Silver tail

Silver tail

Salvos [A Monster Evolution LitRPG]

I really like this book for it's characters and it only gets better! <3

The premise is simple but the writing makes it feel far more alive than a lot of books manage. Grammer and all that technical stuff is great which helps with the flow greatly. Can't wait for more

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

Fantastic book that doesn't rely on system

This is a great book and it's ranking shows that. It's wonderfully written with human characters and a living breathing world which really helps being out the MC.

This is a system book however it doesn't rely on it to breed story. Yes it is used to make the MC good and class ups as ways to shift the story's growth however it does a good job of not having to rely on it to feed new plot or to make it purely the only reason the MC keeps going. Like your not sitting waiting going "do this for a better class up" more "this class up will make the story more interesting for they can do more but isn't a unlikable plot armour god".

Grammer is okay. Some issue here or there but by the time I read it theirs only the odd few. Often a spelling mistake but I'm sure I've got a few too so not really my place to say 😅

I do wish the writer end but was a bit shorter as having to spend 5 extra second to scroll past the same image doesn't seem like a lot but in the middle of a good scene it can really kill it lol.

Chapter upload speed is speedy which is nice and yet I've not felt like any of the chapters were super rushed or forced so as to keep up with demands of the reader.

Anyways, give it a go. I hope for lots more <3

The Perfect Run

A super fun loop story. Not super op but definitely op main it's not really the fights I like even if they're good.

I come for the mad MC and still feels human in a world that feel crazy but natural. I can't wait for more!!

The chapter length is good and other characters easy to remember even with loopy woopy time stuff so ya!

The Star and the Darkness

while there are only 4 chapters the sizes more than make up for it (they're huge for a new book). I can't wait to see more. i will add more when more is uploaded.

Age of Victoria

Different from what I'm use too but so far I'm enjoying it. Its tone is fresh while also letting the character be realistic.

The main charter is not op but uses a creative use of what is around her which is nice to see.

Chronicles of Ionathan Spellweaver [pending rewrite]

This is like my dnd fix. I love how everyone in the book is presented to be people with aims and even the main hero act like a person how I feel we can all comnect to.

The magic and world all feel very well set up. It simple and not weighed down by plot holes or with too meny events happing at the same time

Give it a go and give it some feedback.