1. Re: Do bad ideas for a story exist?

      well, let's look at the question from a different viewpoint. There are some type of ideas and stories that require a lot more skill to pull off than other stories. For example if you want to write (...)

    2. Re: Dungeon core stuff (ongoing)

      My main dungeon core story is currently on hold, but I'm planning to continue as soon as I complete the floorplan for an especially tricky chapter. Might still take a month or two unfortunately. The beginning (...)

    3. Re: How big of a role does luck play in your novel being noticed?

      I can tell you how I check for books - others probably have a similar technique that only differs in details. Basically once in a week (sometimes less) I check the new and popular front site. If I detect (...)

    4. Re: I need a name for a rarity/probability rank

      Avoiding gamer terminology is one of the reasons I'd say avoid Ultra Rare. I'd use Exceedingly Rare or something similar to avoid the implications. That's a point, although I don't know if I can (...)

    5. Re: Novel approval

      they are only people at RR, they probably need to sleep and eat sometime ;-) But if your username indicates that your first novel is a fanfiction - I can easily guess that this will require them some (...)

    6. Re: I need a name for a rarity/probability rank

      colors might be an alternative, but those would be completely independent of any value, even numeric value. I still think the current system is better than switching to colors, especially since some of (...)

    7. Re: I need a name for a rarity/probability rank

      Oops sorry didn't read all the available replies when I started typing my suggestions. and then you missed my answer to your post above as well. All of these are good ideas that would fit a typical (...)

    8. Re: I need a name for a rarity/probability rank

      How would you use this probability rank? Is this for item rarity, skills, person, or monster? I asked because knowing the context may help us coming up with a custom rarity levels. Here are some examples: (...)

    9. Re: I need a name for a rarity/probability rank

      Is it important that you have exactly 10 rarity ranks? Otherwise, 'very infrequent' looks a bit strange to me. I Can't put my finger on why though.  No, I could go eleven or twelve - but less would (...)

    10. Re: I need a name for a rarity/probability rank

      No, historical would still imply a reference. I removed the "generic" and changed the other two options I didn't like with some of the suggestions above and are now at a list that I'm comfortable with: (...)

    11. Re: Does this look like a phishing (or related) scam to y'all?

      there is fishing, and there is aggressive advertising. I like neither, but the difference is that you get nothing from the fisher but something from people with aggressive advertisements. The difference (...)

    12. Re: I need a name for a rarity/probability rank

      Thanks for the suggestions Hmm... Maybe 'Scarce' or 'Sparse'? But I'm not sure if that sounds rarer than 'Rare' already.  And perhaps 'Mythical' instead of 'Legendary' if you want to replace that (...)

    13. Re: The image uploading on this site is messed up, for me at least. Does anyone else also have this problem?

      I also suggest using an external program to get the picture to exactly 400x600 - it's not only a problem with cropping, but the algorithm for resizing larger pictures also gets unwanted blurs into it. (...)

    14. Re: I need a name for a rarity/probability rank

      Hello, currently I have the following probability-based ranks: Generic Very Common Common Uncommon Somewhat rare / partially rare Rare Very Rare Ultra Rare Legendary Unique As you can guess (...)

    15. Re: Tables

      @proxy's saga: a table like you find them in a book or dokumentary with columns and rows for explaining data. and the same structure is usually used to display status screens and similiar things in RPG-Stories (...)

    16. Re: Fantasy World Mapping Software

      currently in humble bundle: for eighteen days from now

    17. Re: Need help with coming up with male antagonist name just pick one and roll until you get an answer that you like.

    18. Re: Dungeon core story in space

      yes, but don't bother searching anymore, it was completely deleted. Even my review of it vanished. I can't say for sure why it was deleted, but most likely it was done by the author because of the feedback (...)

    19. Re: How often should I post new chapters?

      Everyone here basically expects new stories to have a buffer, and that some of that buffer is used for additional releases until used up. So no one will be surprised if you publish dayly the first two (...)

    20. Re: What would be the most effective way to manipulate an author into writing you a self-insert?

      I have no plans to do this or anything similar. This is all highly speculative despite the level of detail. Anyways, I'm curious what parts you think would attract bans or annoy a specific author. (...)