Rabid Fan

Rabid Fan

Artifice: Iysinfyr

Do get comfy folks this one will take a while..

A New and improved MC ? nope , though I do feel I enjoyed it as a poor continuation.

The most headache inducing portion of this book for me is actually on the cover : the renamed MC name .. its hard to pronouce in my head and makes me stumble reading it everytime the words come up.

Kids would perhaps try to pronouce said names though in nearly every instance it would be shortened and made better by using a shortform colloqueal term such as Izzy ect.

Content wise each character has some form though I find it difficult to accept how some things come straight from left field.

Exampled best by the ripping of a spine from the enemy combatant.

The fight seemed poorly thought out and seemed to have been placed in more as a shock value that fell flat.

The things I enjoyed however were some of the more basic things like the tv production magitech idea.

Overall im not surprised this looks like it got dropped though if it updates ill still read it as the first volume was just that good.

Artifice: Tools of the Gods

One of the better books you can read here.

Don't mistake this book as an easy read , however it is a good story with moderate pacing and fancy ideas displayed as you watch the MC grow up. This may have been edited as when I had read this the plot was brilliant and there was very few spelling grammar errors. Quite frankly I believe that some of the story gets too violent.. though I am glad it doesn't go all disney on us. As spoiler likely that last comment is I hope that readers are not put off by the ending which really dumps too many side characters that were quite appealing including the ones left /not killed off. I rather liked pali and the overall way salis grows up .. until it comes to the 4th arc which sadly renames the mc and drops anyone we have come to know. Summing up I still feel this book is better then most of the dominant books on this site so if you hankering for a great yarn this one is worth reading. I enjoyed the chase portions of this book the most *Chapter29*. Also well done explaining the way most people mistake how easy black powder is to create. If you are still reading this review I urge you to read this book unless your the author in which case thanks for writing something I enjoyed.

An Apprentice's Adventure

So far so good.

No really terrible issues other then a lack of chapters.

Of those that exist all have entertained well.

A quiet achiever, perhaps it will get more popular.

I decided to review this book early as I had spare time and slow internet.

Worth a read for most fantasy fans.

I Reincarnated as an Elf in a Broken World.

Such a decent base story that is absolutely ruined by a few issues.

Gender is WRONG in almost every page the author will refer to them as He when its a female and often times it feels like this story has seen revision by a lazy edit version.

The good news is there are a few decently thought out plot points and it can be interesting if you can get past the glaring issues such as narrator vs author snippets that I feel should get deleted..

I recommend the author finds an editor to fix the basic issues.

The Wizard of Quintz

Loathe the syle choice but many will love it.

Zombie or Zombay ? If you find yourself asking this question you have read a page or two here.

Many will find it funny and lets face it dark humour is what a zombay should be about...maybe ?

I feel like I lost brain cells reading this and i didn't have many spare to begin with.

Perhaps it will entertain those seeking something different.

Necromancer of Valor

Read this book, for the goblins.

This book is pretty decent.

It has some funny moments that focus can be somewhat imperfect.

However the worldbuilding and exceptional humour here are superb.

It does have some faults and is far from perfect , spoiler alert certain chapters contain the worst spoilers and hopefully one day that god of unwanted stuff will stop spoilering the story should the author deem it (happens about chp100) ..

The names of chapters though are on point and this book had several funny moments so read it .. do it for the goblins.

RE: RPG System In A Fantasy World

Sadly not every review is a good one and this book I recommend aborting.

Nothing wrong with the grammar at first , the problem lies within the story itself.

Isekai genre is oneof my favoured types and while I wasn't expecting a prize winning title this knockup is by far the worst I have ever read including engrish MTL'ed stuff.

Well aside from my own work that is <lol dont read that either>.

The main problem this story has is simple  if you remove the stats there's almost nothing there that flows properly. The perspective was doing no favour to this novel.

The MC is descriibed as "Perfect" and "Lady" all very common in xania style novels and could have been made better by using more normal phrases.

So much time was spent and yes it was harsh to review so early into the story though it gave my a headache to read as few chapters of this trash as I did.

There were really good portions of the story that deserved to have more time spent on them then the stats , the slime start was about the only mildling decent part of the episode I enjoyed.however you could have used .more. either humour or wiggin out  ect , after the incident instead it all just bleeds into each other.

The MC name also happens to  share with azerinth healer's nickname , but thats just a random issue.

I feel the writer needs to spend a little time with women observer style to find out why this rates so low and how to fix it.


Good Book for the firm of heart.

War is an ugly thing ,it gets even uglier with superpowers.

Fantastic work though it does get pretty bad if you dont like tragic storys.

Starts off pretty strongly and spirals towards great bouts of depressing awesomeness.

There are minor issues though as when an extra point of view is added the formatting changes a bit too drastically and detracted a touch.

It's epic stuff and I do look forward to any new chapters.


Opening an orphanage in another world

Very rough around the edges, gets better but takes ages.

What we have here is a mixed bag of blessings and painful to read.

You can actually follow the story if you dont get hung up over things like grammar , logical character introductions and common sense.

True fans of the OP MC faction will enjoy the very descriptive scenes of monsters and shallow sidekicks with cliche villians thrown in to really make it "isekai" but its real focus like the title says is as an Orphanage .. Psyche.. yeah this concept could be better.

The sidekicks or "Orphans" are not introduced very well and so far I wouldnt let the MC look after a dog let alone 10 kids, clearly the writing gets better over the chapters.

Slice of monster hunting actions and some really interesting background worldbuilding via politics was forced a little but acceptable and gave this book a little more depth which it surely needed.though would prefer it wasnt so info dumped.

Not my pick for book of the year , HOWEVER do keep an open mind and this should serve as a very good example of how the writing has improved throughout each few chapters getting better.

My advice is to follow the author , and maybe read this book if you can get past the rough bits.

A Needed New Start

An outline more then an actual story.

A wonderfully realised world has become a story summary.


The whole story feel more like reading an outline of a story rather then its actual content.

Most characters feel shallow and have almost zero relevence further on.

Despite this some things were done rather nicely.

The character screen where it shows the mood for instance was appreciated and gave the MC at least a little depth.

Sadly only the MC has any kinds of depth larger then a puddle.

Ways this could be improved : Warning includes spoilers.

Spoiler: Spoiler