Rabid Fan

Rabid Fan

    1. Re: Making a book cover.

      If you want something closer to a program like photoshop there is a couple of free no download site I can recommend. The first is pixlar the second is photopea both findable via google or other search (...)

    2. Re: Art by pinkurone9ko

      Nice artwork the girl looks a little clumsy was that intended ?

    3. Re: Is the writing/book industry rigged?

      Yes it is rigged , that is how they light the scenes:) Seriously though its unfair to compare "apples" with "oranges" if someone has had a published work made into a film then you should learn what made (...)

    4. Re: Deal breakers that stop you from reading

      Unstated tags ,example there are a few fictions I just cant stand due to reasons that should be obvious. As a visual reader I find some things are easier to stomach then others however please for the (...)

    5. Re: How to encourage more reader interaction

      This really is great information and I can suggest more ways to respond as a reader then reviews or thanks for the chapter. Meme tribute , Fanart , Puzzle generations from the novel , songs, rhymes, limericks (...)

    6. Re: Have any of you hired a narrator to create an audio version of your book/books?

      I've hired actors to do parts in scripts I commision.. And from that I can advise you several things , first and foremost is a model release is suggested. Finding a bog standard model release form may (...)

    7. Re: Corrupt A Wish

      Granted they will no longer call it the groovy carona virus and refer to it as Co vid 19 instead. I wish my hot water system would fix itself so I didnt have to buy a new one.

    8. Re: If you wound up in an Isekai story, what would most likely be your cause of death?

      Crushed to death by a rafter in my house made loose by a rat chewing on it. Next life I will probably lose in my fight against a giant rat.

    9. Re: Pirate Adventure/Fantasy Story Art

      I know im late to the party here but thats some great artwork going on there. Feels like its concept art for a animation rather then just a simple book.

    10. Re: Art made with photo editing

      I feel you need better fireball images to start from, otherwise the image is composed wonderfully. Should you find it difficult to find a better fireball let me know ill fire up my other comp and make (...)

    11. Re: Bad-Good Reviews and Salty Authors

      Be careful of what you wish for lest it come true. As a trash writer and a basic reviewer I would like to point out how this idea can be abused. Note this would not effect me too much so go on ahead (...)

    12. Re: Using Daz 3D for Book Covers

      I would take a moment to mention makehuman here over daz 3d if its basic human renders your looking for. The reason why is its clearly stated you can make profit from rendered images in this program without (...)

    13. Re: I think the people in general don't understand how hard it is to write a good LitRPG.

      So true right ? I cannot even write one at the level of a grade schooler. I have in fact made mods before so I could actually make a rpg but the story telling aspect is just so freaking difficult. And (...)

    14. Re: ModernMilitary/fantasy/Transported to a fantasy world

      There is a manga specifically about japan being transported to another world .. but it was more trashy then gate. Not going to lie I still enjoyed it and it wasnt terribly long either. Release that witch (...)

    15. Re: Looking for feedback. New to writing.

      Chapter 1 was a wall of text , things improved on Chapter 2. Sadly it did not continue to be easy reading, the content was a little too loose and as such I found it dull. A world with respawns and judgements (...)

    16. Re: Octo Smoosh

      I love the colour pallet chosen for the Octo. The brown portion is probable a distraction/detraction from a cute image. Going to have to read your story now.

    17. Re: The cliché of reincarnation. How to make it better?

      Greatest Cliché Overpowered Main character . its still fun to read but turns into slice of life with little tension. I guess most writers forget how to create it without a sense of death or suffering. (...)

    18. Re: Who is the best Side Character?

      Lindyss skeletons from  The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons Truck Kun for the glorious effort in starring in so many books. Xera  from Everybody loves large chests.

    19. Re: Looking for Book Cover Art

      Not sure I'm good enough but I can take a stab at it. Send me a pm detailing any specific requirements. please note I do this for a hobby no charge no assurance of perfection  a probable wait. (...)

    20. Re: Need someone who can do the cover for free

      I don't get your synopsis. A shop can be anything , be specific please. If you have a rough 'Template' it will help in decision making. eg     SCIFI         or   ADVENTURE    or     CRIME  ... really (...)