Lazy Dragon Queen: Gaming in an Illogical World

Like someone took a crack experience and added wholesome.

This piece is chaotic, ridiculous, and wholesome. Mixing laughs with chaos and then throwing in truly wonderful character interaction, this work is a true gem. I rate the story as 3.5 stars because there doesn’t appear to be a story beyond chaos. The style is distinctive and the few grammar mistakes are corrected quickly. As for characters, I rate them 7 stars because they are beyond perfect. This work is driven by the characters, and the fact that I say it is 5 stars even without a plot says something about the characters. Highly recommended. 

Eterna's Source

My Heart Aches in the Best Way

This story is the best romance story I have read on RR hands down. It is cute and fluffy, while still conveying how Sery’s previous environment has affected her, and the moments that play on that during her interaction with a completely new environment are tragic and beautiful and make my heart ache. At least currently the story seems to be mainly a slice of life without much of a driving force, though there are foreshadowings of future conflicts. It is one of my favorite stories on RR, despite its short length. 

There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

There Is No Epic Loot Here, Only Puns is a dungeon core story that leaves me at different points laughing, breathless from awe, or crying from the sheer emotions conveyed. The characters are each in-depth individuals with their own personalities and motives that mean that their interactions with each other are amazing. It has a bit of a rough start, but only in comparison with how overwhelmingly good it becomes later on in the story. It has a well developed world, plenty of mystery, and it continuously goes sideways in a direction that is both wonderful and compeletely unexpected. Sometimes has problems with rambling, and the puns could use work, but part of the puns appeal is how bad they are. I truly love this series, and it is quite possibly my favorite series on RR. Highly recommended. 

Songbird - a Kammi Kettu story

Equivalent to a gut punch followed by a massage.

Songbird is one of the Kammiverse stories. If you do not enjoy sad stories, then the beginning of this story will not be your thing. If you persevere through it, or simply enjoy those sorts of stories, the payoff is absolutely worth it. This story explores parenthood, abuse of the system, and has a nonviolent protagonist. This is the Kammiverse story that goes the most in-depth into how the American government is treating the Emerged, and it is not pretty. My only complaint is that the villains are rather one dimensional racist assholes, with little else currently added to their character. It is cute, it is beautiful, it is tragic, just freaking read it. 

Eyes of Eunos - a Kammi Kettu story

Eyes of Eunos is one of the Kammiverse stories. It is an intriguing tale of a fight for justice, from both sides of the conflict. Both the protagonist and their antagonist view their side as right, and the duality between the two is an interesting topic. The characters themselves are so real that you find yourself rooting for both sides of the conflict, which can be difficult. Some suspension of disbelief over the ineptitude of the government forces is required, but it isn’t a big issue. Currently it is the only Kammiverse story set in England, and the differences between it and other stories as a result are striking. Additionally, there have been recent crossovers with the Mouse in the Circuitry, and the dual POV’s shown through the two stories chapters are fascinating. Overall, a great story that I would recommend to others,

How To Tame Your Princess

Pure Insanity Distilled! I love it!

This story is what I view as the distilled insanity of about 37 mad monks joined together in the ritual cult of wree. Just for an example. It is witty, references a variety of sources, and has the manic glee to it that leaves me smiling all day as I slaughter those who would stand in my way. The story is somewhat rambling and long, and some characters have as of yet been somewhat one dimensional. Nevertheless, this story is probably my favorite ongoing story, and my only real problem with it is how long I have to wait for the next chapter. It has made me laugh, it has made my chest tighten, it has made me have to hold back a smile that I’m pretty sure would make children cry if they saw it. I highly recommend it.

A Mouse in the Circuitry - A Kammi Kettu Story

One of the Kammiverse stories, Mouse in the Circuitry takes a different perspective from the general Kammiverse stories in a number of ways. Whether it be the different geographic location, the more positive tone in the writing, or the fact that the protagonist was already transitioning pre Emergence. It is a cute slice of life that brings up family and how it is what we make of it. The only reason I take off half a star is that I have difficulty with the lack of an overall plot. It is a lovely and enjoyable read, but it can be random. 

Kammi Kettu

This story is the beginning for the Kammiverse. With a sudden transformation causing difficulties for our protagonist, this story explores some of the difficulties people face for being different, where morality meets legality, and a lot about how the aftermath of a big change can be both good and bad. It is smart, beautiful, funny, and one of my favorite stories on RR.