1. Re: Fantasy World Mapping Software

      currently in humble bundle: for eighteen days from now

    2. Re: Need help with coming up with male antagonist name just pick one and roll until you get an answer that you like.

    3. Re: Dungeon core story in space

      yes, but don't bother searching anymore, it was completely deleted. Even my review of it vanished. I can't say for sure why it was deleted, but most likely it was done by the author because of the feedback (...)

    4. Re: How often should I post new chapters?

      Everyone here basically expects new stories to have a buffer, and that some of that buffer is used for additional releases until used up. So no one will be surprised if you publish dayly the first two (...)

    5. Re: What would be the most effective way to manipulate an author into writing you a self-insert?

      I have no plans to do this or anything similar. This is all highly speculative despite the level of detail. Anyways, I'm curious what parts you think would attract bans or annoy a specific author. (...)

    6. Re: Max dimensions for cover

      There is a problem with what you want, and that is resizing. Resizing will always reduce quality of a picture, there is almost no way around this. And this goes especially for shrinking, which is what (...)

    7. Re: Question

      So what can a single fanfiction writer do? Sure he can fight it using the "fair Use" act No, 99% of all fanfiction never meet the requirements of "fair use". A fanfiction is always and at all (...)

    8. Re: How do you track your Plotting?

      there are many solutions from paper scraps to expensive software suites. Most of the time I use simple text files to keep track of the story lines and that is enough for me. If you want it really (...)

    9. Re: Quoting going dark...

      I already posted this as a problem on the support site the only solution is to turn the theme to "dark" at the bottom, then it becomes readable if quoting. and returning to the light theme after posting.

    10. Re: If you block someone, can they still review your book?

      of course he can still post a review - otherwise it would destroy the review system (which is already unbalanced and would become useless if an author could block reviews. blocking comments is to prevent (...)

    11. Re: Why Crosspost?

      wider audience and storing the data in case on of the websites goes down or out of business

    12. Re: Xianxia: What do you dislike about it?

      I haven't read the entire discussion after it was dug out of the years-old posts, but I think most of what I read can be summed up in one sentence: "I read robbery stories but I hate that there are (...)

    13. Re: Does anyone read Grimdark fantasy here?

      I don't think that is the reason. I haven't read your story myselve but I can already tell you several reasons why you haven't gotten much reviews or followers. The biggest reason is that your story (...)

    14. Re: Moral & Ethical Alignment (Useful For LitRPG Writers!)

      Andar: Let me just say, I adore your system! Sorry for the wordiness and length, but I hope this helps. I'd love to see your scale as it develops! Thanks for the praise. I read your answer, but (...)

    15. Re: Question: Why are the arts important to society?

      A lot of people will probably answer this with a lot of philosophical opinions, but there is also a biological reason for this. A human brain is still the quickest at processing visual information. (...)

    16. Re: How much attention should I pay to this commenter?

      One such commenter doesn't matter - you can't please everyone and there will always be people who are against you and downvote you. That is even factored in into the rating on RR where the formula ignores (...)

    17. Re: Looking for a Hard/Realistic Isekai

      It is not yet ready for publication, but I'm working on a story that would probably fill most of your criteria. It'll be GameLit, not LitRPG so there won't be many tables scattered in the text. But (...)

    18. Re: Writing a crossover fanfiction from different fiction franchises?

      2) fanfiction is almost always a breach of copyright. So you can be asked to take it down, and the chance of being asked such gets higher the more popular your fanfiction becomes - which is why some fictions (...)

    19. Re: Moral & Ethical Alignment (Useful For LitRPG Writers!)

      Great lists - and something I worked on myself, because on one side I really dislike the D&D representation of alignment and on the other side everyone who wants to describe characters to others without (...)

    20. Re: Looking for an Author's fanfiction

       (here is one link that discusses this specifically, and here is another) even in your first link the author is very careful to include a reference to what I'm talking about as a possibility. (...)