1. Re: What word do you just seem to spell wrong no matter how many times you write it?

      its and it's I know the difference, but it's ingrained in me to always type it's over its. I had to go back and fix the last its because I'd typed it's again. It's a pain to type its, is what it (...)

    2. Re: What kind of LitRPG reader are you?

      The perfect forum thread doesn't exis-

    3. Re: How many ongoing writing projects do you have ?

      I have five I'm planning to write for sure, and three that I'm actively writing. With two of them posted here, and one undergoing a rewrite.

    4. Re: Has reading become boring for anyone else lately?

      Well, I wasn't reading anything for around 10 months now. Ever since I picked up writing, reading just... fell to the wayside. But, as I'd always heard, from many sources, to create content, you need to (...)

    5. Re: Question about Rising Stars

      The questions seem to have mostly been answered but I'll throw in my thoughts anyways. No, you can't go back to Rising unless you have just been jumping around at the bottom of it. But once out of it (...)

    6. Re: Changes to [Popular This Week]

      I've never understood the appeal of the "Popular This Week" list.  It's one of the most static lists on Royal Road and is heavily weighted to high frequency, semi-large readership fictions, some of (...)

    7. Re: Ask me anything.

      What is the great good, the most altruistic thing, the mankind can seek to accomplish as a species? Reading Wizard's tower. To OP, Have you read Wizard's Tower?

    8. Re: Who is The most overpowered character on Royal Road (the strongest mc?) Here is my list:

      Ilea Spears (Azarinth Healer) Surprisingly not the strongest thing around in this world by a big margin, Ilea is still one of the most overpowered characters around with her insane growth, battle addiction, (...)

    9. Re: My reviews seem to be garnering downvotes. Am I doing something wrong?

      Let me explain why you're getting so many downvotes. Let's start with the review on Beware of chicken. The review was made on Oct 9th, at which point Beware of chicken has close to 21k followers on (...)

    10. Re: Music or no Music

      Depends, would be the short answer. I listen to Lofi and calming music occasionally, usually nothing when I'm writing a more casual fun kind of chapter, and intense music played on a loop is quite helpful (...)

    11. Re: What's Your Marketing Strategy?

      Shoutouts. Lots and lots of shoutouts.

    12. Re: Just hit 10,000 followers for Salvos! Offering shoutouts to celebrate!

      Congrats on reaching 10k!!! A well deserved number! (I'll let others take the shoutout)

    13. Re: Stats before creating a Patreon?

      Follow count is the biggest one. A patreon for under 500 follows is usually more of a tip jar than anything, though there are no hard rules and it all depends on what you wish to achieve. Conversions vary (...)

    14. Re: That one word you swear should be spelled differently.

      Recommended I have typed this as reccomended far too many times by now. I'm aware of the correct spelling, and have been for a long time, yet somehow my brain had refused to accept the double M's instead (...)

    15. Re: What do you think of when coming up with a story first, the beginning or the ending?

      Always the start. Always. When I write a story, I can visually envision it playing in my mind like a movie, my job is just to transcribe. Actually, that is not entirely true. It used to be, but now, (...)

    16. Re: Comments, Reviews and a smattering of existential crisis

      The issue of ratings comes not from the rating system being crappy (which I don't have any comments on, some like it, others don't) but due to the inherent bias in the system towards 5 star ratings. A (...)


      I'm impressed is all I can say. Well played. 

    18. Re: New Site Background Thoughts

      I think it looks quite good, and I enjoy the change overall. It's unintrusive enough that it doesn't really bother me as I read, and I enjoy seeing little aesthetic changes like this. The artist for the (...)

    19. Re: How would your character react after meeting you, the author?

      I ended up writing a 730 long encounter with my MC in . I'm not sure if I can share the entire version as it'll most certainly end up being too big. But the TLDR is this.  “If- if you are the god. (...)