Rabid Fan

Rabid Fan

    1. Re: Octo Smoosh

      I love the colour pallet chosen for the Octo. The brown portion is probable a distraction/detraction from a cute image. Going to have to read your story now.

    2. Re: The cliché of reincarnation. How to make it better?

      Greatest Cliché Overpowered Main character . its still fun to read but turns into slice of life with little tension. I guess most writers forget how to create it without a sense of death or suffering. (...)

    3. Re: Who is the best Side Character?

      Lindyss skeletons from  The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons Truck Kun for the glorious effort in starring in so many books. Xera  from Everybody loves large chests.

    4. Re: Looking for Book Cover Art

      Not sure I'm good enough but I can take a stab at it. Send me a pm detailing any specific requirements. please note I do this for a hobby no charge no assurance of perfection  a probable wait. (...)

    5. Re: Need someone who can do the cover for free

      I don't get your synopsis. A shop can be anything , be specific please. If you have a rough 'Template' it will help in decision making. eg     SCIFI         or   ADVENTURE    or     CRIME  ... really (...)

    6. Re: Your main character's theme song

      Hmm I really should fix my book soon... the song would be  at the moment - Nowhere Man , by the john butler trio. just about sums up my progress really. greatest thing this idea gives is a way to define (...)

    7. Re: Thoughts on my Book Cover? (Not Finished)

      The  original looked fixable to me. just needs less not more ...   so I liked the text  , the red eyes leave but enlarge.  REMOVE THE WRAITHS HEAD  the hands are wonderful if you remove the grey stroke (...)

    8. Re: Fantasy World Mapping Software

      donjon is my favourite for dungeons. it did become tricky to use so it may require specialized tinkering or a better browser. special tinkering to fix bug - click screen and right click inspect element. (...)

    9. Re: asking cause i'm kinda paranoid

      Frankly there are thousands of solutions to cloud storage. Some that were  listed already and unless you're a journalist or activist then it's safe. other less healthier sites can also store backups. (...)

    10. Re: Is it beyond help? Should I delete my work?

      Step 1 take a deep breath Step 2 relax the breath and tell us clearly your main language, its unlikely I know it but someone here might. Having friends will help you enjoy the site more ... so post that (...)

    11. Re: What things that make you quit reading a novel after serveral chapters?

      Scum of the earth MC that is not the villain, like a MC that feels rape is okay {happens in a few Chinese novels not too often here } Also I hate it when side characters get killed off then revived (...)

    12. Re: What unpopular gaming opinions do you have?

      Every MMO will go FULL RETARD eventually , just look at any long time MMO and watch it slowly slide downhill. Examples : World of Warcraft  October 21, 2011 Runescape  December 2007

    13. Re: What is your favorite and least favorite super power that MC’s get in Light Fiction?

      Favourite of time dilation "Space Pockets" Not to be confused with inventory below these spaces are usually where all the fighting can take place and or growth of goods. Epic rewards are handed out here (...)

    14. Re: How do you really define a psychopath?

      A great question. One I made a huge reply to and then promptly deleted. Hmm the thing that ties all psychopaths .. injustice ,vanity and ability

    15. Re: Please make spelling check work for novel writing

      If I make spelling errors in the forums they turn up red underlined. The same cannot be said for the main tool used to display / write a book. That's pretty fucked up. It'd help reading and writing (...)

    16. Re: Embedding a Bandcamp album?

      I recommend you try using the source button and edit it in there :) not exactly easy to add but there be plenty of tutorials if you don't see it after a preview try using view source on a page where the (...)

    17. Re: Magical System

      There are a variety of ways to interpret this and to be fair, many fail in making a system or lit rpg style work effectively. Including the person speaking, no wait that's probably due to my grammar and (...)

    18. Re: How do you like my Book cover?

      original post maker left his/her thread should be either REMOVED or 'deleted post by deleted user' posted to his/her slots.

    19. Re: Quality or Quantity? What do readers want to see?

      Screw it, I'm a poor writer with lousy grammar and I'll take quantity over quality as a reader. I can handle common mistakes and slipups, reading the story if I like it. I have come across many MT novels (...)

    20. Re: My Comic Type Illustrations- My Year to Improve

      I really like the way you drew edeath, that boy with the frog was a fantastic pose combo. One that could benefit greatly with progressive art as you develop more art techniques. Keep in mind your creative (...)