Thief of Time

This novel suffers from a problem that I often associate with first-time writers. You have picked a really nice power system, something really different which I haven't seen in a while. The distribution of power is also done well as well as the 'deep lore'. Coupled with the setup that is established in the first couple of chapters, it should have been one of the most popular stories of RRL. 
But, I'm sad to say that the writing is just awful and the pacing is all over the place. The dialogues are really not a strong point for the author. Coupled with the frequent grammar or even spelling errors and it was a chore to read by the 30th chapter. 
if at least the pacing could be adjusted then this could still be worth reading. 
Once those issues have been resolved, you could start working on the personalities as well. they are just too wooden. it's easy to like them in the first couple of chapters itself but we don't get to see any depth even in the next 40ish chapters. we still know exactly the same things about them that we knew around the time they were introduced. 

Overall i'd say. think of this novel as your practice round and once you feel you got enough experience, start writing a new one or do a rewrite for this one. It could be great but in the current version there are just too many problems. 

I Have to Text my Ex, or the World Explodes

This a fun read. Not just your avg. goofy or fluffy ride but absurd meteor shower with jod(god) ride. No one knows what's gonna happen in the next 100 words and that just makes the whole thing all that much better. 

Grammer was overall ok with me finding only a couple of errors. But considering the style choice, many of them might as well be intentional.
Style is fantastic with it adapting to the situation(yes, it changes XD). But mostly it's the standard 3rd person omniscient narrator.

As for the characters, It's been only 6 chapters and yet we met 2 gods whose personalities types I've never seen with that role, a 'special' girlfriend and all too normal MC. 

I'd say definitely give this a try. If you are like me who spends an unhealthy amount of time reading fiction then this would be like a little balm on your soul. Just the right level of absurd comedy to get your day going. It might not be your thing, but then what are you even doing here. The description and the title says it all. 
More text to fill up the requirements imposed on us by these malevolent gods of rrl.

The Pen Is Mightier

This is another great story by this amazing author. Having read 3 of his previous stories, I had started following this one from the very first chapter.
This story is set is a vibrant world and I just love the setup. Some alternate history books just have a small gimmick and just go parallel to the events that occurred in real life but this one seems to be going on a different route, just like it should considering that massive changes that occurred. Currently, it's just focused on the small area around the tower but sometimes we get small nuggets of what might be happening outside and I'm truly waiting for it to unfold.
The main character tho not so quirky, is still interesting and has a nice backstory. We can already see a lot of directions he can go depending upon where the dominos fall. He has some baggage of his own and he has started to realise that he is not in the ideal state. Rest of the cast is still young considering there are a lot of them and we are only 20ish chapters in. Still, most are not just cardboard cutouts and that's a big plus in any story here. 
The true make it or break it part of the story is the power system. A lot of it is borrowed from Doulu Dalu which is a massively successful story so it's likely to work out. The somewhat straight personality of our mc is balanced out by the quirky power that he got. I'm excited to see just how innovative the author can be. I'm hoping that it doesn't become a random sword/spear in a different shape tho.
One issue was the grammar but considering it was a marathon and the author's history, I'm confident that it'll improve. There were mainly some minor spelling and pronoun errors so they are easy to fix as well.
Actually, another main issue I had with the story was that tho the town is acting as a cultural melting pot like the USA did during the 19th and 20th century, it doesn't truly come out like that. It was some general fantasy-ish old Europe mixed with some small other elements. If people were acting a bit more like its early 19th century, the experience would have improved tbh.

So overall, I'd say everyone should definitely give this one a try.

Dead Tired

Yo, lets mock something we don't know much about!

This story is about a guy that reached the peak of the system and then decided to go into slumber because he didn't feel like doing anything because he can't see his numbers going up. On waking up he finds the system is practically inaccessible and thus a new powering method has come into place.

A common setting nowadays. An absolutely OP mc roams around the world sowing chaos wherever he goes. He'll try and find what's going on and in the meantime will get a pet/ student/ follower/ friend/ sibling etc who he'll try and raise 'properly'. This is done so that the story doesn't get stale too easily as everything would be too easy for the mc. Basically having a conventional mc along with the op one so that you can still have the weak to strong progression. Even tho it's common it can be interesting if done right. not this one tho till the point I read.

The main main gripe I have with this story is that it's trying to poke fun at wuxia/xianxia genre but just picked two stereotypes and that too that are seen in really bad ones and just applies it everywhere. the logic behind the earlier method being way better is too weak and the whole premise is built on that. if it was an actual criticism on the wuxia genre then it could still be fun (like Arrogant young master template 4 which actually went into detail about the common tropes and mad fun using that). Constantly belittling wuxia because you decided rpg levelling system is superior is kinda ridiculous especially considering that rpg system is equally or even more stupid than the wuxia systems. to top it all of giving them way too wooden personalities in this situation didn't make the situation better. 

The mc's personality tho interesting is too rigid and even tho that makes sense, it becomes boring really fast. same goes for his entourage which have even weaker and boring personalities than him. 
The author is a good writer in the sense that the story flows smoothly and there are very few errors or stilted sentences but his/her material is just weak. I've had this problem with one of his previous novels as well.

Anyways, I won't recommend this novel.

Azarinth Healer

easy going story that felt great to read

This story is pretty simple and yet each day I find myself refreshing continuously to check for updates. 
TBH I think the author(if i dont remember it incorrectly then the author did say this) didn't expect to get this much attention and thus wrote a fast action filled with major fast boostups in the start but then slowed down to actually work on the quality.  
There can be some or a lot of plotholes but I like the story and can put those aside for the most part and enjoy the read. 
Good to have a relaxing read.
edit: after 300th or so chapter, it has become a chore to read. atleast for me.

Can't Cure Deceit

Little more work and you have a top 10

Just binged the series. It's hard to resist after you read the description and see that cover. Well, as mentioned, the story is about a man who decided to make the best of his situation and go with the aliens as they destroy the earth as he knew it. 

Good going as of yet. One huge thing tho. The mc's personality set that you've chosen is brilliant. The problem is that it doesn't come out that way. from the 1st chapter itself, it's him telling us how brilliant he is or how easily he can make friends etc but we've seen very less of it. Ya, we see that he made some friends and that too with people he just met but those things are happening off-screen and we are just told that he used his personality wisely to accomplish that. Him telling us how good he is, plays well into establishing his narcism but not his charm which is more important of the two. Think of Jason from he who fights monsters. That guy comes off as charismatic and the author doesn't need to state it 10 times to establish that fact. If you do that then this novel would become just as popular as that one.

The scene with the arc duke was too forced as well. He's starting to give off huge amounts of 'mc aura' as well(I know it's close to what his power literally is but there are better methods of doing it). Great luck and everyone just bending backwards to fawn over him just cheapens the experience. Another problem I felt was that it feels like the style of the story keeps changing. It started with a heavy sci-fi feel but soon became a wuxia type with elements indicating that it might go back. Litrpg elements are sprinkled in as well. 
The background characters are given a wide set of personalities but they feel more like representations of those personalities rather than natural people with those traits. Shorter chapters lengthwise also don't suit the story style imo.
EDIT: read 51ist chapter. got some more red flags and the problems i already had with the story seems like won't be changing anytime soon if at all. So deducted half star and dropped. Won't go on a rant here.

AnimeCon Harem

The bad bits of this story

The story starts off great. The characters seem interesting, the whole sexual tension is built up quite nicely; something a lot of other r-rated stories struggle with. But then it is dragged for way too long and way too often. It results in nothing, only piling up to frustration. I understand them going straight to it etc might be idiotic but the execution that we have feels too unnatural. The responses, the conversations etc feel too unnatural. 

The second main issue that I have is related to the monologues. In almost any kind of literature, it's essential to keep a flow. It keeps the readers engrossed in it and urges them to keep reading on. But when the characters are flirting with each other, the often spotted long monologues of their 'personal' philosophy breaks that flow. A bit of it is fine. Rather invited. It gives more depth to the characters but when they go into long descriptions of their believes, it more often than not breaks that flow. It comes out as shallow. 
Each person has their own set of beliefs. When the story tries to counter them by presenting them with a different approach, it makes the reader pause. Most would go into an argumentative state where they would evaluate the pros and cons of the 'values' that are being passed onto them. This sort of style can work really for your favour when used correctly.  The placement of such arguments and depth matters. Either you choose to just mention the different viewpoint leaving the reader to decipher the rest or you go in depth and provide enough points to at least sway the readers for a bit. But in this novel according to me its neither the case. It leaves me in a weird state. It breaks my flow, questioning why the author did so. The placement didn't feel great either. It felt like the author REALLY wanted to get these sentiments out and did it at the first moment he got. 

Overall (not trying to be condescending here) felt like how a high schooler would imagine adults and their thinking/conversations.[this statement holds true for the other novel as well. tho that one is alot better imo]. 

Catgirl in the Pantry: Sample Chapters and Bonus Content

I read up to the latest chapter 31.
The story is about a teen boy who is going through puberty and stumbles upon an unusual situation where he finds an attractive cat girl in his pantry. a pretty juicy setting for a lot of storytelling right?
ya, nope. nothing really happens for a damn long time. The reaction of pretty much everyone involved is unnatural, to say the least. the mc seems to have 2 different personalities, one for everyone at school including a girl he had a crush on and another one for the cat girl who is also triggering a lot of signals in his brain. now, if the difference was only that he was more flustered or aroused or embarrassed around the cat girl then it would have been fine. but the problem is that he throws out the whole im-completely-reasonable-person-who-doesn't-care-about-highschool-drama. the mc tries super hard to come off as a typical 'nice-guy' and trying to get sympathy for it. No, I do not mean that he should act like a leach but that doesn't mean that the author has to create situations, again and again, to show how much of a 'nice guy' he is.
It's basically the male version of the popular stereotypical novel with a female lead in a high school drama setting who keeps on uttering how different she is from everyone. 
plus, I would still not rate it so low considering its rrl but the sheer lack of any action mad the story very-very difficult to read. By, action i do not mean I needed some 10 fights within the first 2 chapters or an active harem by the 4th. What I mean is nothing really interesting happens ever and anything that could lead to some interesting outcomes is cut short for frankly no reason. It felt more like the author wouldn't be able to control the narrative had he let things play out naturally. 

Anyways, I got a bit toxic in the last part.
Try the story if you like slice of life, want to try something new and don't have anything else to read atm.

Nanocultivation Chronicles: Trials of Lilijoy

I'm really loving this novel.
Unlike most vmmorpg stories, this one does not focus only on the in-game world. Heavy emphasis is put on both the outside and inside world. there is a 'system' in both worlds with the outside world being a futuristic post-apocalyptic setting and the inside being a fantasy one. I love how being good in one help the other. The systems have a lot of thought put into them and feel like they could exist in the real world. They aren't your generic systems that we see in every novel.
Also, the world-building is great. Believable characters, good reasoning for why things are the way they are. 

The main issue I have with the story is that it's sometimes trying hard to add the 'mystic' feeling to everything by trying to link things to the 'Taoist' setting it's going for. It becomes better in the second book but going through the latter half of the first book and maybe the first couple of chapters in the 2nd was a chore, especially because there were some info dumps around that area as well. In chapter 17-22ish of the 2nd book, it was actually done nicely and was fun to read. 
Edit: The author seems to have gotten in the flow and now its so damn good.

Overall I'd recommend everyone to give the novel a proper try. It looks promising. 
Edit: it is. definitely read it.

Trash Knight: System Recycler: A litRPG Satire that No One Asked For

I don't know whether to describe this story as stupidly brilliant or brilliantly stupid. probably the latter. This is a light-hearted comedy story of a trash type hero mc who is turned into a literal trash can. Its amusing to watch how he manages to go from one day to the other trying to plot his comeback. 
Definitely give it a try!