Domi Sotto

Domi Sotto

Fury: Chronicles of the Titanomachy

Fury: Chronicles of the (...)
by J P Koenig
311 pages

When Karson and Ax learn of their father’s murder, they are out for blood.  But of all the places they expected to wind up in their quest for vengeance, hunting cultists in the Age of Mythology of ancient Greece wasn’t one of them.  The brothers are in a world of might and magic, and must build up their own strengths if they want to have any chance at survival and revenge. But revenge is a two-edged sword.  Will the brothers lose everything?

Volume I: Fury (COMPLETE)

Karson and Ax are out of their depth.  They wanted vengeance for their father’s murder.  What they got instead was to be thrown into the world the cultists came from.  Now they must figure out how to navigate this new world, find allies, and grow strong enough to resume their hunt.  But they are in dangerous times, where the Titan’s hunt mankind with few gods on their side. Karson and Ax are prepared to vent their fury, but will it cost them their lives?

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After Megiddo

After Megiddo
by BladedPen
1.7k pages

The Passing of the Old; The Beginning of the New.

Beautifully illustrated by Michael Lynch, Stephen Garrett Rusk, Steven Davidovics, and Alex Diadev.
Gideon McDonough is the last average human in existence. Stranded on a dead moon, forced to fight for his survival, he is cursed with haunting dreams when asleep and tortured by demonic entities when awake. He and his crew aboard the Decima seek a way home. Or at least a reprieve from the madness.
Sol awakens, stuck deep under the crust of earth, cursed to relive her day. Her systems are damaged and she is long lost. But not forgotten. A mining incident sets her free into a strange world, deep underground. As she is repaired, she begins to remember her mysterious past. She and her new friend discover more than they bargained for.
Amy is not your typical fallen angel. Small. Ugly. Simpering. What should have been an eternal prison sentence in The Lake of Fire turned into a new chance at freedom as new breeds of demons free Lucifer in a mixed act of arrogance and ignorance. Now she is free, ready to terrify the universe once again; or at the very least inconvenience this new reality with her presence. Because a fallen angel of the Liberal Arts can do a lot of damage. Maybe. Perhaps. Chaos and tea parties abound. All for the glory of Lucifer.
The disturbing dreams and visions all foreshadow a dark future.
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