Compared to other stories here, I think it deserves a decent rating but it's not that great either.

The beginning is a little misleading. The reader will think this is a story about Carl accidentally bringing justice to the world, but it's more slice of life and random perspectives. Which may be disappointing to some

The author claims this is mostly satire, but I don't think it's that enjoyable of a read. The beginning, yes, because who doesn't like accidental justice? But rereading different perspectives on the same scene gets pretty tiring

Biggest issue is the author's attitude. He doesn't have a good relationship with his readers, and I don't get why he tries to complicate it. Can't tell if he's extremely unlikable or trying to be sarcastic. Pretty sure he started a new slice of life arc to troll and punish the readers for reviews, so...yeah

A Tail's Misfortune

The first chapter was fairly dramatic. Mean girl minion walks in on counselor session and threatens counselor to let them bully the MC? Okaaaaaay


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This is truly, truly good writing. It's not some fantasy litrpg trash novel that most of us like reading on RoyalRoad - the quality really reminds me of the The Wandering Inn. It has depth, complex characters, and a twisted plot.

Don't underestimate the title/description. This is NOT just a story about characters struggling to adapt to coming back home. Their past plays a major role in how they perceive and interact with each other, and it gets dark.

I always felt that using multiple POVs was overused. As a reader, I like the focus on one character to really flesh out the personality, and give a skewed perspective. I like to guage how the main character's bias/personality makes them ignorant of what's going on, and to see if I as a reader can pick up on things to predict what's really happening. Imo, multiple POVs makes it too easy, and the quality of writing usually shows. It takes a really good cast of characters/plot to pull it off, but Epilogue did.

I've been on RoyalRoad for years, and every chapter I expected dozens of comments - but I only ever saw a few at most. Maybe cause the author posted all the chapters right after each other. Either way, I had to leave a review to contribute to the recognition this story deserves. Definitely going to take a look at the author's other novel.

Saga of the Soul Dungeon

Too similar to the bound dungeon

Got bored since the premise, the circumstance, the status and abilities granted are EXACTLY like The Bound Dungeon.

The Bound Dungeon had a very unique idea - having an evil necromancer seal someone's soul into a dungeon core to produce an army of monsters. The dungeon core, as the MC, squirrels away mana in an attempt to break free and turn the tables.

I could already tell from the first chapter that this was the exact same thing. The title granted "Freedom or Dominion" pretty much says the MC is going to either run or kill the sorcerous old man who trapped him there.

The description makes it seem like the story is going in a more political direction, and maybe I'm not giving it a fair chance. But I'm giving this three stars because I'm skeptical the author came up with the start by himself, and it's another dungeon core story.

Dating Trials of a Vampire Queen

With the harem and vampire combo, you'd typically think this was just a trashy story with all of the author's pent-up fantasies written down.


Maybe it is, who knows, but the writing is GOOD. It's FUNNY, and unexpectedly I got really attached to all the characters. I ship all of them except burger boy (didn't know he was a contender until I saw the poll), but this was definitely a nice addition to royal road. Too many OP LITRPG boring fantasy MCs - but Shannon is rootable, the harem cast is shippable, and the writing is high quality.

Some people are anti-harem, but personally I support the author's goal set in chapter 2.

The plot did get heavy and very action packed since some people pushed the author to advance the story. It's not really a bad thing, the author kept the humor and the plot is still fairly interesting - but at the cost of some character interactions I was looking forward to. Hoping that won't stay the case for long!