1. Re: IQ overrated for writing ability because of online editing services?

      I think we are verging on the point where as far as writing casual web serials goes you don't need an editor or to be a genius to write good stuff, Grammarly and other grammatical programs are levelling (...)

    2. Re: dose anyone here actualy like cultivation systems in xianxia novels?

      It's not the presence of numbers that changes Xianxia to Xuanhuan...  :DrakanSigh: You are referring to me? I'm the last to post about 'numbers' (rpg elements) I suppose after your last comment. (...)

    3. Re: dose anyone here actualy like cultivation systems in xianxia novels?

      I prefer the western RPG/DnD style personally, I think the insane amount that xianxia gets twisted around to be more like western RPG/DnD suggests that it holds a lot of sway with the broader population (...)

    4. Re: I have been blinded.

      Dark mode is so popular it makes me wonder if it will become the internet's default someday I use the dark reader plugin so literally every site is auto dark mode for me and oh my god is it impossible (...)

    5. Re: What are the most common writting mistakes for inexperienced authors?

      World building is a trap that has ended many many writers stories. Spending months and months in your onenote or tiddlydrive document detailing the worldbuilding, backstories, and complex systems down (...)

    6. Re: How many here are not authors and just come to RR to read?

      You'd need to do a poll in one of your chapters, just asking in the forum isn't going to give you any useful data, way too small a sample size and way too biased, it seems likely a writer is more likely (...)

    7. Re: Skipping the first chapter of isekai novels

      Sanderson also has weak prologues. Way of Kings has no less than three, all of which struggle under the weight of both heavy exposition and lack of context. I totally thought the same thing, the (...)

    8. Re: Skipping the first chapter of isekai novels

      Isekai for a lot of stories is just a useful reason to write in a more modern style with modern slang and morals and references and doesnt have much bearance on the actual story imo. But I don't think (...)

    9. Re: What does it feel like inside your mind?

      I suspect there's probably a gradient between verbal thinking and visual and some people are very blessed with the visual side. I do art, and am accomplished at it, but I have noticed that there is a different (...)

    10. Re: Other websites

      Inkitt does have a chapter schedule option. Or at least, you can chose when to release chapters by day/time. Okay knowing that made me take the plunge, submitted it for review lmao, this is going (...)

    11. Re: A riddle

      if a story has an amazing plot and literally no mistakes or flaws in its writing, yet it isn't popular, how is that possible? I propose to you that question. The perfect book in every possible way. (...)

    12. Re: Other websites

      As a warning, from someone I know who does write in the werewolf genre (but writes stories that don't follow the tropes), if you write a werewolf story that does not follow the werewolf "genre" tropes, (...)

    13. Re: Sour taste left in my mouth after a review swap

      I find review swaps very draining and stressful compared to regular reviews, I'm not really sure why that is, maybe the more social interaction adds an element of pressure. I'm not sure why people (...)

    14. Re: What makes a story interesting or boring?

      How juicy the writing is, juice can be a lot of things, it just has to be juicy

    15. Re: Imagination Differentiation

      I also would like to imagine that I know a fair bit about how people work. My understanding in my experience: Animal Emotion>Logic  Even people who say they are super rational and logical will (...)

    16. Re: Other websites

      They have a very, very specific type of werewolf story they like. It's like a cult; they all use the same made-up terms and concepts across different authors and stories. I've been looking into (...)

    17. Re: Other websites

      ... so, at least 18 of the top 20 fantasy stories on Inkitt are werewolf. ... I really should be posting on that site huh...

    18. Re: Using art in webnovels.

      Does adding pictures help give you higher ratings or more viewers? I have quite a lot of art but I couldn't tell you if it helps with this, the character art is a few chapters into the story so (...)

    19. Re: Other websites

      I think I'll piggyback onto this thread with a question of my own. Do you guys recommend posting your work on multiple sites, or just Royal Road? If the former, how many sites do you think you should (...)

    20. Re: problems in the current state of affairs of RRL and similar ecospheres

      Amazon does have a certain flavour which seems kinda behind the bleeding edge of litrpg fashion, I guess thats the nature of so many people putting up free stories and not having to worry about sales, (...)