Zachary Dugas

Zachary Dugas

    1. Re: First novel would love feedback!

      In reply to your world containing prejudice-- that's fine to do for social commentary. I totally get that. But, you're writing for readers in this world, not yours. If a character described her as "chocolate (...)

    2. Re: First novel would love feedback!

      I appreciate the world building, Zachary, and the cover is lovely :) Scaerling reminds me of something I had read before, I just do not remember what & the pistols in fantasy is my kind of speed :) (...)

    3. Re: First novel would love feedback!

      Some things I noticed in ch1:  - You infodump a bit in your first chapter. That's a tendency most writers have at first, but it takes the speed out of your story. Your MC hears horsemen, is obviously (...)

    4. Re: Feedback on my cover

      Your cover looks good! I like that you went with such a simple colour scheme, it keeps it all together. The large amount of black at the bottom makes it look a bit odd to me, you could have zoomed in (...)

    5. Re: Feedback on my cover

      I would decrease the kearning between the 'T' and the 'h' in the word 'The' from the sentence Book One of the Song of Heilheim.  Other than that it looks fine. Hmm, now that you say that I can’t unsee (...)

    6. Re: First novel would love feedback!

      First impressions- you paint a vivid picture and I enjoy the construction of your prose. Unfortunately, did not get very far into the first chapter because I had to pause and respond to this immediately (...)

    7. Re: Feedback on my cover

      Hey everyone just wanted some feedback on my novel cover(this is my first novel and I am super excited about it lol) Here is the cover: And here is the novel if you (...)

    8. Re: First novel would love feedback!

      Hello everyone I am just starting to post my first novel and was wondering if anyone would like to give me feedback.  It is a Flintlock Fantasy novel which mixes muskets and magic, there is a unique magic (...)