The Stolen Shield

So i'm not the greatest at writing reviews, but i feel like it's not right that there's none so far on this novel so here we go.

story-wise we're just getting started, but it's already very promising. The author doesn't rush to 'the good stuff' and properly fleshes out the mc before going to the other world. This may not be your preference but i suggest doing as the title of my review says.

The grammar is perfect.

Character-wise there's not much i can say yet aside from the mc as previously mentioned, because i'm unsure which ones will be recurring in the story. Everyone acts like actual human beings though, which is nice

Supreme Truth of Chaos

 i truly have no idea how this hasn't shown up in trending or hot yet. Just read the whole thing in a day (which was a mistake because it's exam season).

The issue i have with it are occasional moments where a character does something that seems entirely counterintuitive to what you'd expect this character to do in this situation (though this only happens about 3-4 times up untill chapter 94)

Having a Common Game Ability In Normal Life

Honestly the story and the idea is good, i'd give it a 4.5/5. However the grammar is like when someone does a bad machine translation of a japanese novel so it's hard to even know what's going on 40% of the time

One Piece: Pursuit of Justice

There's not a lot of chapters out yet (13 right now) but it's quite nice to see a one piece fanfiction that takes a different road and follows a marine instead of the classic pirate.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 So far the author seems to want the mc to increase in power accross his journey in a similar way as luffy did in one piece so expect some strength but don't expect incredible levels of OP.

grammar is pretty much perfect which is always appreciated

The Battle Mage

The general idea and direction of the story are pretty good, however that word "general" is the issue here. Too much of the story is glossed over with barely any attention to detail. The worldbuilding is nonexistent 


i can see you've read your fair share of japanese novels in your writing style. However you tend to overuse the "haaa~" sigh and the "oh well" and most of all: the laughture. Your characters are maniacally laughing just a bit too often.

At the start you also rip of SAO, The Gamer and LMS just a bit too obviously

One Man's Journey

minor grammar errors that occasionally start getting annoying, but all around great story whilst going trough it (4 stars) and then you arrive at around chapter 50 and you just get body slammed and it goes up to 5 stars


Different World along with One Piece System

 personally at chapter 3 i was getting so tired of the repeats of "me your father" that i was just about ready to drop this. To my pleasant surprise the author's style vastly improves past chapter 3-5 and everything just becomes so much better

My advice to the author is to tweak the first couple chapters since if i were to base my review on those i'd give 2.5 stars compared to the 4 stars at chapter 21

The Reaper's Hand & Scythe (Deleted/Dropped)

the idea behind the story is not bad and the grammar is once again 'not bad' and so is the execution

it simply feels a bit... shallow

Trinity Online: The Farside Chronicles

i just want to say that regardless of where you go with this story from here (currently volume 1 chapter 1 when i'm writing this) i feel like you've earned this rating simply for chapter 1 of the prologue. That song and his memories of his mother really managed to shape the mc.