1. Re: Guideline for Donation Button by author

      As any kind of profit with fanfictions is a breach of copyright laws. That is not correct. ANY fanfiction is a breach of copyright and/or trademark laws. However I have to admit that trying to (...)

    2. Re: How to best write discussions with a lot of participants?

      OK, Let's assume you are in a part of a story where you have to write a discussion that has a lot of people contributing - something like a guild planning meeting with twenty adventurers or so. What (...)

    3. Re: Anybody used Fiverr?

      I haven't used it myself, but read mixed reviews of it on other sites. The problem seems to be that they don't make an effort to remove the bad apples, and as a result it depends on the specific artist/worker (...)

    4. Re: What is a really good story with a villainous/anti hero mc? Ignore the synopsis - it has nothing to do with the main story or the main character (which is a monster/villain, not the hero/adventurer (...)

    5. Re: The Complete Tag

      For example I have tagged my book with 'cyberpunk', I had assumed that this would mean when using the site search function and typing in 'cyberpunk' my work would show up at least somewhere there, but (...)

    6. Re: A dungeon core that is not a person in a box?

    7. Re: Story Deletion Due To (X)

      Personally I think that it's somewhat inconsistent that they allow written pornography but forbid even non-pornographic nude pictures, but as said above the owners of any website can set any rules on what (...)

    8. Re: How frequent should I upload my chapters?

      Is it damaging to go into hiatus every now and then just to keep up? Apologies for hijacking the thread, this question has been in my mind since I first published my stories. depends on the length (...)

    9. Re: This is important

      It is extremely unlikely that those 0.5 on amazon came from people who read it here. It won't give those people anything back, and as seen it would be extremely unlikely for the author to continue posting (...)

    10. Re: World Creation

      as said above, a story is more than a concept or an idea - it needs reason and opposition as well. unfortunately we can't do more than make suggestion on what to use as that opposition as you didn't (...)

    11. Re: Is it okay to start your novel with something "adult" to establish who you want your readerbase to be?

      I think that you should approach it from a different direction: First, you need to define for yourself how much of each content is supposed to be in your story - as a percentage of pages describing (...)

    12. Re: How to use new suggestions page

      enter something into the search bar, if that does not exist the search bar turns into an entry bar.

    13. Re: Fix Bookmarks Plz

      that suggestion has already been made on the new suggestion section available through the help menu. this forum section is no longer active

    14. Re: Help for my "System coming to world" novel

      and unhelpful because that's not what I really asked for. He was completely helpfull - you're just missing the background info on why his answers should have helped you. You are not the first person (...)

    15. Re: Starting my fist story, need help

      Please don't take it badly, but that you need to ask the first and third question does not inspire confidence in that story. Basically, it's your story and you need to know where that story is supposed (...)

    16. Re: Email subscription update help

      you should all report it as a problem under help-suggestions or as a support ticket, you won't get more than randim help in such a random forum post.

    17. Re: Is it beyond help? Should I delete my work?

      That aside, truth is I can't stand seeing my work as less than good. I would rather not create than creating something bad. I have scraped so many concepts, plots, stories, scenes, or anything. I will (...)

    18. Re: Is it beyond help? Should I delete my work?

      A is average, B is good, C is close to death, D is death. This means that your country/culture has a very screwed outlook on ratings. Does that mean that you will never work in a company if you can't (...)

    19. Re: Is it beyond help? Should I delete my work?

      I got another 2.5 ranking, again no feedback or any indication what I did wrong. and why does the 2.5 bother you? 2.5 means "average", no one called your story bad. If you had gotten a 0.5, that would (...)

    20. Re: Non-Millennial LitRPG MCs

      @tkioz you can try my story "The General Core", the MC was an age-retired general before dying and being reincarnated into a dungeon core.