Eyes of Eunos - a Kammi Kettu story

There's something about this story and the writing that is really good at painting and maintaining that mind picture you get when you're reading. It elicits such a vivid picture in my mind. Great great story by an awesome person! Thank you so much for writing this!

A Mouse in the Circuitry - A Kammi Kettu Story

I love the cute lil mouse and her growing family of misfits. She is totally starting a commune of abused people. Keep on rockin' lil mouse girl.

Katie's writing is always great, from superhero school to this one. I can feel the emotion in her words. She also takes my lore policing very well hehe. Keep going Katie you rock!

Tempest - A Kammi Kettu Story

So far the story is really well written and I've been enjoying the hell out of it. Love the already aware trans protagonist! Can't wait for more and I'll update this review with more thoughts as it goes!

Songbird - a Kammi Kettu story

So, I've been enjoying this story from the perspective of someone who created the world it's written in, with the help of the lovely author of this story. So there is a bias here. That being said, I have always admired the way her writing is carefully crafted and constructed with thought, a pretty intense juxtaposition with my own writing, which is throw haphazardly at the page.

The story tends to cut out all the miscellaneous crap that bulks up a normal tale, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. This part is really a matter of style and reader's preference if I'm totally honest. So my personal opinion on the matter is that usually I highly enjoy a bunch of fluff that helps flesh out the story, but somehow I find myself with enough information to fill in the blanks here without there being a need for the extraneous crap.

Now, as far as the characters go, I love them, even the one that was created to poke fun at me >:O. Kelly is my creation, but she's been given a lot more character in this story. Robin is a treasure and deserved to be let out of her cage to fly happy and free.

What's grammar? I have no idea.

EDIT: Gosh, it's been a while since I made this review. Things have gone from great to plain awesome. Her writing has just skyrocketed in quality even above the level she was writing at when she started. Ashlyn is constantly coming to me with wild and intriguing new ideas for our intertwined stories and it's showing in how much more interesting things have become.

At this point, the Kammiverse is just as much her brain child as my own, with the differences between our ways of thinking dancing and merging together. Almost every aspect of the greater story becoming something far better than it ever could have been had we been working on our own.

So yeah, the story she's writing rocks, her characters rock and fuck am I impressed with how much fun the story is, and how much fun she is to write with.

<3 you're amazing Ashlyn, keep on going!

The Will of Bastet -  A Kammi Kettu Story

 I really enjoy this story, thank you so much for messaging me asking to write in my universe!!


I love the MC, I love the nyaness. Your writing is great, and a nice surprise after that shockingly formatted email you sent me at the start ;)


Definitely linking people here from my own story!

A Wolf In Penrith - A Kammi Kettu Story

Honestly, I think from a narrative perspective this story is better than Kammi Kettu. The premise behind it is just so damn interested, and I can't wait for all the youtuber shenanigans to kick in.

The main character is so fun, and I really enjoy being in her head as she navigates my wild world.

Keep it up derby! <3

Starting Superhero School with my true identity instead of keeping it secret is proving to be a hassle

Cute story about a girl trying to overcome the establishment's gatekeeping.

I love the way it parodies MHA. Love that show xD

Hoping for a magical transformation for lil bean, but I don't think that's the theme of this story.


Eager for more :)

Portal Problems

Portal problems is one of those storys you go to for good feels and affirmation. Reading it is honestly such a balm when I'm feeling anxious or upset. Hell even the villain is cute.

The writing is great, and very occasionally you'll see a little frenchism slip in, which is absolutely adorable.

The characters act in a believable way to everything that happens and the protag is a cute lil button with social issues. I resonate pretty hard with her to be honest.

If I had to come up with a gripe, it would be a subjective one. There isn't enough of it! I mean that both in the,"Write more please" sense, and the "I wish the cure scenes lasted longer" way.


Thank you so much for writing this story. It’s a treasure.