Cloudless Night

Cloudless Night


Okay, to start, let me summarise what I feel about this.

This story, is a wonderful piece of ART!

This beautiful story, is about a bunch of humans who got teleported into another world, called ‘Anfealt’. We are brought to understand these 'worldwalkers' and the ripples they cause in this 'fantasy' world filled with magic and wonder.

We are shown the perspectives of both the ‘worldwalkers’ themselves as well as that of the natives, and we can understand the story from both sides of the tale. Before anyone says that it’s just another fish in the sea that is the ‘Portal Fantasy’ Genre. I can FIRMLY, assure you that this Novel will be different from anything you have ever read. In fact, I feel like the author is hell bent on twisting every stereotype in the field he could get his hands on just for the heck of it.


  • Style:

What do I say, we are presented with top quality imagery, an immersive narrative, perfect transition, smooth flow of events and a good pace. What more do you need?


  • Story:

When we first read about Morgan, who was brought into this world with nothing but her birthday suit, a bathtub and a scrubby, many expectations will cross your mind, which may or may not bait you into reading it. First things first, this is NOT a porno, nor is it a slice of life. The latter... perhaps. You don't decide when you get summoned into another world, like who even prepares for that? ( Unless you’re a professional, summonable hero for hire. I remember there being one like that, but consider the MC being a more of a… NORMAL person ).

So we are faced with the reality where Morgan has to adjust to the circumstances she finds herself in and she succeeds in taking advantage of them, things are as simple as that.

We are thrown into a world with a deep, immersive lore, with the appropriate flora and fauna,  creative monsters, interesting locations with even more interesting ‘focuses’ to remember them by. Let’s just say that the world building is absolutely phenomenal and complete. We get a fully functional Magical and statistical system which I find absolutely ZERO flaws in, and it is being even more completely developed as the story continues. Then we have the class selections- and oh boy, don’t get me started on those, I’ll just say that this Novel has the best class selection I’ve ever seen inside written literature ( My personal opinion which will probably hold true for many of you readers as well ).

The transition from one scene to the other is flawless and smooth, the story is painted a complete image using the perspectives of various people and we aren’t bothered by any of these ‘changes’. I conclude that, along with the consistency of the above mentioned factors as well as the style in which it is presented, The Story progresses with an unstoppable momentum.


  • Grammar:

Professionally written, proofread, and constantly kept up to date. The quality even seems to improve as the story progresses, which is strange because I never saw any mistakes in the first place. I’m confident to say that I'm  not one to give a lecture on grammar though. 


  • Characters:

We see through the eyes of various characters, both ‘Earthlings’ as well as the natives. Each and every character is relatable, and acts in a logical way, even if they are illogical by nature. The characters act as they SHOULD. Madmen are madmen, oracles are oracles, humans… act like humans.

Each character is clearly defined and we can understand their perspective, their view of the world, and we can tell them apart from their very behaviour and their own distinct personality. Each character we are introduced with leaves a deep impression in our minds and we are able to pick them apart under any circumstances.  



In conclusion, I say that this is one of the very best of it's kind, no matter where you search for.

Truly, a golden read.








The No Names: Calforn Chronicles (Reborn)

 It's the first time I've read any of Falbelo's works, and I quite enjoyed it, going ahead to read some more.

The Wandering Inn

So good it inspired me to write once more

It was Literally one of the best works I've read, and i absolutely adore it. It was a bit slow paced at first, when it gets a flow going, it gets to a new level pretty fast. 

The writing style and characters, and world building are absolutely glorious! I binge read the entire thing till I managed to catch up.

Something just sorta clicked in me after that and I started to write., something I've put away for nearly an entire year.