Sanguine Paradise

Currently most top reviews are pretty bad, but I think this novel at least has potential.
The most glaring issues are the writing style and the sexism.

Regarding the writing style, the novel uses a common but annoying style for character dialogues, like "Hi!" - Me.
This makes it easier for the author to show the reader who is talking, but makes it a lot harder to read.

The other point is that female characters in this story pretty much have the same role they had in the stone age, stay at home and please their husband.
Additionally the novel creates a strong image of a powerful man and frail woman that always needs protection and admires strong males.

But the story itself is pretty interesting, so personally I think the novel has potential.
The MC becomes stronger at a pretty fast pace, having the "usual" starting advantage most isekai novels give their MC, but the encounters don't feel out of place.

Summoned and Unwanted

Not a bad novel, but too harem oriented.

The start is pretty good, but it feels like you get more information about the old world than about the new one. The transition is fine as well, just as the start in the new world. But after that, it goes downhill. No more worldbuilding, just finding more characters to add to the harem. It gets boring pretty fast after the start, but still a "relaxing" read. Not much attention needed to follow the storyline.

Mists of Redemption

Mists of redemption is definitely a story I can recommend to read.
I starts of similar to solo leveling, and has a very similar setting, but there are quite a few key elements that are different, so I wouldn't say it's an imitation. 

Story is hooking and has enough unique elements to keep the readers hooked.
The only things that bothered me were some minor plotholes and a few decisions a few characters made that I couldn't really understand.

But all in all, this is a novel I can recommend everyone who likes the genre.

My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem

First of all, as mentioned before, if you came here looking for a masterpiece, you should know that you find one here, at least after reading the description.

But it is definitely not as bad as most reviews say. 

I have to agree that this novels is full of plotholes and contradicting elements, which obviously gets worse over time, so if you like the details, this novel is nothing for you. Like why would leveling the hero class give you a charm skill ? The skills classes give seem pretty random, depending hard on what the main character currently needs. Just one of many examples.

The main character seems stupid and unnatural at the start, like the author tried to make him weak-minded but then he takes situation like appearing in a different world without an issue. Contradicting personality.

The adult part of the story is not as big as I initially feared, there is an adult scene about every 50 chapters. 

All in all it's a readable novel, but far from a masterpiece. I like a few aspects of the story, so it definitely has potential.

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

I really liked this novel so far. An Isekai story giving the main character a headstart, but far from an easy life. It feels very realistic since unpredictable issues appear which do make a big difference in the story. So this novel is far from the "everything is going well" novels. Still it doesn't feel like it's too much drama or too dark, even if some events might be very unexpected. For those people who complain about the main character being to weak

she will become stronger after the early stages of the novel.


Worldbuilding was pretty good as well, we get quite some details, but rarely too much at once that it gets boring. Only issue I had was the sexism which does not feel right.

No issues with the grammar as well, but it feels like the style improves over time.

Evil Goddess System

Pretty fun to read, as you would expect from a unique vampire gender bender story.

Didn't get boring and no obvious plot holes.

Grammar is good, just a few minor typos. Very easy to read, even as a non native.

Only negative thing I can find is that there were no updates lately.

Relife System: The Unholy Mage

Good novel, not the normal LitRPG but not that new either.

It's exciting to read for most of the time and didn't get boring so far.

The characters are well made and it's easy to notice that some thought were put behind them.

The main character is pretty strong, but doesn't feel too OP.

Easy to read, no problems with the grammar from my side and only rarely a typo.

Defiance of the Fall

Couldn't stop reading and finished all 501 chapters up to this point in about a week.

The balance between an overpowered and a struggeling main character is just perfect, while the main character keeps getting stronger, stronger challenges keep appearing without appearing out of nothing.

The world building is pretty good, very rarely I had the feeling it was too detailed or not detailed enough. I had the feeling the author had a good overview and the story didn't contradict itself much so far.

As for the characters, there are quite a few noteable characters. Even though I read the story in a pretty small timeframe I had problems remembering some of the minor characters names. Some only appear for a short time and re-appear after quite some time without a reintroduction, making it somewhat confusing. But in genral all important characters have a detailed backstory and are introduced nicely.

Grammar wise I can't really give an accurate feedback, as I'm not a native but it still was easy to read. Some words felt a bit repetetive as for example it felt like he was roaring every chapter, but it didn't feel like it was too much.

All in all definitly a recommendation to give this novel a try.