Silver tail

Silver tail

Steamforged Sorcery [A Steampunk LitRPG]

Steamforged Sorcery [A (...)
by Actus
190 pages

This is a fantasy story in a steampunk setting, not a sci-fi.

The Great War ravaged the face of the earth many years ago. In the years that passed, the world rebuilt, mixing machinery and magic to form something new. Great blimps took to the sky, belching steam and smoke as metal cities sprouted like weeds below.

Angel, a talented mage, scours the desert endlessly in search of lost knowledge. When it unexpectedly falls into his hands, he quickly come to realize that the world is far larger – and far more deadly – than he ever could have predicted. But no amount of danger is going to keep Angel from seeking out greater strength and traveling the world, claiming all the greatest treasure that it has to offer.

To most, the desert is a dangerous threat to be feared. To Angel, it’s a land of opportunity, waiting to be exploited.

Steamforged Sorcery is, as the title suggests, a LitRPG Steampunk story with heavy focus on magic and scenery. The main character starts out relatively strong (but far from overpowered) but will eventually grow in strength to incredible levels. It is moderately paced and does not progress at ridiculous speeds. 

Release Schedule: [Undetermined, currently 2,000 words per day, every day]

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Bronze Sun: The Red Smith (LitRPG + Crafting)

Bronze Sun: The Red Smith (...)
by Michael D. Kang
352 pages

Adrian had never started a fight in his life, but then his best friend stole his girlfriend. He knew it would be trouble when he tried to get her back, but he didn’t expect it would get him killed. 

He woke up in a bronze-age world full of magic, with a blacksmith’s hammer in one hand, and a pickaxe in the other.  

The higher-dimensional beings that sent him here have told him to break the world of Antium. It’s forbidden for anyone outside of the guilds to learn magic, so what better way to break everything than to use forbidden Red Magic to craft armor and weapons more powerful than Antium has ever seen?

But before he can even craft his first piece of armor, he’ll have to fight his way out of the infested forest with nothing but a rusty sword and his smithing tools.

He’s one of many that has been sent in to shake things up and breathe new life into a dying world. If the others are sent to shatter the world, then Adrian will be the one to build it back up to something glorious, even if he has to do it one bronze ingot at a time.


New Chapters are released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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The Traveling Dungeon

The Traveling Dungeon
by alstonsleet
88 pages

Dale had finally started to get a hold of his existence as a dungeon core. His dungeon was working, the challenges were popular, he had a large swath of texts on magic to work through, and his core was as protected as he could reasonably make it. Everything should have been perfect. Then he reached a tad too far, grabbed ahold of a new skill for the manipulation of Essence and so began his ascension to godhood! Which was a nice way of saying his soul was sucked through space, torn and shredded, and shoved into a conceptual body.

ie, he appeared in the Hall of the Gods suddenly. Without clothing.

This would have been simply an amusing anecdote if he wasn't then instantly yanked out of the Hall of the Gods by a person who appeared to be cos-playing a cross between a plumber and accountant. Oh, and he had a grip like iron and could freeze the other gods at will. A small detail, but a concerning one.

Now Dale is forced to deal with being a God, a Dungeon Core, and act as the lynchpin in a divine universe jailbreak attempt.

Oh, and of course, the Gods still have all the drama that you would expect. Naturally.

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Vigor Mortis

Vigor Mortis
by Thundamoo
1.2k pages

In a world of sky islands orbiting around a core of mist, humanity is besieged with countless threats.  When a young girl from the slums unwittingly becomes one of those threats, she finds herself capable of horrific things that she can’t help but learn to love...  

Vigor Mortis is a lighthearted story about existential terror.  Come for the horror, stay for the hope.  

Updates W-F.  Enjoy the read!

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The Unnoticed Dungeon

The Unnoticed Dungeon
by RJ Dale
479 pages

A newly formed dungeon core awakes with no memory of who or what he was.  In fact, he just found out that he died.  He has no idea or when or how he came to pass, and now finds himself being forced to start all over as a dungeon core.  Worse yet, he isn't even your average run of the mill dungeon.  No, the Overseers, whoever they are, have designated him to be an experimental core.  This means he doesn't have to play by all the rules, the bad news is that if the core oversteps his boundaries as a dungeon core too far he's more than dead; he's erased.  Now he has to struggle to figure out what kind of dungeon he wants to be, all the while very aware that he can't play it safe.  The overseers don't want safe, they want lines redrawn and limits reset.  The question is, can he do it and survive?  He asks, because he overstepped before he even made it to his new world.

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Salvos [A Monster Evolution LitRPG]

Salvos [A Monster Evolution (...)
by MelasD
2.1k pages

The Netherworld: it is a hellish landscape inhabited only by demons, creatures born from the dark abyss. It is also the only world Salvos knows.

Joining the ranks of newborn demons, Salvos is thrown into the violent, anarchy-ruled landscape of that world. To survive, she will have to learn, she will have to adapt, and she will have to evolve. She will gain experience to reach new Levels of power. 

Her curiosity aids her but her pride could be her fall. It is the nature of the Netherworld to avoid or conquer any threats faced. After all, the law of evolution is survival of the fittest, and Salvos is a survivor. And perhaps, eventually, she will leave this world behind for a better place. But is that what she even wants? 

Do note that it's a slow-paced but action-packed litrpg!

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New Life of a Summoned Demoness

New Life of a Summoned (...)
by Erios909
417 pages

Elania’s life is about to change in ways she could have never expected.

Summoned to a strange new world by demon-worshipping cultists, she flees before she is bound to their will by an unbreakable contract. 

Forced to fight for her survival against creatures she thought would only exist in a D&D manual while adjusting to her new body, what can a girl do when status screens and system elements have the power to change her very being?

In this action-packed LitRPG Fantasy Adventure, we follow Elania as she tries to find her own way back to the surface while seeking a way home.

Having a Hiatus, would like to continue in the future, but I haven't had any writing done in the last few months. :(


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Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

Beneath the Dragoneye (...)
by Selkie
2.5k pages

Elaine is ripped from this world to Pallos, a land of unlimited possibilities made real by a grand System governing classes, skills, and magic.

An ideal society? What is this, a fantasy novel?

Adventures? Right this way!

A Grand quest? Nah.

Friends and loot? Heck yes!

Humans are the top dog? Nope, dinosaur food.

Healing and fighting? Well, everything is trying to eat her.

Join Elaine as she travels around Pallos, discovering all the wonders and mysteries of the world, trying to find a place where she belongs, hunting those elusive mangos, all while the ominous Dragoneye Moons watch her every move.

Hey! Beneath the Dragoneye Moons is my first writing effort, so please be kind, but don’t hesitate to point out the flaws.

The story starts off slowly, more like a slice of life than action-adventure, but it gets there!

I’m going to be posting M-W-F

I do know how the story ends, and I promise if it ever gets dropped, or I stop doing this, I will post the ending. There will be no random “this is the last chapter” out of the blue.

Cover art by Lee Kent:

This story is being published on Royal Road, Tapas, and Scribblehub.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Sylver Seeker

Sylver Seeker
by KingKennit
2.3k pages

After fulfilling the duty all arch necromancers are tasked with, Sylver Sezari was not expecting to ever wake up again.

But he did.

And after crawling his way back into the land of the living, he’s alive once again. In a strange land, a strange time, and with a strange floating screen in front of his new face.

Either through plan or chance, he’s alive again, and planning to enjoy himself to his heart's content.

-The story isn’t grimdark, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows either. There will be lighthearted and positive moments, as well as some sad ones. That being said, it’s a whole lot more light than dark.
-This is a LITRPG story.

Chapters are published every 2 days at 21:00 GMT.

Author’s note:
-It can get very GORY. I’m somewhat desensitized to gore and violence. So while the story isn’t full of gore for the sake of gore, it can get a little too descriptive.
-The MC is a necromancer, so corpses and decay, and all the things that come with it, will be mentioned from time to time.
-I’m a huge fan of Egyptian, Slavic, and Greek mythology, so expect quite a bit of that. That said, so much is altered, you’ll be hard-pressed to guess how exactly it is being used.
-Despite being ‘immortal’ the MC can die. In the event he does, the story doesn’t end, simply time skips forward. Which in some cases is going to be worse than just dying.
-I love plot twists, as much as I love red herrings and Chekhov guns. Deus Ex Machina’s not so much.


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Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path

Unlimited Power - The (...)
by Ex-Soldier Lv 99
252 pages

                A college student was returning home after studying abroad for several years when the end of the world happened. A dragon appeared out of nowhere and attacked the plane he was in, thanks to an incredible amount of luck and his quick-thinking, he managed to survive the plane crash only to get stuck on a tropical island.

                A weird system took over the world and brought monsters to Earth. While nations collapsed and the world as a whole was being destroyed by ridiculous monsters, Leon was stuck in a godforsaken island with no chances of being rescued. What will happen to him? How will the world change while he is away? Will he even manage to return?

Discord Server:

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The Humble Life of a Skill Trainer

The Humble Life of a (...)
by alstonsleet
662 pages

For Joshua Still, Skills were the lifeblood of his business. He wanted to understand them, collect many of them, and teach a few of them. Which was a problem because while his profession of a Skill Trainer was perfectly legal, it was frowned upon by most of the kingdom. After all, it wouldn't do for a non-tailor to teach Tailoring. Or, so says the Tailors Guild.

The same could be said by the Blacksmiths, the Bakers, the Butchers, the Candlestick Makers, the Mages, and every other Guild with enough money and clout to complain. But still, Skill Trainers provide a valuable service, and so he has managed to start his business and keep it under the table. To a degree. With many a bribe. But his quiet anonymous life of research, practice, and training was about to change. When the Baron demands you pay him a visit, you have little choice.

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by captaink-19
1.2k pages

Domenic is a sailor who just wants a life at sea. A brewing war between nations turn the already dangerous seas into something perilous. Domenic is forced into an untenable position, one he escapes with his life – though there is a greater cost he’ll have to pay after his deal with the devil.

Join Domenic as he explores the meaning and cost of both servitude and freedom!

New content weekly!  (Sundays in the U.S.)

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