Project: You have died

I really like the story.  

Good characters, interesting plot.

I enjoyed my binge ^^

Planetary Brawl

Short, sweet and awesome

At least thats what I have here with 3 Chapters out  ^^

I live the setting and the story seems to be good enough to stand on its own. 

I'll recommend reading and I will continue to support. ^^

So: Keep up the work, Author. :D

Eight-Bit Bastards

In a RR where Dungeons and VR are dominating, this one is a fresh take on a story.

I know there are only 3 chapters out, but they show the greatest potential i saw in a long time. 

Story: I love 8-Bit and this Story could be a biography of myself ;)

Grammar and Style: So far, excellent.

Character: As dumb as it sounds, these characters arent 2-D ^^

So, to my fellow readers: Try it.

To the author: Keep up the good work ^^

Rebirth of the Undead King

I really like the story.

The character development is tangible, even if the pace is on the slower side.

But that isnt a problem here at all, the pace makes it possible to let the story and characters develope life ^^


I recommend it to everyone, who likes Topics like Gods, Kingdoms, and Character rising to become strong. :D


With sincere regards,


RE: Trailer Trash

Normally i dont like real life storys.

Normally i dont even read them. 

But this one is special.

A good twist, a plotline you can see from miles but dont even know what your next step will be and lovely characters.

I really hope there will be more. laughing

The Dungeon Of A Forest God

I like this story.

Ita nice, refreshing and hopefully gets a lot of chapter at a point in the future.

It has a slow plot and worldbuilding but i like this more than something rushed.

The Grammar is good and the characters are simply lovely. Except.. well you will know it if you read it ;)


I recommend everyone to read it and a the author: Keep up the good work laughing

DCO- Dungeon Core Online


Style: Its good but nothing exceptional.

Story: Its a fairly common theme. With fairly common Concept. But its funny and entertaining enough.

Grammar: Im not a native speaker and didnt see any errors so yeah..

Character: Well how to say this.. The MC is a standard Nerd and the other characters are like a clone of real people.. but hey, it works.

I would recommend it

Keep up the good work laughing


Esper:  Search for Power

You like if the MC isnt stupid but unlucky or lucky enough to get transported in another world with extraordinary powers..

Then you are at home here.

It doesnt have much for now in sense of plot except the obvious but it doesnt need to.

It is a nice, clear story with a sense of humor and a good system.

I recommend it. laughing

243 Wanderers

I like this story.


Take a Isekai-Scenario and  give it a twist.

So far the story is very enjoyable and the grammar is flawless.

Plot seems to show up for attendance but forgot to do his worksheet laughing

My opinion is to give this story a try. 

And for the Author: You, keep up the good work ;)

Construct Your Fate

If you like LitRPG here you go

[It is a good story,

The characters sometimes seem a bit unnatural (it may be because some arent human) but the bromance is just hilarious. 

The skills, stats and perks are really good, and im curious what will come in the future

I hope there will be more chapters and the bigger plot will show up.]

Edit on Chap 19:

The situation cleared, the plot thickens and the story evolves into a really good one. 

Still my earlyer statement stands: If you like litRPG, you gonna like this.