Salvos (A Monster Evolution LitRPG)

Solid monster evolution/ coming of age story.

A demon "child" explores the world and her own personality as she grows.

Salvos shares many of the qualities of the author's other work and few of its flaws. More specifically, the main character does not pester and antagonize everyone she meets. Instead, we have amusing interaction between a bright of inexperienced demon and hapless mortals. 


The characters are decently fleshed out, the story is well-done if unimaginative, and the combat scenes are good. It lacks depth but it is still one of the more solid works on RR. I would recommend it for fans of monster evolution and growth stories. It also matters that the author keeps improving so Dalvosnfollows an upward trend quality-wise. 


Nice story if you can stand the MC.

Melas is a take on the classic Isekai, but in a world where magic is forbidden by the church and technology is powered by mana stones. 

The story is nice enough though not exempt of flaws. There are several characters with personality and depth... but sometimes their reactions feel a bit forced through dialogues that lack direction.

The main character in particular is slightly problematic. She is a reincarnated young adult with strong values and a drive to learn. She is also confrontational with everybody in a way that should piss others off while appearing very young. This another reason why dialogues are strange sometimes. I would fully expect actual adults to tell her off more often. instead, most people indulge her, and I personally find that grating.

I commend the soft magic system and the lore. There is a real work on it.

All in all, this might not be the best Isekai on the website but this is still worth your time.   


For fans of different main characters.

Normally I would leave 5 stars for a budding, promising fiction but there is one glaring issue that made me drop off one. I would still recommend Sokaiseva to anyone who enjoys a MC who is also a misfit. And now for the pros and cons.


  • The MC is on the autism scale as far as I can tell, and not the stupid high-functioning trope. She suffers from it. Those who like that sort of thing will love Sokaiseva.
  • The inner voice and the style are great. The MC Erika is witty, touching, and we feel her suffering and her loneliness without her having to state them. One related issue that I will address below.
  • Decent pacing and good descriptions
  • A cast of colorful characters.
  • Clinical violence.



  • Let’s start with the glaring one and the one that made me drop the story. Erika is supposed to be 12. She is not 12. She is not even remotely 12. In fact, she is not a young adult. There are plenty of stories that nailed young adults who don’t rightly fit from Dark Materials to Divergent and whatnot and this is not it. Erika reads like a hard-boiled thirty-something homicide detective turned private eye with a divorce under her belt, PTSD, and undiagnosed autism. She even has the compulsory alcoholism. There are no planes in the multiverse where a young teenager has this mindset without being isekaied. I would advise readers who can't believe it to just consider that she is, in fact, isekaied, and that we just don't mention it.
  • World-building is very sparse which makes Erika’s role difficult to appreciate. How legal is it? How far is the existence of key holders known? Is there a stigma? Hard to say. Please note that this is a bit subjective.

That's it. If you can work with the glaring flaw I pointed out, you will have a blast reading this novel.

The Calamity of a Reborn Witch

There are two kinds of Isekai: the power trip, and the "I need the knowledge from another world to even get a shot at staying alive". This is the second category.

Calamity is a story of intrigue, assassination and sorcery written in a beautiful and flowing style. The author clearly knows what they are doing and the chapters follow each other in a smooth succession that will make you look at the clock and realize it's 2AM. All the characters have depth and most are also a little bit grey. 

To be blunt, Calamity is publishable as-is because it is excellent, and HBO could turn it into a drama.

My only reproach is subjective, and that is why I am leaving a five stars review. I feel like the many side character POV moments stall the story in term of pacing. At the same time, they all serve a purpose, so it's more of a personal opinion.

All in all, I discovered this story when it reached the top of rating and I will state that its position there is fully deserved. You have but to give it a try to realize why. 

Leaves of Terranthir

Prepare to die, the definitive edition.

Do you like Dark Souls? Do you want to embark in an epic tale of a man struggling in a doomed and mysterious world, a man who happens to have nothing OP but his human determination? Do you like cereal trail mix? Then this story is for you.

Brought to you by the author of Most Popular Novel for months now Azarinth Healer's Rhaegar, the story of our protagonist as he learns how not to be a fucking casu will make you feel his uncertainty and depression, but also his triumphs on a personal and touching level.
Give the story a try.

Agenda of the Villainess

I have started and dropped quite a few Otome stories in the last few years simply because of a general lack of quality. This is different. Villainess has a steampunk/ magical society, engaging characters and it's all backed by rigorous research into Victorian society. I can only recommend it for anyone, not just fans of the genre. 

Stray Cat Strut ⁠— A Young Lady's Journey to Becoming a Pop-Up Samurai

Samurais get point for killing aliens, and use them to get the tools they need to stop the ceaseless invasion... and to buy their way into the dystopian megacorp-dominated society, of course.

Straight Cat Strut is gritty, somewhat dark and still hilarious with some good banter and a no-nonsense heroine as courageous as she is snarky. 

If you are wondering about the style, the grammar etc... don't. This was made by Raven's Dagger. They only produce gems.


Just as good as the hype says

Seaborn is an exciting story about a man, his love for the sea and the curse he got for it. The story features exciting adventures, great fights backed by a smart litRPG system, interesting characters and a good story wrapped up in top-notch world-building.

If you are reading recent reviews trying to see if there is a decrease in quality, there isn't. Seaborn is worth all the hype it gathered. It's just that good.

The Menocht Loop

The heir to “Mother of Learning”

Not much to say besides that. This story has everything: great characters, great story, insane world building, and it is consistently good across all chapters. The Menocht loop is a classic in the making. 

Melas [Original] [Discontinued]

Melas would be a traditional grim Isekai except for a few good points. The main character, Melas, actually gives thoughts to what she does and who she helps with the candid and hopeful behavior of a very young adult (which she was). Add this to a cast of interesting characters, some of them ambiguous, and rich world building and you have a great story that will make you question where to draw the line. I can only recommend it to any fan of Isekai who dislike murder hobos.