Rabid Fan

Rabid Fan

    1. Re: Reason for writing

      Initially I just wanted to create short storys for animating to YT. Because I found a small desire for the cash / low budget productions. After paying someone to write something because I sucked at writing (...)

    2. Re: Genres! Must have more!

      I am a sucker for the old wish fulfillment reincarnation stuff. Also anything involving time travel or comedy...  preferably all of the above with horror (Army of darkness rules !)

    3. Re: Why do some sci-fi authors feel the need to describe everything in insane detail?

      Is it common ? Not sure see scifi holds such a broad definition it is impossible to be sure the same scifi is what our talk is about. Personally I like good scifi , hate bad scifi and sometimes the same (...)

    4. Re: Interactive Stories

      For CYOA there is a slightly better place for writing them but here has a great reader base. The tool sets for upload are mildly more difficult at RR but the payoff is better chances for profit as amazon (...)

    5. Re: Eldritch Monster Design Brainstorming

      Insects are always a nice minion for eldritch types .. Something like a tic that lets the eldritch infect and spy with. Introduce a subtle drawback like real ticks have like poisoned host. Describe (...)

    6. Re: how to gain a bit of a fanbase?

      Go for the tropes ?  Need readers fast take a ride on the OP train , powered up surely your warlock will look more badass then Arnold in terminator. Harems yes readers love harems or complaining about (...)

    7. Re: How the hell do you go about creating your own writing website???

      What you really need to know is the field of dreams is not correct"If you build it they will come"has no place in website reality. I have seen shining stars of websites die due to zero traffic flow. (...)

    8. Re: Sooo, youtube and everything else ...

      You need to retain readers, I see you have made a few books on amazon link but nothing is hosted here. That is why you have less readers , sure remove as amazon requests if they paying , just make something (...)

    9. Re: Been thinking about making this thread for so long...

      Pro's : lots of community participation ,good ways to talk to each other. Can produce great content. Easy to reach lots of people with your work. Curated content ensures certain quality. Search feature (...)

    10. Re: What is the weirdest thing as which you could be reborn into another world and then enter a tournament ar (...)

      Reborn as a magic strand of hair , everyday you teleport onto a new host in a world : where they are told about the miracle hair that grants a superpower if you can manage to pluck / kill it. Its proven (...)

    11. Re: What's the best stand up joke you know of?

      I'm really going to butcher this joke... Well, it's already in parts. Meet Patty who has some beef about a sausage. It didn't make the cut. Some ham got behind in the grinder. Due to Ham having a (...)

    12. Re: When to continue reading a story that is pulling you down

      I have had this issue with drops it was brilliant writing but too dark for me. Did not regret dropping it. 

    13. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      Sexual content can be difficult to write and harder to balance when tastes vary greatly.  Nothing annoys me as a reader more then badly tagged sexual content. Some authors even go as far to place sex (...)

    14. Re: Whats an impossible crossover you always wanted to happen?

      that time I reincarnated as a slime and overlord ... with them fighting of course :).

    15. Re: Making a book cover.

      If you want something closer to a program like photoshop there is a couple of free no download site I can recommend. The first is pixlar the second is photopea both findable via google or other search (...)

    16. Re: Art by pinkurone9ko

      Nice artwork the girl looks a little clumsy was that intended ?

    17. Re: Is the writing/book industry rigged?

      Yes it is rigged , that is how they light the scenes:) Seriously though its unfair to compare "apples" with "oranges" if someone has had a published work made into a film then you should learn what made (...)

    18. Re: Deal breakers that stop you from reading

      Unstated tags ,example there are a few fictions I just cant stand due to reasons that should be obvious. As a visual reader I find some things are easier to stomach then others however please for the (...)

    19. Re: How to encourage more reader interaction

      This really is great information and I can suggest more ways to respond as a reader then reviews or thanks for the chapter. Meme tribute , Fanart , Puzzle generations from the novel , songs, rhymes, limericks (...)

    20. Re: Have any of you hired a narrator to create an audio version of your book/books?

      I've hired actors to do parts in scripts I commision.. And from that I can advise you several things , first and foremost is a model release is suggested. Finding a bog standard model release form may (...)