.


It’s also nice to see it be two brothers sent to a different world and not an entire class from some for Garden high school of boredom or just a single character less MC designed only for self insertion.I was this is only the start I have yet to get a good feel for how the characters are in their true personality is however what is on offer is quite good and I wholeheartedly recommend reading this I personally will be following and waiting to see what happens next.


 The only real downside I see as of yet is some of the dialogue feels a little emotionless at times I think this could be fixed by simply adding more expression to how the characters are saying something like describing the way they look when they say it but that isn’t a terrible thing and it doesn’t detract from the story that much.


Keep up the good work I will be continuing to read this as you post more chapters!

The Death God's Daily Troubles

TLDR: this novel is a slice of life novel set in a fantasy world that focuses on the mc's struggles which are quite mundane in comparison to most Fantasy world MC's and that is what makes this fun!  would recommend reading.


Style:  this one is easy seeing as this novel oozes style, from the first person writing to the fact that most of the things the MC sees are characterized almost like they are by a little kid or someone who really sees the best of whatever is directed at him.  This is a prime example of an unreliable narrator and that is what makes it cool, that is what makes it good as it adds comedic value to well everything.

Grammar: it is excellent, once in a while there is a word or two but it is rare enough that it doesn't bother me at all.

Story:  I really like how relaxing this novel is, I feel like I can sit down and relax while I read this novel, and honestly that is a welcome change to what I normally read.  AKA it is good.

Character: I haven't read alot of novels where the mc is a god without really having god like abilities aside from the ridiculous strength of his body, but I really like the characters in this novel so far.


I  really like this one, keep up the good work! I will be following!


Oh wow, so I got into reading this due to doing a review swap but I must say here and now that I really like this book and will be sticking around to read more, so please, feed my addiction, will you?


Overall: Quite excellent I must say, there are a few things I will say i didn't care for but they pale in comparison to the world setting and story as well as some sublime world building and the like.  I'll address this all in the categories as they become relevant. 


Style: its quite good, I was never one to like lots of fluff, I mean yeah sure its good at helping people visualize but it always seems to me that people always put to much fluff in it and it is hard to get at the meat and potatoes of the thing, well I am happy to say that is not the case here, here you get the meat, and the potatoes and even some asparagus that had been pan seared in butter and salt(I might be a little hungry atm lol) what I am trying to say is it is good, simple and wholesome letting you know what is going on without obscuring it with any unnecessary fluff.


Grammar: real good, I must say and by far one of the better on this site, so bravo!


Story: I love the concept of magic through science, it is such a rather backward way of looking at it that it is just genius, really.  The saying is everything sufficiently advanced would seem to be magic to those who don't understand(I probably butchered that one) and I just love the concept that magic this illogical sort of unscientific way of living is well from something like science.  Also, the world is quite believable, with all the realistic sort of haves and have nots and it is great.

Characters:  good, well I should say all the supporting cast is amazing and the Main Character is good.  I just don't care for Gin as much as I do for the supporting cast, which is not to insult the MC but rather to complement what George has done with the supporting cast.  And as for not caring for the MC I still love him just not as much as say jack.  Gin comes across as a little more of a flat character, easy to slip into and experience the story from his perspective, which s not a bad thing, he just isnt my shoe size...


All in All amazing, so thanks for giving me a new fic to follow, I really am looking forward to reading more!

A Boy's Wish

I am quite drawn in by this world...

style: so this book has a good deal of it, it’s uniquely written and I honestly didn’t care for it at first but it has grown on me.

story: this book takes a well documented idea and treads its own path, the op mc and other traits you would expect are there but shifted enough to be orriginal

grammar: excellent, not much more to say...

character:this is where the book shines, Elorie  is a great character who never feels to old for his age, and I love it, can’t wait to see how he matures and grows as a character

keep up the good work!

The Long Night

Slow burn in the best of ways

wow, I am not typically a person who likes darker novels like this but holy hell this was awesome. I can’t wait for more...

style: this novel just oozes style, very discriptive wording and imagery that really brings you into the world like you are a part of it.

story: as other readers have said it is rather dark and mysterious I don’t want to spoil what little of the plot I have come to know if someone reads this review so I’ll just say I am invested.

character:besides a few moments where the characters seem to speak to quickly they are great and are really grounded.

grammar:excellent especially for royalroad.


all in all this was awesome I will be following to see where this goes keep up the good work!


So I am going to go over this in detail according to the categories of the advanced rating system.

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars.

It's hard to judge based on only two chapters so I won't give this a five I need to see more to do that, however I do like the idea and the writing so far so I am goo g to give the benefit of the doubt.

Style: 4.5 out of 5

The style is very much like a YA novel and that is not a bad thing considering one of my favorite series of books is YA, the story focuses around a group of super powered teens and it would be weird if it didn't feel like the style of writing fit that.

Story: 4 out of 5

As I said above there is not enough to go on atm but I like the idea so yeah.

Grammar 3.5 out of 5

So this might sound bad but honestly I was bugged to tears by the dialogue grammar.  Every single quote needs a piece of pinctuation you seem to skip the ones that are not questions or exclamations. It is an easy fix you just have to add a comma for example: 

”I hate grammar, ” Ben said. 

”Trust me, everyone hates grammar, ” Michelle responded back twirling her long black hair around her pencil.

So just add those commas and I will be a happy man. Lol


Character: 4 out of 5 

Only two chapters in so it's hard to judge yet, but we will see.


Over all I like the idea just fix the dialogue grammar and keep writing ill be watching and reading and will update this when there is more to read.

Moon Shaped Dreams

So to be upfront I am doing this for a review swap, and now that I have gotten that out of the way I am going to be going into the review proper.  Now I will be reviewing this based on the RR advanced review categories to keep it all orderly and hopefully constructive for you.  


First, up will be my Style score.

Style: 5 out of 5:  Dear god this book oozes style, every chapter has an almost surreal quality to it, like it is some sort of lucid dream that may or may not morph into a nightmare at any point in time  and I must say I love it, everything is described with this floating style that seems descriptive but also not? idk its hard to describe you just have to read it for yourself.

Grammar: 5 out of 5: its good, especially for RR what more is there to say?

Story: 4.5 out of 5: I have no idea what is going on, we don't have all the answers to what is happening to Henry and that is fine, in fact, I think it adds to the appeal we don't know how he got there, why he is there and it is great, I hope the author keeps feeding us small tidbits but never quite tells us.  the pace is slower but this is fine imo as it establishes the world almost as a character and allows us to feel the same way Henry does.


Character: 4 out of 5: We dont know much about Henry, simply how he reacts to the situation he is thrown in, and in that he is a believable character, seeing as his actions are rational and thought out when they need to be and more of a reaction to instinct at other times it makes him feel real and alive, good job!


All in all, I like this novel and will be following it to see how things progress, keep up the good work