Domi Sotto

Domi Sotto

    1. Re: How can I respectfully write diverse/global fantasy as a white guy?

      My feeling is that unless you write magic realism that is set in modern Singapore, Manila or Jakarta or a fantasy retelling of an actual historic event, it is better to do your research, then move yourself (...)

    2. Re: How is this follow and view count possible

      If you write in the popular genres (GameLit, LitRPG, Dungeon, Isekai), it's not unusual to see +10 or more followers per chapter release. In fact anything less and you might wanna rethink your story. (...)

    3. Re: Good fictions with gay male leads

      I love the book. People don’t. Hence, its place is not on the public display. Eh, that's fair enough to be honest. I think I'm a bit of an odd one out when it comes to leaving my failures up online. (...)

    4. Re: Good fictions with gay male leads

      I love the book. People don’t. Hence, its place is not on the public display. I have it on Wattpad, added after Crimson Qi as the sequel. I guess it wasn’t what people are looking for in a book or in a (...)

    5. Re: Can you edit chapters after status is completed?

      Hi, I am wondering if one can edit stuff now if the fiction is marked completed?

    6. Re: Complex Stories

      Here: **Crimson Qi** Lady Very Unlucky must navigate magical and political maelstrom in order to stay with her half-demonic lover, a beggar with a self-destructive healing talent. **Of Lead and Steel** (...)

    7. Re: Good fictions with gay male leads

      Because the rating fell low. 

    8. Re: Good fictions with gay male leads

      I posted one once, it got downvoted & I removed it. Wattpad or tapas are better for BL.

    9. Re: Slow Burns / Stories That Read Like Novels

      My first book, Crimson Qi, is a novel in a traditional sense. It has a sequel on another site as well.

    10. Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

      Well, if you made it this far down the thread, you are my hero. I’m that poor shmuck who’s always late to those things, lol. Anyways, here is what my book is about: *** Of Lead and Steel (just completed) (...)

    11. Re: Looking for feedback (especially on grammar)

      So, I'm not a native speaker, but I majored in english studies (a while ago /coughs), so I always thought my english was pretty decent. Except a) I took a long break from writing and I'm not so confident (...)

    12. Re: On The Subject of Ratings

      I just want an option to disable the rating on my stories.  Please, give an option to disable it to at least those who has less than 100 followers. Or until the story is completed. Or some sort of opt-out (...)

    13. Re: Is it beyond help? Should I delete my work?

      I did delete a story when it got two "2" ratings here, though I kept it on Wattpad (which does not have ratings just read/not read feedback loop).  My writing is not horrendous, I am serious about it (...)

    14. Re: Review Swap Train

      Completed review for @Mejiro’s Goldthirst Co.

    15. Re: I got my first 0.5 rating and now I'm sad.

      Thanks for the support. I think I just needed to hear from people who copped it themselves. I know what voices I should be listening to, but there is something about those negative responses that just (...)

    16. Re: Review Swap Train

      If you've got time for another, could you fit mine in, and I'll read through yours (also, Domi, I'll have a look at yours. (...)

    17. Re: asking cause i'm kinda paranoid

      No, you won't google doc is great. The only problem is that yeah, the eye is on you with google docs, but it's pretty much like that with everything on-line.

    18. Re: why is romance in every novel even those that are suppose to be purely action novels? (those bastards lied to me)

      whats with this love stuff nowadays why cant we have a normal story of battle and fighting in a blaze of glory. why does it always have to have some romance anyways. why can't we just focus on the story (...)

    19. Re: How do you come up with a story?

      I read history books, listen to the news stories, check out political games and court cases that are highly publicized. It sounds quaint, but in the end, the stories pop out of all the information and (...)